Sony Downplays GTA IV Episodic Content

SCEA's Scott Steinberg tells GameDaily BIZ that only a very small percentage of gamers will even buy the episodic content for which MS "spent the GNP of several small Latin American countries."

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ichimaru3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

business is buisnesss, i guess. but this willcome back to bite Sony in a later interview.

i predict 4 disagrees, and 4 agrees for this comment

sonarus3613d ago

If it sells 6 million i would be suprised if 500,000 pay for the downloads

iAmPS33613d ago

As a business owner I think that when you invest money you want to get that money back and make a lot more over it.

If Micrososft did actually payed the $50mil for the content how the hell do they expect to get a $100mil back?

How is that going to happen?

Meno3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

As much as I'd like to have the DLC for this game (I'll have the ps3 version), the only reason for that is that I actually /know/ about it. I think people around n4g forget that we are the minority. Most people do not frequent forums and websites and blogs and all of the various outlets for game information; most people simply play games.

I'm mostly curious how Microsoft is going to advertise these expansions. They aren't available out of the box so they can't really push them in the initial campaign and advertise them "featuring" because they aren't. They certainly can't say it is included because microsoft didn't spend a few million for a freebie. If they are to advertise at all they will have to at least hint at the fact that it will cost more money, in the end, than the ps3 version and that isn't going to win over the large number of casual gta fans.

So either they imply it will cost more, but have more (then the obvious question is, do i really need more? says the casual fan), or they don't advertise it at all.

I don't think DLC is really going to change a thing of copies sold, it is just an opportunity for more revenue.

Alcaponeyou3613d ago

Microsoft Upplays GTA IV EC

InMyOpinion3613d ago

It's close to impossible to say something pro 360 on this site and get more agrees than disagrees.

kevoncox3613d ago

What you guys don't know is this is a Mature game.
Kids can't buy it and parents will do anything to appease their spoiled kids. They walk into Gamestop and ask for GTA and a Ps3. The sales man at GS will tell them that the 360 has the best features and additional content.

I expect GTA to sell like crazy for the 360. I think most of the 50 million Ms gave up was more for advertizing than anything else. Expect to see the GTA commercials end with that lovely xbox 360 logo at the end. Ms is paying for the sales associate of major stores to sell the product as better to the masses.

chester3613d ago

in my mind, the question is not "how many times will the episodes be downloaded", but instead, how many people will buy the 360 version over the ps3 version because they have the option of having the episodic content?

even if they don't end up getting it, i think MS cares more about beating the ps3 in GTA4 sales. the $50 million is a drop in the bucket for MS.

The Dark Side3613d ago

I think the idea by Microsoft buying esclusive content for 50 mil, is not only for customer to buy the game and buy the extra content. But to also get more people to by xbox 360's. Think about it, if 1 million people by the xbox 360 for GTA 4 microsoft would make $349,000,000. Plus the game, the xbox live account to play online, and the extra content. And you can see they made well over the 50 mil.

Exhaust3613d ago

chester hit the nail on the head.

It's not all about making their money back on downloads. In business return on investment can come in many forms not just revenue. Just being able to say 360 has the "complete experience" or whatever in advertisements is probably worth the money alone for MS. Getting people like us on forums talking about it has value. Whip up the fanboys. Plus we don't even know anything about the content yet and we don't know how big the ad campaign will be so its hard to speculate about the sales.

Amanosenpai3613d ago

For Microsoft GTAIV is one or maybe the only game that can boost 360s sales at this point of the year.

MS is the one with the problems, they are extremely worried about this
Multiplat launch... and... they must have their reasons.

BTW, you already know that GTP5 outsold in europe... off course you know, guess SONY knows that too (kekekekeke)

mikeslemonade3613d ago

The content makes no difference if it's not going to be free. The content is rumored to be coming in 09 and so why would you still be playing GTA4 by then. Only if your console has no games you will still be playing because there's going to be many games that surpass GTA4 from a tech standpoint and also GTA4 vice city might be coming soon right after.

Lifendz3613d ago

to the person that has yet to buy a next-gen console and is looking to get a console just to play GTA IV. But what a minute...this person would only know about GTA IV's episodic content by being a hardcore gamer. I mean, he or she would have to read the mags, forums, sites to know this bit of information. Well if you're that into gaming...wouldn't you already have a next-gen system? Just saying.

