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Mirror's Edge Sold 2.5 Million Units

During an interview, executive vice president of the EA Games Label,Patrick Söderlund revealed the amount of units Mirror's Edge managed to shift.

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hakesterman1998d ago

That was a Horrible Game. Just plain Stunk!

BlackTar1871998d ago

game was alot of fun and new.

Sorry you didn't like it but it was a quality piece of SW

josephayal1998d ago

Not a Horrible game, just ridiculously overrated in my opinion, I give it an 6.8/10

byeGollum1998d ago

Frustrating edge ^_^ . .

ricochetmg1998d ago

Still dont understand why it too so long for a sequel.

King-Prodigy-X1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Maybe they just wanted to reboot it and start over new for next gen seeing how EA forced DICE to spend all their attention on BATTLEFIELD.

Perjoss1998d ago

Fantastic game, I really hope the new one is at least similar in style and they don't pollute it with cover based third person shooting sections or something like that.

cyguration1998d ago


A lot of people kept complaining about the combat but I loved how the fighting was setup in the first game and keeping something similar for the second game would be much appreciated.

Bigger environments with more room to free-run is the only thing Mirror's Edge 2 really needs.

Salooh1998d ago

Well , it's confirmed it will focus on free running and it will be open world too :)

The game looks beautiful , atmosphere is unique , gameplay is original and need skills , the only bad thing in it is the story which i don't care about ..

Classic game , only smart people would appreciate it. It's like a puzzle game , people who don't understand it will say it's overrated.

LAWSON721998d ago

I recently got this for $2 and it is pretty awesome. The only complaint I have is the game is quite short.

green-cigarettes 1998d ago

Well for 2$ you can't really complain hahaha

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