"Quickdraw" A PlayStation Move Party Game for PS3 and PS4.

"QuickDraw will be released later this year, developer Greenfly Studios has said.

Developer Stephen Morris said that Sony is "keen" to have the PlayStation Move party game on consoles, which sees players perform Western stand-offs against one another."

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Dlacy13g1939d ago

And sadly this game will come and go as once again Sony is splitting their base by not putting the camera in the box. I really wish Sony would have included the camera this time for ALL.

HammadTheBeast1939d ago

Nope. The $400 price point will get many launch day purchases, and that will lead to higher PS Eye purchases. Sure, they could've included it, but honestly how many people would use it?

fei-hung1939d ago

Those who like light gun games will buy it. I bought a move and pseye for the light gun games on the ps3. Althought not as many as on the ps2, there was still plenty for me to justify a purchase with Time Crisis 4, Time Crisis 5, Dead Sea Pirates, The Shoot, House of the Dead OK, HoD3 and 4 and the Shoot as well as a few others.

Problem is people complain they want these games but then don't invest.

abzdine1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

indies are gonna show what Move is really about!
i can't wait for some great concepts

hahaha i like the concept

WeAreLegion1939d ago

No. You're just trying to make the Xbox One seem like a product worth purchasing. You've been doing this for weeks. Please stop.

Dlacy13g1939d ago

With the PS4 controller having features built in to work with the camera it made far more sense to put the camera in the box. PS Move specific games suffered late in the PS3 life cycle because the camera wasn't in the box day one and games that were move specific just weren't selling that well. Its a simple fact if a device is in the box day one for all to use it will get far more support versus something you have to buy in addition to the console.

I am not the one bringing up the xbox btw...that is all on you.

WeAreLegion1939d ago

But your motives remain the same. Stealthily downplay any and all features/games for the PS4.

Dir_en_grey1939d ago

I'm getting the PS4 Eye anyway so I'm glad to hear news about games for it.

What I really want for the PS4 Eye is The Fight Lights Out 2 though

abzdine1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

some people shouldnt feel forced to buy it and instead of being force to buy something you dont give a damn about, it makes sense to leave it up to you!

and you're buying a X1 so why do you complain? stop trolling for nothing

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JKelloggs1939d ago

Does anyone know whether the PS Move PS3 controllers work on PS4?

There was a demo when they revealed the PS4 with the Move controllers, just curious if Sony are doing the same thing with the Wiimotes like on the WiiU

WeAreLegion1939d ago

Yes, the Move controllers work on PS4 with the new PS4 camera. :)

JKelloggs1939d ago

Thanks :)

Haven't got one myself, but just wandered

SonyStyled1939d ago

thumbs up to my fellow jak and daxter fan :)

playhouseent1939d ago

The PS Move is capable of so much more than what has currently been released. Check out our old tech demos to see how we are working with the Move and PS4 to bring incredibly realistic 1:1 motion controls to hardcore video games.

The_Klank1939d ago

That's pretty cool, I could imagine that would work well with the Oculas Rift.

r211939d ago

Dude, i remember this. How's the progress thus far?

1939d ago