Is the Xbox One more appealing now that Microsoft has removed its DRM?

GameZone writes, "My, my, what a week it has been in the gaming industry. Just a week removed from E3, where Microsoft again showed off the future of gaming with the Xbox One, the console maker has gone back on everything it once promised. No check-ins, no DRM, no region-locking; the Xbox One has undergone quite a change. But does it make the console more appealing to gamers?"

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Why o why2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

More appealing. ...Definitely

More appealing than its direct competitor..Definitely Not imo

True_Samurai2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Yes ;-)
Only disagrees are the Sony fanboys disagree away it just makes it better :-D
But guess Bobby Bouche' it's gone we've retaliated. The preorders etc caused it to be gone. "Were" is the keyword thanks! :-D

Bobby Kotex2003d ago

Yes the Xbox is appealing even though they were fully content on screwing gamers over with DRM. You have short memory or just an Xbox fanboy.

Cuzzo632003d ago

To be honest, it was appealing at first. Some people actually like wat they were doing. Some are jus hardcore xbox gamers who woulda bought it no matter wat. Now due to changes. It makes it easier for some. Some are turned off even more. I would get one but not ahead of a ps4. Im a playstation guy but more importantly, Im a gamer. Since Titanfall is now gonna hit ps4, no need for me to consider xb1 now. I mean I would buy the games that interest me. Finished Gears 1 & 2. But really not my thing. Loved the first Halo tho. Finished it on legendary. Exclusive wise tho the only game that was a hit with me was TF but since we gotta wait for it I will.

bganci2003d ago

Link to TitanFall Coming to PS4?
Nothing has been confirmed.

loulou2003d ago

it was appealing before they dropped the drm. sorry sony turds, the xbox 1 and ps4 will make a great combo under my tv

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CoolBeansRus2003d ago

Yes, i agree too. I definitely think the system is way more appealing now.
Choice is always good, taking choice away not so much; as we noticed from the negative reactions to the Xbox One.
Microsoft can still allow it's users to download games on the first day from their servers while also selling disk copies. Options are good, it's only when you take away these options that you get a negative reactions.

When a game becomes a year old maybe they can drop the price to half and people would choose to buy the game online rather than buying a used copy. That way dev. still get some money.

Overall i think they console is looking a lot better than before. I will def. get one eventually. I cant afford either one :(

darkslayer2082003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

it still has DRM every time one buy new games have patch it first to play it..... so instead of 24 hrs check in they will check the system every time people buy new game or burrow games from friends.... it figures

CRAIG6672003d ago

@darkslayer208 if you intend on being a troll at-least get you're facts rite son!

That statement you made is 100% bull.

CoolBeansRus2003d ago

Wow. That is completely inaccurate. DRM is off, it's up to the developers now, just like before. cough* EA.

mattdillahunty2003d ago

is the console more appealing without the restrictive features? of course, that's obvious that it is.

but is it more appealing than a Playstation 4 or Wii U now? well, i'd personally rather have a PS4 for the exclusives, and once Nintendo starts churning out their first party games i'd take a Wii U over an Xbox One too.

i actually think all the dashboard/OS features the Xbox One has are kinda cool, but i'm not buying a console for that. my PC can do all of that already, and i don't watch TV. i game mostly PC nowadays, so all of these features the consoles try to sell me are lost on me--i just want games. MS, however, has no exclusives to sell me that i want. especially since Project Spark and Titanfall are coming to PC, even though they're trying to act like they're exclusive lol. i'm not sure they know what that word means.

Enemy2003d ago

$500 for a console half as powerful as the PS4 isn't worth it. Drop it to $200 and I'll buy it.

fattyuk2003d ago

$200 minus the kinect!

CoolBeansRus2003d ago

The 360 had less power too but somehow the ports always ran better on it. I will agree with you on this, if it was the same price as a PS4 it would be more appealing. $200? aww...Not even the wiiU is 200 so idk where you pulled that number from, from a troll state of mind? IDK.

