Watch Dogs E3 Interview | Gamereactor UK

GRTV tracked down Watch Dogs' creative director Jonathan Morin and found out how the game had been progressing since its debut on stage at last year's E3.

Watch Dogs promises to offer players with a plethora of options as they hack their way through the underbelly of near-future Chicago. While the player will have a gun in their hand, Ubisoft are keen to offer a variety of options, not just the run-and-gun tactics that dominate the open-world genre: "If you want to shoot everybody, you better be good at it... If you're good at shooting and that's what you want to do, you're going to receive your challenge, but if you think a little bit more then you're going to be rewarded by having the consequences of being detected to be less hard."

"You need to almost see it as a cycle," Morin continued. "Someone who loves shooting will be challenged because he's going to go straight at it. Someone who wants to think should be able to completely dodge the shooting if he's really good at it,...

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