I think this group of people that are going to buy the 360 version are already 360 owners. I think the person that is just looking to buy a GTA IV knows it as a Sony game and will buy a Sony console for it.

Example: I'm in blockbuster and they're advertising that you can pre-order GTA IV. The guy in front of me asks if it's for Xbox [the first Xbox]. The clerk says no. The guy says I guess I have to get a PS3 now to play it.

That's why it'll sell on PS3 much more than 360.

Bloodwar3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

There are so many trolls that browse this site from Sony, that its pretty sad. (Watch all the Disagrees I get) I don't get it. Loyalty? Xbox was the better system when compared to the PS2, yet the PS2 sold helluva load of systems. Even Live back in its infant stage when Xbox was young was the better online set up. Thats not being said from a fanboy stance. Live back then allowed us to register our gamer tag once. We didn't have to re-register every time we wanted to log a new game onto the network where as the PS2, you had to. But that wasn't enough to convince the customers from trying out the Xbox. Now we have the Xbox 360, once again, even though its has a year lead on the PS3, it to this day really is the better system. (Yes, if you like you can say fanboy now). We have this exclusive content deal for GTA IV, we have a 50 player game know as "Frontlines:Fuel of War"already out yet Sony has a 40 player game known as Resistance:Fall of Man yet the PS3 is cathing up and as Sony driven as the people are who visit this site, it leads me to believe once again, the Xbox 360 is not going to stand up to the PS3 by the end of the year.

Even with a 120 player game coming out this fall or so known as Huxley (Massively Multiplayer First Person Shooter-RPG Adventure game)for the Xbox 360, the very ill-informed Sony bunch will walk by that nice Xbox 360 for their Sony. Its beyond me. I don't know what to say. I have convinced some friends who were hard core Sony peeps to try out the Xbox and they became devoted to the Xbox brand and I myself tried out God of War for the Sony PS2 and became devoted to that system and when God of War 3 comes out, it will be mine. I am totally with the 360 for its online and its exclusives (Halo's 1,2, and 3-Bioshock-Mass Effect-Ace Combat 6-Dead or Alive franchise at least for the present gen... ( I could go on) and will go for the PS3 when God of War 3 comes out. It will be then that hopefully the PS3 will have dropped in price perhaps, worked on its online to be pretty damn decent and maybe even have a very nice game selection to choose from. For the mean time, I have a large library of 360 games to keep me company and even a larger group from friends I meet on Live every day. Later Sony boys. Oh btw those new to the 360 -- if you haven't bought into the hype of the GTA franchise yet, you can get all the other GTA games. They will work on the 360.

GRRiMREEAPeR3613d ago


lessthanmarcus3613d ago

Buying the PS3 version regardless of what episodic content there is. Only because I have the previous version on PS2 and PS1

peksi3613d ago

articles like these.

Is mister MS thinks Sony sucks and mister Sony thinks MS sucks then what's the news? At least there should be a category "gaming politics" for these articles.

Gamer luv3613d ago

Well as history has told us, 360 gamers like to spend money.

If this game is all its cracked up to be, like you all assume its the best game ever, then why the hell would people not buy the content?

People bought maps for halo, gears of war.

People will buy it if its worth it, and for some reason i think there will be a some very good reasons to get the content.

Sarick3613d ago

First off don't get me wrong i'm not sure of what this content will be so only time will tell. I am sure it'll be competing with other franchises by the time it is released.

I for one think that by the time the extra content is released new games like FF13, MGS4, GT5 and the ps3 exclusive La Noir will be out filling the gaps.

As large as GTA is by that time most people (being a gamer myself) will have moved on to other adventures in gaming. Remember this game is already huge. I really can't see myself playing this single game for an extended period when other new games are launched.

If people are like me they get tired of playing the same game and after about a week become bored. This is my take on the episodic content. The people who'll buy it are hardcore and this content will be in direct competition with other titles around the time of it's release.

What would you choose. Extra content or a fresh new game. Human nature wants variety and episodic content is only going to be more of the same game whereas other launch titles will be whole new experiences.

Nothing wrong with going for the extra content. I think Sony had a great point predicting that other exclusives will be in direct competition reducing the benefits of choosing A 360 over A PS3 for this single console game. It's really a no brainer if you own both consoles but, if your limited to 1 next gen console the choice is easy if your interested in the other exclusive games.

