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Battlefield 4: Official Frostbite 3 Feature Video

Hear about the next generation Frostbite 3 engine powering BF4, straight from the developers at DICE. Learn more about Frostbite 3 at http://bit.ly/1831Y9n

Battlefield 4™ is the genre-defining action blockbuster made from moments that blur the line between game and glory - moments found only in Battlefield. With dynamic destructible environments, epic vehicular combat, and the chaos of all-out war, Battlefield 4 gives you the freedom to do more and be more for an unrivalled entertainment experience. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Neixus  +   832d ago
Dynamic wind and water confirmed, even explosions emits a wave of air and objects around reacts to it.
I also like that falling debris,players etc effects the water and creates waves.

I also find the networked water simulation quite cool, so all players see the same waves.
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JoGam  +   832d ago
But, but, but, COD Ghost has Dynamic fish. Guppies DLC DAY ONE BABY!
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dantesparda  +   831d ago

and p.s. to MiniZaid, people are just trying to say that its a lame highlight for the devs to make
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angelsx  +   832d ago
I just wanna see the diference between PS4 and Pc in this game.I know pc is a lead platform but if the gap is big I'm gonna build gameing pc.
sarcastoid  +   832d ago
The gaps will only get smaller and smaller. PS1 era, HUGE gaps. PS2 era, Significant gaps. PS3 era, getting closer but PC still with better textures and framerate. But with PS4 I'd imagine it's going to get real hard to spot differences. Especially when developers can zero in on console specifics to maximize performance. I've always been a PC guy in years past, but save your money is my advice.
Eyesoftheraven  +   832d ago
My guess is the next gen console versions of this game will look very similar to maxed PC, but the resolution is not likely to be as high as 1080p. Especially since they are targeting 60fps.
chazjamie  +   832d ago
wheres turn around bright eyes????
sorane  +   832d ago
I'd go ahead and buy a gaming pc. The differences this gen are going to come even faster than last gen. This gens console hardware is going to be more outdated than any other gen at release. It's just a simple fact. Not saying they will be bad, but the hardware has already been passed by and they're not even released yet. First time that's happened so quickly.
starchild  +   832d ago

Not true at all. The past two generations of consoles were equivalent to very high end PCs and actually surpassed them in some ways for a short while (they had beastly CPUs for example).

The gulf between high end PCs and new generation consoles has never been so great as it is this upcoming generation.

PCs are going to have even more of a power advantage and this will give many benefits such as faster and more stable frame rates, better image quality, higher quality textures and post process effects, better tessellation, physics, etc.

The PC is also going to be the only platform to have the power to run next gen visuals at the 60fps and stereoscopic 3d standard that Oculus Rift really needs.

I would recommend people stick with the PC or get a PC and get a console to go along with it if they enjoy that console's exclusives.
starchild  +   832d ago
Misterzadir, of course the differences will be smaller at the beginning of the generation, but very quickly the differences are going to become much larger again.
dmeador  +   831d ago
As far as just looking at a game and seeing the difference, that is going down with time just due to diminishing returns. You get to a point where its so dang close you cant tell.
BallsEye  +   831d ago
Day 1 purchase for me! Only thing sucks is the LEVOLUTION, it's not a simulation or whatever. If a building collapse it's because IT HAD TO HAPPEN (Objective taken over or so). It was explained in gametrailers hands on. Kinda makes me sad because in bad company 2 you could actually make the map flat.
nypifisel  +   831d ago
Not THAT big buildings though. I kinda like the idea of a dynamic map, whether the biggest stuff is scripted or not is kinda irrelevant. (Destroying that pillar taking down the road in the subway was really impressive)
titletownrelo  +   831d ago
DICE have said it NUMEROUS times, the skyscraper collapsing is completely PLAYER-CONTROLLED
Meaning if no one destroys the pillars, then the building can stay up the entire match.
BallsEye  +   831d ago

Yes player controlled but it's not simulated like in bad company 2. This skyscraper always gets destroyed in same way if the "objective" to do it is complete. You can't even hurt walls inside or any other buildings. Just check gametrailers hands on, they played it, they had an interview and it was said by dev only few objects can be destroyed that way if there is such objective. It's nothing near like bad company 2 where you could make the whole map flat, destroy bridges ETC.
Prcko  +   832d ago
jesus,this is beyond awesome.....
TrevorPhillips  +   831d ago
Prcko - I know my son!
titletownrelo  +   831d ago
REALLY wanted a dynamic weather system, but that can wait, BF4 keeps looking more and more epic!
fattyuk  +   832d ago
Never really been a battlefield fan... but I'm seriously looking forward to this!! Graphics look fantastic.


