Twitch on Xbox One: Game Changer Nobody is Talking About?

Is the news of Twitch integration on Xbox One being buried by the DRM and online debate? Doesn't it figure in to the price point?

Check out a gaming culture vet's thoughts on the matter.

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Chaostar1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

It's an app, an app that I have on my phone and my PC (or any browser), it's really a stretch to call it a "game changer" on Xb One.

@aviator189 So it has a few more bells and whistles, at it's core it's still just a video streaming app.

aviator1891971d ago

Hmm, not really.
I think you should read up on what twitch on the x1 does and compare it to the twitch app on mobile.

aviator1891971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Ok, wait. From the 10+ disagrees I received, am I wrong?
If you're going to disagree with me on what I said, please point out as to how a twitch app is exactly alike to the x1 twitch integration.


I'm not arguing in that respect. My statement was respective of chaostar's inaccuracy regarding his comparison of twitch xbox one integration to the twitch app.

HammadTheBeast1971d ago

It's pretty much how you'd use it on PC.....

That's like saying the PS4's Ustream app is also a game changer, no mention of that here.

creatchee1971d ago

uStream kinda sucks though. That's nothing against the PS4 - it's just that Twitch is way better.

Mainsqueeze1971d ago

Does the ustream app on ps4 only last for the 20minutes(i think) that the share button works or is it a constant stream?

jonboi241971d ago

@Mainsqueze it works both ways. You can upload 15 min videos straight to the Internet or stream your play through live on Ustream. Sony was first to announce all this before MS. Here's the best part unlike the XB1 where streaming is software based and uses up memory, PS4 is has separate hardware for that to reduce if not completely free itself from memory usage.

thechosenone1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

It was a game changer, yes...when Sony did it first. And twitch is always going down and has issues with video playback, in it's current state it's a big old mess but maybe they'll have all those issue worked out by the time next-gen hardware is out. And twitch isn't Xbone exclusive so..

Mounce1971d ago

And when I first saw it at E3, all it did was reek of everything Sony was trying to do with the Share button, except what Sony is doing is 5x more efficient.

CrimsonStar1971d ago

lol u should know by now saying anything remotely positive about MS on this will get you down votes .

PurpHerbison1971d ago

Aviator, no matter what you do, you are not supposed to reply to your disagrees. You have lost the game.

Mainsqueeze1971d ago

Oh nice then really the only dif between MS and Sony is which stream you prefer lol not really a gamechanger.

sAVAge_bEaST1971d ago

Twitch's chat room goes something like this

-hey my name is dave, something, Walrus, Antarctica, cut off my arms and legs, Walrus, copy and paste.
-a text art penis
-20 idiots copy and paste previous dave story

no thanks

DontShoot-Me-Bro1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I totally agree with Aviator. Just because some of you guys don't like Twitch doesn't mean thousands of others don't, go on twitch right now there are hundreds of streams up from gamers playing the 360 & PS3, and thousands upon thousands watching.

I don't stream on Twitch but even when I saw Microsoft announce Twitch integration I was thinking I hope Sony does that because its a big a deal.

Being able to directly stream gameplay to Twitch.TV is huge, nobody uses UStream for gaming, or nobody worth watching does.

I like that Sony did integrate it with Youtube, because that is also a massive bonus. As there are millions of gamers that upload to Youtube.

justastranger101971d ago

Twitch is built into the X1 system. All games will support it natively with extra features. Sony PS3 will not. TWitch>Ustream

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lastofgen1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I don't know how you are getting agrees for stating a false fact.
The twitch app doesn't even come close to the xbox one twitch integration.

Chaostar1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

OK can somebody please explain how this is such a revolution because I seem to be misinformed here?

@below If that's true then can somebody PLEASE tell me exactly how Xb One integration of Twitch is SOOOOO much better? Anyone? I'd be VERY happy to be wrong.

lastofgen1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

the point is that you were wrong in comparing a twitch app to twitch x1 integration.

you can refer to your original first comment for that.

edit: Huh? I didn't say anything was better..
I'm just saying that you are wrong when you said that the twitch functions in the x1 = twitch app.

Fireseed1971d ago


It's a big difference because because Twitch is far and wide the better streaming service. It's like if X1 got League of Legends, and PS4 got Heroes of Newerth. One is CLEARLY better and more popular than the other.