This statement shouldn't bite them unless other exclusives suddenly become multiplatform.

DragonKnight3613d ago

Man, you really are a fanboy you know that? This site is run by Sony? Where the hell have you been for the past 1 and a half years when EVERY site found EVERY reason to whine, b****, moan, and complain about EVERYTHING Sony/PS3 related? You didn't say anything then did you? Of course not, because you're a bot (hey that rhymes, so it must be true).

Xbox was the better system? Ok, see this is where you really prove yourself to be a fanboy. The Xbox was better than the PS2 from a technical standpoint alone. That's it. But now you say the 360 is better than the PS3 even though it's technically inferior to it. Make up your mind. Sorry that you're upset that the original Xbox failed miserably and that the PS3 needed very little to gain a significant momentum and outsell the 360 for now going to be the 3rd consecutive month despite M$oft's Euro price cut. But that was just an inevitable factor. It was bound to happen because Microsoft has always been the victim of poor planning.

Resistance has 40 players? I really hate n00bs. Try again, it's 60 players. And I've asked around about Huxley, and many agree that it's nothing to be proud of.

You want to know why people will walk by that 360 for their PS3? Because Microsoft has not proven that they can attract a non-shooter based audience of gamers. The 360 is a MASSIVE failure in Japan because they like RPG's. GOOD RPG's, which the 360 doesn't yet have. They have ripoffs (Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey), they have pseudo-RPG's (Mass Effect, and for some Bioshock) but they don't have anything Japan considers to be good. The 360 is making its way to becoming a dismal failure in Europe, where they have sold out of GT5P. A game that's part of the best selling Playstation franchise ever. So, the 360 will follow in the footsteps of its older brother, being only successful in the U.S. because that console insists on pushing the Shooters, the Sports titles, and the racers instead of really embracing and adopting a console of variety. On top of that, no one likes the way Microsoft does business. They buy exclusives instead of earning them. They buy content, they use ambush marketing etc... That may fly in the U.S., but not in the rest of the world.

Now you want the PS3 to drop in price AGAIN?!!! Listen, I know that you bought the 360 for $399, and correct me if I'm wrong but, isn't that the price of the PS3? Now who's uninformed?

And now you're trying to make people get the 360 to play all the other GTA games. Did Microsoft hire you for PR? I mean, I've seen fanboys before, but you're definitely one of the worst. You still use the tired, and completely false, excuse that the PS3 "has no games". You really don't know anything about the PS3, and every single post you make proves it.

LJWooly3613d ago

It's called personal preference. You don't have to be loyal to Sony, or to Microsoft. Just be loyal to yourself, and do what you think is best, for christ's sake.

Why is everyone's opinion someone else's problem on this site? Can we all not just get along?

sonarus3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

here is the thing. I PERSONALLY feel this DLC thing is given too much weight. Why do we still argue about it. Those buying for 360 would have bought for 360 regardless be it achievements or controller preference and those buying for ps3 would buy for ps3 regardless of DLC.

This dlc is just an unnecessary excuse that gamers call out for whatever reason. The primary reason i buy ps3 games over 360 games is because of my online friends. I convinced majority of my friends to get ps3's and when it comes time to play online, they are the people i like to play with.

On the other hand if Msoft or rockstar can prove to me that the extra dlc will be more than just additional chapters to an already 56hr (not including side missions), then i have to say i will change my mind and get 360 version. I am not the most loyal of GTA fans in fact i am not a fan at all. its just a fun game to play. The most die hard of fans should be looking at 360 version because they would want to get as much from the game as possible. Unfortunately a large chunk of GTA4 purchases will be from casuals.

Anyway bottom line is DLC or not stop beating around the bush about it. You know you were going to get the PS3/360 version regardless so stop holding DLC like its a major factor

Forgranted3612d ago

I don't think it would be 56 hours... they are doing this as part of their job... so I'd think it is more like 40 hours because of 5 day work weeks

Forgranted3612d ago

disregard that stupid comment i placed above, put it in the wrong place

Bloodwar3612d ago (Edited 3612d ago )

Fanboy DragonKnight, please. Resistance:Fall of Man is 40 players. Stop overhyping the game (and you call me the noob LOL). It is claimed that Resistance 2 is going to be 60 but that game isn't out yet just as Huxley isn't out yet for the 360 yet it is claimed its going to be an MMOFPS that supports 120 player battles. You can't come here and attack me thinking that you can pull up false information and not expect me to return fire.