Does it have a dog? and does it have fish that react to you swimming to them?
fattyuk  +   832d ago
Plenty of people disagreeing!

So I take it as a no it doesn't have a next gen dog or fish?
Neixus  +   832d ago
yes, and the fact that the dog and fish ai is done to death.
Skate-AK  +   832d ago
Even better. You can shoot your gun under water but with reduced accuracy.
HammadTheBeast  +   832d ago
Disagree fairies are displeased with you. Sacrifice something.
BabyTownFrolics  +   832d ago
looks cool
Hellsvacancy  +   831d ago
"looks cool" it looks AWESOME man
WeMilk   828d ago | Spam
Supermax  +   832d ago
I think once console gamers see 32 on 32 battles with infantry helos jets apcs tanks jet skis motor bikes there gonna have a blast with it.
fattyuk  +   832d ago
I'd rather have a dog or fish thank you very much!!

Only joking lol really looking forward to it! I miss playing MAG on the ps3
omni_atlas  +   832d ago
Still undecided if I should get the PS4 or PC version.

I hope they fix up voice chat; they really screwed that one up on the PC release.
Neixus  +   832d ago
VoIP in-game on pc is confirmed, it's in the alpha. you can change between squad,team, and sq leaders + commander.
ginsunuva  +   832d ago
Probably PC because DICE does good PC versions and BF isn't a PC port.
And because of mouse/keyboard. BF is a game that feels 10x better with mouse.

Also the text chat box is really useful. And maybe people will release things like color filters or custom FXAA again. And PC can use the command console to do stuff like turning HUD elements off.
SegataSanshiro  +   832d ago
Enjoy Origin :)
vickers500  +   832d ago
"And because of mouse/keyboard. BF is a game that feels 10x better with mouse."


I have both versions, and though I've only spent maybe 5-8 hours with the PC version, I still prefer playing BF3 on PS3. It still does feel good on PC, but it's a lot more comfortable and easier for me with a ds3.
Pandamobile  +   832d ago
You can never go wrong with a PC Battlefield.
WeMilk   828d ago | Spam
omni_atlas  +   832d ago
Leaning more towards the PC, but BF3 crashes like crazy on my machine. Don't know if it is a nvidia driver problem or BF3...everything else works fine. Running a 660TI over here.

Its also coming out earlier on the PC vs November PS4 launch with the free DLC....but, I think it would be pretty cool to game on the new PS4 controller.

Yes, I really hate origin. And no in-game server browser still?
Ragthorn  +   831d ago
They haven't released a new driver yet for Nvidia. Its really buggy, but don't worry its not the game.
UNGR  +   832d ago
Looks good, can't wait to play BF4, and Battlefront 3 on it.
Sam Fisher  +   832d ago
I love battlefield, ive had it since 1946 75vs75,the dynamic thing is awesome but this video only showed singleplayer, is it really so dynamic that everytime i play multiplayer there is something different? Like if i shoot a tree down 2 different times, itll be damaged diferently? I find this a little hard to belive, but i am definitely picking this up
Allsystemgamer  +   832d ago
It showed plenty multiplayer. The only single player was the aircraft carrier and the woman
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RegorL  +   832d ago
I bet it won't on PS3 and XBOX 360, as they have too little memory to hold the state required.

Keeping information on much a tree is broken:
1 bit whole/in pieces on ground
2 bits whole/scratched/part fall off/in pieces on ground
x bits what part of tree

What is good is that if you have a forest there is no need to save anything for untouched trees. But still - someone might go on a tree rampage...

SP and MP look a surprisingly alike in Battlefield. And I wonder if they will let friends come and interfere in your single player like it is done in NFS Rivals...
sAVAge_bEaST  +   832d ago
I use to go on c-4 Tree Rampages, esp in bc2bf. --to clear an area, to get a better view.
Dlacy13g  +   832d ago
I am pretty excited for what DICE is doing with Battlefield. I think legitimately it could take COD this year in numbers.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   832d ago
exactly, The reason I am getting a launch ps4 is for bf4...

