EA's Soderlund states next-gen consoles should have come a year earlier

Electronic Arts exec VP Patrick Soderlund revealed in an interview he felt that the next-gen consoles, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in particular, were a year late in their launch.

According to Soderlund, "I guess we could've maybe been a year earlier (with new consoles). But I think the reason why they lasted so long was because consumers told Microsoft, Sony and others that what they had was sufficient for a long time."

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sigfredod1975d ago

TLOU and GT6 says otherwise, this year many goods titles are still beign release on this gen, besides if PS4 were released last year probably will be use GDDR3 ram, so i glad they didn´t

Dlacy13g1975d ago

Yes but a year earlier and I am not sure we get the same machines we get today. PS4 has 8GB of GDDR5 because they were able to wait and secure costs that worked for them..this year not last year. Had they announced in 2012 I am pretty sure PS4 would have been 4GB of RAM.

Corpser1975d ago

So? Specs will get better the longer they wait. Next year there will be GDDR6

Dlacy13g1975d ago

I personally think the generation lasted just about the right length. Still great games coming for current gen and next gen feels significantly next gen.

MizTv1975d ago

I'm happy it lasted as long as it did

SpinalRemains1381975d ago

Ps3 still has heavy hitters playing.

Why would they have done that?

I can see why another console would, but ps3"is going strong as ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.