I said the 360 is a better system, not more powerful and I did at that point say you PS3 owners can call me fanboy. So I give you that. I said it was okay. Don't worry. In a year from now or so when God of War 3 comes out, I will be among your clan, but I will still be on the 360 clan and I will be able to justifiably talk good about both systems. It will be then that I may lean nearly split middle on the argument of which system is better. But for the time being, the Xbox does have the larger library, it is getting the better reviews, the games are easier to develop for and in turn is what is making the games better, the online component is better. While in game on my Xbox 360, I receive messages from people whether they are in a 360 game or are on their computer. I believe when Windows Moble is fully integrated into the Live Network, we will be talking not only with our PC brethren as we already are but we will also be able to seamlessly speak with our brethren on their cellphones. We do have more shooters, and yes it is right that MS doesn't have the full support of the triple A RPG franchise known as Final Fantasy, but Microsoft's inability to draw in full on Japanese developer support is something that they have no control over. Its the consumers.

The consumers world wide know the Playstation brand. That is why it is so difficult for the MS brand console to penetrate any market. Do I help the Xbox brand any more than you help the PS brand when we come here flaming one another? Nope. This is friendly rivalry at its best. Its competition just as Xbox, PS3 and Wii are fighting tooth and nail for the consumers. I don't see many Wii players here fighting this battle. They must be doing the right thing at this moment.. actually playing the games instead of bickering over systems. I'm going to log into Live. See ya. =)

Time_Is_On_My_Side3612d ago

There's a game coming out for the PlayStation 3 called The Agancy where it's a first person shooter persistant online game. With Resistace: Fall of Man 40 players it's because the P2P networking. P2P makes it easier to achieve larger players in servers than client servers like XBOX Live.

I could just go on but I won't, I don't want to write a blog.

LJWooly3612d ago

I could've sworn Resistance utilises dedicated servers...

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tethered3613d ago

What did you expect them to say? lol

toughNAME3613d ago

I don't know why they even felt the need to comment?

LJWooly3613d ago

They were interviewed.

Anything but Cute3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

If they don't watch the price. If a person is really gonna buy a console just for GTA IV, obviously the more affordable console makes more sense.

I think console price is even more of a factor than DLC.

You have to think that Sony isn't that stupid or anything, they must have a plan of their own on how to approach the GTA IV release. It's an important game.

But I could be wrong, afterall they were stupid enough to release the PS3 for 600 dollars.

Breakfast3613d ago

I think you're reading to much in to it.

Anything but Cute3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

YES, I think Sony is plenty stupid.

I like them, but I'm not sure if they can beat XBOX 360 because they're not as smart.

Gorgon3613d ago

I agree with Anything, except that I think that BOTH MS and Sony are stupid.

shysun3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

The PS3 is out selling the 360 WorldWide....So maybe M$ should drop their price again.

lol you guys didn't know that the PS3 was kicking the 360's butt in world wide sales? Do you guys read the news here or not?

jwatt3613d ago

Um the 360 just had a price drop in the uk and it's still getting outsold by the ps3.

The 360 also needs a price drop in the U.S too.

shysun3613d ago

Well drop it again! :P

power of Green 3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

I'm not sure what your point is?. Once the marketing starts thats when you'll see the difference this is why Sony is comming out saying this. They wan't to prep PS3 fans minds so they will be out trying to negate the 360 version.

Showing amazon links proves nothing all kinds of factors can play a role in why folks shop there. PS3 fans in the UK could favor Amazon more than 360 fans based on PS3 products being more exspensive alone, we just don't know.

DiabloRising3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

I'd like to add to that. I think both MS and Sony are stupid, and I think the consumers, that's right, us, are even worse. Why? Because we allow crap like DLC to exist. We allow a system with a great library to have an unacceptable rate of failure. We allow a company to release the same football game year after year. We allow titles to need patches due to huge amounts of bugs at launch. We allow a company to charge an exorbitant amount for a game console. We allow shovelware to pile up on our systems.