Enemy2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

^ The Wii U should be $200 too. There's a reason so many developers are riding that PS4 train, by the way- it's the easiest console to develop for, with the most and fastest RAM available. Mark Cerny may have been the lead architect for the PS4 but the PS4 hardware was created based on the requests of John Carmack, Ubisoft, DICE, Crytek, etc, as well as Sony's own 1st parties. So unless these ports you speak of are intentionally made to run worse due to Microsoft moneyhatting, there's no point in even thinking about it.

It is funny, though. The PS3 is difficult to develop for and yet the PS3 has the best looking games/the most GOTY winners of this generation. Last of Us is ready to win yet another GOTY for Sony.

Continue, please.

CoolBeansRus2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

All i said was the ports for the 360 are better and i never said anything about the One Vs Ps4. My point was, power isnt everything.

Last of Us is a great game, i wont argue there, but it has nothing to do with my point; ports. 360 ports are better, i know this from experience.

$200 for a X1? That is just silly and like a said b4, a troll state of mind. I dont have a X1 or PS4 so i wont talk about those like i do. You obviously prefer the PS over the Xbox, which is fine, but dont talk about one system being better than another because you have yet to put your hands on either one.

The PS4 is appealing and so is the X1, i just dont get why you people are so eager to see one company fail, do you think Sony will play nice once they are the only ones left on the market? No, they wont. You probably wont see a PS5 for 10 + years. Competition is good and im glad the X1 is looking more attractive.

PS* Trolls are annoying because they act like little kids and comment on articles just to make themselves feel better about their choice. Dont be a troll.

Cuzzo632003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Should we really get into this again. Sheesh. Multiplats dont define a console. The exclusives do. Regardless if Skyrim ran better on 360. I still enjoyed it on ps3. When was the ladt time 360 seen a exclusive... Oh Gears 3 :o Ps3 had the better exclusives. Please dnt give me halo. When was the last time Halo had GOTY. Last of Us (GOTY)

LoveOfTheGame2003d ago

PS3 had 0 GOTY winners if you go by certain sites.

Nintendo has had the most this gen...and ever.

GOTY is amazingly subjective and saying the PS3 is has the most is completely laughable.

Swear I've had this conversation with someone on here before.

LackTrue4K2003d ago

That would be sweet if it can be sold after buying your Xbox One...I wonder if a Kincets ever brakes, would you be able to buy a replacement?!? Just like there power bricks...?!

ThatCanadianGuy5142002d ago

"Certain sites" Well then don't cherry pick blogs.Go to the industry source of awards.

PS3 games dominate most years of their index.

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Chaostar2003d ago

Well, the games, which are the most important aspect, are the same but, for me personally, the Xb One went from "never" to "eventually".

I always end up having all the platforms at some point but I had almost zero interest in Xb One until the 180 and now I will probably pick it up after launch sometime.

With the consoles releasing so close I promised myself I would only buy one on launch day, MS made the decision of which one very easy for me and I pre-ordered a PS4 (just before the DRM removal). At least now they will get my money at some point, maybe even at launch too if they REALLY blow me away in the next few months.

MrSwankSinatra2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

not really imo, because i look at the games an the only one that's garnered my interest is quantum break and funny enough the only game the got me interested in the 360 was alan wake. while i would like to play that game, i'm not buying a 500 dollar console to play one game, not happening....

Excalibur2003d ago

Not interested in a surveillance system in my living-room.

CoolBeansRus2003d ago

LOL. They are coming for you! You and your interesting life that the whole world cares so much about. Entire NSA will be dedicated to watching you! OOOOOoooOO scary.

Excalibur2003d ago

You may be interested in giving up your right to privacy but I'm not.

ShwankyShpanky2003d ago

Please stop projecting your own apathy and self-enforced insignificance onto the rest of the gaming world.

We'll just ignore that the current EULA for the 360 w/ Kinect admits that they collect data on you and reserve the right to spy on you.

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