State of Decay sequel would be on Xbox One

fter the significant success we reported earlier, Jeff Strain told Polygon that a State of Decay sequel would be on Xbox One.

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Neoninja2003d ago

If they do this it will be a day one buy for me. I was pleasantly surprised by how good State of Decay was and I look forward to a part 2.

Alexious2003d ago

I hope they create their zombie MMO and do it for PC as well.

PFFT2003d ago

Well State of Decay will be released on PC as well. Its only Natural for Undeadlabs to release CLASS4 for the PC as well.

Mystogan2003d ago

This was pretty much expected. World of Decay would be a good name right?

I heard they made their own engine this time. This gonna be gooood.

Excalibur2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

It would be foolish not to do it duel (360/One-80) console.

I'm having a blast with it on the 360 but have no intentions on following M$ into Next Gen.

BTW TU 2 should be out any day now.

PFFT2003d ago

Well thats unfortunate. Ill be following Both M$ and $ony come this next gen. But will be only buying the XBO at launch. Ill get the Ps4 at a later date.

Excalibur2003d ago

It's not for me, I'm not interested in a surveillance system in my living-room.

andrewsqual2003d ago

They are still negotiating their contract with Microsoft for their next game. They don't want to get Microshafted like so many other Studios that bring their games to Live.

PlayStation_42003d ago

State of Decay 2 vs. DayZ Standalone?

dazzrazz2003d ago

Looks like Microsoft bought their souls... :S I still hope PC port will be decent and with less technical issues than 360 version

Shadonic2003d ago

What do you mean they bought their souls ?

Foxgod2003d ago

They should let these guys work together with Epic, to bring the sequel to fruition, to make the follow up a high quality polished up title.

Dlacy13g2003d ago

what they did with 2GB of space is pretty impressive. A full release title using dedicated servers could be amazing.

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The story is too old to be commented.