Dreamfall Chapters Developer Takes on Spielberg and Lucas

Since the story broke about George Lucas and Stephen Spielberg insulting video games’ ability to tell a good story, the internet has been ablaze with gamer rage. Now, Ragnar Tornquist, the game developer behind The Longest Journey, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey and the newly-crowdsourced Dreamfall Chapters, has chosen to respond and challenge the famous Hollywood directors on their misinformed notions about games.

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sevilha821975d ago

And they gave Halo to those idiots,when Peter Jackson whanted to do it for years...

Aaroncls71975d ago

I don't know who disagreed with you; but I feel the same way.

With all due respect to Spielberg and his many accomplishments; how can someone who does not understand the thrill, sentiment and complexity of interactive entertainment be able to bring this concept to whole different media format successfully?

In my humble opinion, only a gamer or developer knows the intricacies video game experiences bring to the table. And this knowledge cannot be ignored or taken out of the equation no matter how much of a seasoned film maker you are.

Maybe he can prove us wrong. Personally, I want him to. It would be very cool if he could break the stigma of bad video game movies, or in this case, series.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1974d ago

This is actually why i am excited for Guillermo DelToro to make a game. Sorry to do a 180 on what you were saying but he is actually a gamer and has me excited to see what he is making. He has a great conversation with Ken Levine on an Irrational podcast and he talks about various things including saying things like that he wants to make a game that doesnt have cutscenes and doesnt want to take you out of the game to tell the story which was a total shock because usually movie directors don't get that. Guillerimo DelToro would be the kind of director that you would want to direct a film adaptation of a video game since he does get the complexity of interactive entertainment.

Aaroncls71975d ago

There is nothing to be upset about.
Spielberg and Lucas are from another generation, another time; they are largely ignorant to video games and to the level of entertainment these offer. Like most parents and 99% of old people.

Ironically, innovative film makers like them served as inspirational fountains for the developers of today's video game industry. And when Spielberg and Lucas were breaking new grounds in Hollywood, older creators initially frowned at their work, considering it too spazzy and obvious. Yet they triumphed and went on to become the kings of mainstream movies the are today.

Sadly, they failed to break the cycle and history repeats itself. They are now the old dudes hatin' on the new stuff everyone's into, coming off as incredibly decrepit in the process.

Wni01975d ago

They do have a point - but they did rape Indiana Jones.

porkChop1975d ago

Spielberg is saying that about games now, but he's likely a little bitter due to the games he had in development being cancelled. One of them did look really interesting.