I.W. is not bringing a next gen. engine.

DICE is finally making BF -their way- instead of borrowing stupid ideas from COD (like cq)
Hercules189  +   832d ago
playing on cq is very fun, hope they come with a cpl cq maps bcus variety is very good.....right? as long as they have a filter than it doesnt matter if they have cq maps cus you can avoid them if you want. I enjoy both large and cq maps
gamejediben  +   832d ago
I seriously can't believe COD has been outselling Battlefield up until now. I mean all COD does is copy Battlefield's innovations. In 2007 when everyone was freaking out about COD4, I had been unlocking new weapons and equipment and playing in 64 player maps in BF2 for 2 and a half years!

Why was COD4 (or any COD for that matter) so popular? The only thing COD has that BF didn't was a single player campaign and no one plays them more than once anyway!

Who are these brain dead zombies that keep buying outdated COD year after year? And why? It's seriously disturbing to me that the company that actually is innovating and improving the genre has been getting the shaft for over a decade.

I raise my glass to DICE for continuing to do what they do in spite of the brain dead hordes of dude-bro gamers that only buy COD every year. Here's to you, DICE. Don't ever change!
GeisT  +   832d ago
Looks like BF3 rehashed again. Not impressed.
PLAYWATCH  +   832d ago
If you think that's BF3 rehash, then I wonder what you will say about the COD series.
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WorldGamer  +   832d ago
Wondering is wind will play a role while sniping now. BF3 had bullet drop, but if you have to take into account wind now, that will add a whole other layer of skill to the already complex process.

I'm looking forward to see how DICE can leverage all the extra tech of the FB3 engine into their games going forward. Very cool.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   832d ago
This game is going to be EPIC., Can't wait to destroy the 360 brothers that have migrated to ps4.
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Convas  +   832d ago
LOL, the "360 brothers" are pretty damn good at FPSs.

If you honestly think you'll be able to knuckle down easily on folk who've been eating and sleeping shooters, you've got another thing coming.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   832d ago
I know, alot of my friends and family have 360's..
though I must say I always win at chess when we play(: --bring it
ZBlacktt  +   832d ago
BF has always been epic on graphic's and game sound!
noctis_lumia  +   832d ago
poor cod
nnodley  +   832d ago
Is it just me or does Frostbite 3 crap all over Cryengine 3? They both look great but Frostbite seems a level above cryengine.
Pandamobile  +   832d ago
They're pretty close to parity for the most part. CryEngine does natural environments better, Frostbite does urban environments better (in my opinion).
nnodley  +   832d ago
Yeah that's true. I just think the features in Frostbite are way more impressive than anything else I have seen so far.
Pandamobile  +   832d ago
Like what?
starchild  +   832d ago
Totally agree. That was a great way to explain it, Pandamobile.

On another note, it's interesting how much better Battlefield looks and how advanced the physics simulations are relative to some of the exclusive games on consoles. To hear some people tell it, cross generational games and multi plat games will never compete with exclusives and the unified 8gb of gddr5 memory. Yet here's Battlefield 4 looking better than any exclusive.
nnodley  +   832d ago
Like the Dynamic Ocean combat and how it reacts differently to most anything thats falls into. This just looked really impressive in the video.
The destruction in my opinion is leagues above any others. And the facial rendering is amazing as well.

Also I guess since the last cryengine 3 feature trailer they released was in the beginning of the year or maybe it was late last year that Crytek could have made massive improvements upon all of their features.

I do like Cryengine 3 though. I use it on my PC with DX11 and it's amazing.
Tzuno  +   832d ago
This makes you fell late at the party. I know that a lot of people have to seriously upgrade their PC in order to play this baby in it's full splendor.
respectedinsider   832d ago | Spam
Drewminati  +   832d ago
Totally getting this over COD , no question
Akuma2K  +   832d ago
I already told my clan members i'm not getting COD ghosts, will only be playing BF4.
FantasyStar  +   832d ago
As a BF Vet: this doesn't take us back to the glory days of BF2 and 2142 but it's a step in the right direction.

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