GTA IV Trailer 4 is 70% Gameplay Footage

During Kotaku's visit with the Rockstar folks, yesterday they told Kotaku that about 70 percent of the video was actual gameplay footage.

Yes, that chase scene is actual footage. It took one of their guys hours to perfect that high-speed 180.

Presumably, this will ease a lot of tensions of the 'why no gameplay footage' questioners.

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xhi43764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

when Niko shot the poor fella down the stairs......kicking in the awesome euphoria!

now that was incredible!

And hopefully now haters saying 'oh why no gameplay footage' will be rest assured that this is one hell of a game. Usually games dont have it all.....this has story/graphics/physics/open-wo rld/multiplayer and more.....

And for the people who will still go "oh then why didnt i see any HUD?"..........they obviously turn off the HUD and Map to record it...............just like you can do in san andreas!

bubbles for the effort pwease! (at the request of dedicated and oh so eager 'breakfast', i implore you to ignore the last sentence of the comment as it pertains immense struggle and suffering on the part of dear ol' 'breakfast', cheers)*sigh*

Breakfast3764d ago

Why do you ask for bubbles...?

xhi43764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

cause its my birthday.

(i guess that works lol)

LOL this is so pointless, would it make you feel better if i removed it?

youve obviously gone to the trouble of looking through my comments to see if its a pattern, so it must be reallly bothering you, if you want it taken down, just ask mate


Breakfast3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

2 days 19 hours ago: bubbles pwease =D
6 days 23 hours ago: bubbles please.

I guess those where your birthdays too. Im not trying to attack you, im just askn.

I remember reading them so i checked it up. Dont stop, i was just It doesnt bother me at all.

TurdStationPee3764d ago

I give you bubbles....negative bubbles.

-EvoAnubis-3763d ago

And I gave positive bubbles.

On topic, this is awesome info. This game is going to be amazing. I don't give a damn if you (anyone) buys this on their 360 or PS3; just BUY THIS GAME!!

For those who have jumped in, I hope you have fun.

For those playing beyond, I'll see you online.

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Nitrowolf23764d ago

wow cant wait for this game

yesah3764d ago

GTA IV, Hurry up. Please!

iAmPS33764d ago

I need to buy this game, will be a sh1t load of fun.

Expy3764d ago

Of course it's gameplay, it's not nearly as stunning as other next-gen games, it's not that difficult to pull it off.

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