Nintendo seems to be reversing its Let’s Play copyright claim policy

ZackScottGames was the original YouTube personality to bring the whole ordeal of Nintendo filing copyright claims to light, so seeing a reversal on his channel is certainly great. According to Reggie Fils-Aime at E3, the move was done to protect Nintendo’s IP and not against any one YouTube personality.

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overlordror1996d ago

Honestly this is in Nintendo's best interests. Sure they can uphold whatever claims they need to make sure they're defending their trademarks and IPs properly, but let's plays do more to advertise Nintendo games than Nintendo themselves are doing at this point.

misterhearn1996d ago

This sort of thing has a very fine line. It's easy to see both sides of the argument here, but in the end companies are gonna fight to protect their intellectual properties. They're not creating content for other people to make money.

Godmars2901996d ago (Edited 1996d ago )

Is Wario giving a money bag a handy in the article pic?

Are we in fact seeing a "money shot" with actual money?

On topic: this is something Nintendo never should have done.

KosmoCrisis1996d ago

As much as I didn't want to comment on this, you brought it back to topic so now it's okay. I must agree with everything you said. ROFL

I also said this when I first heard Nintendo was going anti-YouTube. I hope they are done playing dress-up as Microsoft executives now.

kirbyu1996d ago

Blocking YouTube videos is no where near as bad as what M-soft did.

MilkMan1996d ago

It was a knee-jerk reaction by Nintendo, but it looks like its closing on a good note.
My concern is more HOW these game will continue to get posted since Happague doesn't really work with HDMI inputs. At least not the one I use.

overlordror1996d ago

I have an Elgato Game Capture HD that works just fine with the Wii U, so I assume that's the route people will be going these days. Especially with the new consoles.

MilkMan1996d ago

Thanks. I'm gonna look into this right now.

Trago13371996d ago

This is good. Let's Players are basically free advertisement.

Nevers0ft1996d ago

Yep. I can see Nintendo's point but LPs are pretty good advertising and the people posting them tend to do more than simply record the game and upload the footage (although if anybody is doing that, I think Nintendo should be the ones collecting the ad revenue). Nintendo would be the only ones losing out as most producers of LP videos would simply play the other consoles instead, further undermining the Wii U.

DarkBlood1996d ago

well if anyone stands to gain from it, youtubers in question can just simply not claim money for views and just do it anyways

so nobody would get jack.

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