How do we allow all this? By giving them our hard earned $$$ regardless. By not taking a stand and just saying "yessir, I'd like some more" regardless of content or quality. So you can only place so much blame on Sony and MS, because we just keep the cycle going.

Yeah, I'm cynical tonight.

jwatt3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

Well I am responding to the first comment the one who thinks Sony doesn't have a plan for gta. Look at what Sony is doing, releasing GT Prologue and DS3 controller around the same time GTA4 is released. As you can see they're selling more hardware from the GTA4 GTP combo.

I guess my point is, Sony is looking more at gaining more hardware sales from gta then M$.

cmrbe3613d ago

Delayed the release of GT prologue in NA until two weeks before the release of GTA4?. With GT prologue,GTA4 and MGS4 within 2 months of each other. Don't you think Sony is smart?. When is the GTA4 DLC coming for the x360?. Which console has Blu-ray, wifi, free online, standard HD and is at least 16 times more reliable?.

power of Green 3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

Posting links is nonsense that was my point.

Sony has a plan yes but remember the nature of the news post you're in.

You say Sony looks to gain more console sales but both consoles have clusters of AAA titles around GTA4 plus Price drops. Sony selling more consoles is a PS3 fan myth when it comes to GTA4 alone. MSFT is stocking up on 360's expect some sort of Price cut or bundle dropping a bomb on Sony in the coming weeks.

jwatt3613d ago

Ok That's fair enough, I think it will be interesting to see how everything turns out. If m$ does a price cut that would really be smart on thier part.

cmrbe3613d ago

which cluster of AAA games are you refereing to for the x360?. NG2 and Too Human?. With GTpro,GTA4 and MGS4. PS2 fans that haven't migrated would most likely pickup a PS3 for this lineup. Which group of fans would have a bigger following for GTA. The 100 million plus PS fans or the 30 million plus xbox fans?. Its only logical that there would be more PS3 moved in this period due to the huge PS2 GTA fanbase. I read some where on this site that Sony is bundling GTA4 with a PS3.

tethered3613d ago (Edited 3613d ago )

The PS3 and Sony are in no trouble at all.
Just as the 360 and Microsoft are in no trouble at all.
Just as the Wii and Nintendo are in no trouble at all.

All you children need to take a step back and realize that there is enough room for the big three in this industry. Get over this so called war.

One other thing, War isn't the right term.
The word war makes it sound like there can be only one winner. That just isn't the case because all three will win. This is more of an competition.

For example, the format war between HD-DVD and Blu-ray was a war with only one being used.

Between the game systems, I really don't see any one or even two systems making one obsolete.

So there you have it.
All three are here to stay, like it or not.

Alvadr3613d ago

Ummm know. Even if your comments on DLC are correct... 1 game does not decide a system, fanboys were crying out that halo 3 will end the console war.. How wrong they were. PS3 has plenty of the good stuff over the coming months.

March = GT5
April = GTA4
May = Haze/Wipeout HD
June = MGS4!!!!

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Expy3613d ago

He's bang on. Episodic (a.k.a. OPTIONAL content) doesn't finish the story, the story is finished in GTA IV (as said by Rockstar), the episodic content just adds on to the game and is NOT necessary to finish the plot.

wageslave3612d ago

Sure. That's true.

But, how many people bought Vice City and San Andreas? MORE than bought GTAIII.

Get it? The GTA EXPANSIONS are big big big sellers! And, they'll be exclusive to Xbox 360. And, they'll proably be cheaper than VC&SC (compared to the GTAIII original) because they are going to be DLC (no disc, no printing, shipping, money into retailers).

The jealousy and chicken-with-his-head-cut-off spinning from the Sony zealots is just FUNNY to watch.

GTA is a massive titlle, MSFT got a coup with the exclusive Expansions, and everyone in the industry -- even YOU Mr. Sony Zealot -- knows its a big deal.

Just keep up the spinning kids, its providing much entertainment for the nonfanboys around here.

xhi43613d ago

"[Microsoft] spent the GNP of several small Latin American countries to get that [content]"


conjurdevil3613d ago

oh yeahhh that was one heck of a funny comment...well played sony well played!!

wageslave3612d ago

Sony was throwing hundreds of millions to their MPAA friends.

$400 to WB. How much to the other 3 or 4 big studios?

Hahahahah Sony spend a Billion(?) to save BluRay. hahahhaha