CoolBeansRus1971d ago

It's never been done on consoles, that's the game changer. Why are you talking about what can be done on pc on a console article? This will open the gates for more people to share their content which will be good for twitch and the industry all together.

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Cmk01211971d ago

the game changers is the ability to broadcast not just watch like you can on phone or tablet. that huge for youtubers and the likes of that. getting the interaction with subscribers and the gamer. the app on phones is streaming only which is minimal

Mystogan1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Its not a video streaming app.
It can broadcast live gameplay too. That is way different from your phone app.



Chaostar1971d ago

Erm... video of gameplay is still video.

dcbronco1971d ago

So could you use Twitch and Kinect to broadcast like on public access?

vickers5001971d ago


Can ustream not broadcast live gameplay?

The only differences I've been able to notice so far are simply that a lot more people use Twitch, but that other than the community it has, it has no advantages/disadvantages over ustream.

If that's the case, then there's the argument to be made that once next gen consoles release, ustream might actually start to get a decent gaming community. Probably nowhere near the amount Twitch will ever have, but enough to where people might give it SOME consideration when deciding where to watch something.

I was never really aware of Twitch before Sonys first reveal which they said they'd be using ustream (which I was excited about, because I thought that was the biggest streaming broadcast service there was), and my friend said "eh, they should have gone with twitch", which I simply disregarded as a personal preference for something that wasn't really that much different from the other thing (kind of like bing/google, facebook/google+).

Any time I feel like watching gameplay footage or walkthroughs, I simply go to youtube, which I believe ps4 has built into it (does xbox one?), so I don't think ps4 getting the supposedly "inferior" video broadcast service will affect me that much personally, even though it would have been nice to see Sony win everything about their console instead of just most things, I think I'll be fine without Twitch.

Oh, and again, if there are any differences in the two services other than the size of the communities, like features that one has that the other doesn't, then please list them, I'd like to know.

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OriginalPSP1971d ago

So you are saying you feel you can stream Xbox games from your smartphone... or that it's the same thing?

Not really...

Chaostar1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

No, I never said you could stream FROM your phone nor am I saying you can play games on your phone.

Yes, I WILL be able to stream games to my smartphone on Xb One. If I can capture/stream to twitch from xb one and I can access twitch on my phone then I thought that would be obvious?

Is there some kind of BIG feature I've missed?

Again calling it a game changer when PS4 has almost exactly the same functionality with Ustream (and probably more services in the future) is a BIG stretch.

@lastofgen maybe I did, I'm a bit confused with this entire article and I'm no closer to understanding why the author thinks that Twitch will be a "game changer"... frustrating.

lastofgen1971d ago

um, I think you misinterpreted his question...

Mystogan1971d ago

Uhmmm Ustream sucks bro.

Ustream is for suicidal people.

Twitch is for gamers.

Kohven1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

@Chaostar I've read all of your comments...yeah you clearly don't know what the hell you're talking about. Either that or you just don't want to accept the fact that Microsoft did well on this addition even though they've sucked at most other things.

Chaostar1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

@Kohven I know EXACTLY what I'm talking about (as much as I can gather from released info), all I want to know is how this is a "game changer" but NOBODY including the author can back up that opinion with anything.

I'm well aware that integrating an app is different from just having an app but really I don't understand how this is different from say streaming using the share button on PS4? That's all I really want to know, if I'm so wrong why can't anybody back up this articles assertion?

CrimsonStar1971d ago

Dude just please stop , we get it you don't like MS

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WeaseL1971d ago

Call me old fashioned but I like to play my $60 game not watch someone else do it for me. Same goes with Ustream & PS4

OriginalPSP1971d ago

Okay... but this is asking more from the stance of YOU being able to broadcast from the console... not watching others.

Cmk01211971d ago

seems obvious right, but all people are talking about is watching not broadcasting the content LOL. it kills me that people arent getting how being able to broadcast live as your gaming from console is a big deal is crazy to me.atleast you get it

JoGam1971d ago

I wouldn't mind watching someone play a game I dont have while I'm eating.

PSVita1971d ago

But does an extra feature hurt? Games like MvsC3 and COD would be awesome to watch a friend(s) play! Plus on the ps4 you can help someone pass a level they can't and all of this is optional.

voodoopickle1971d ago

sorry but I buy consoles to play games, not do stupid social media crap. I have a computer, smart phone, tablet for that. the only game changer on a console is...A GAME!

DragonPs41971d ago

I also have a computer I don't need a console for social media or live streaming.