Mad Max E3 Preview - PSLS

"As far as extremely massive open worlds go, you can’t argue with the expertise of Avalanche Studios. With experience from the Just Cause franchise, they seem like the perfect ones to take on the expansive wastelands of Mad Max. The wastelands will be a sandbox for gamers to play in utilizing guns, vehicles and a sweet looking weapon known as the thunderstick. After seeing the map, you can rest assured that you are going to have a lot to play with when you step into Max’s boots." - PSLS

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Thatmattkid1971d ago

With all the different car modifications and huge open terrain this game is just begging for an open world multiplayer. If I remember rightly someone edited Just Cause 2 and turned it into a multiplayer game, and that looked like all out chaotic fun!

Heavenly King1971d ago

I really hope this game has an awesome story and that the sub-mission are well elaborated with also some decent story going around. Mad Max universe is really awesome and rich; hopefully they can put some fallout elements into it.

dbjj120881971d ago

Do people really care about this brand anymore? Seems like post-apocalyptic settings have sped past Max.

MadMax1970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Are you kidding? Mad Max is what started the whole thing! How can it have sped past Max, when there has never really been a proper Mad Max game before? Its been good to see them playing the first 3 films on Cable lately too. Also, theyve been doing these big Mad Max parties out here in the states.

Loads of people coming from all over dressing like characters from the Road Warrior and tearing it up out in the desert in dune buggies and Road Warrior style vehicles. The reason a game like Borderlands is so huge is because of Mad Max fans. I am a huge fan of the movies and thats the reason i bought a game like Borderlands and Rage! Its getting big again! I personally have been wondering and waiting on a Mad Max game for years! Mad Max hasnt been released since the original NES!

I wouldve said, do people really want or care about another damn COD game! I was awaiting Escape from NY to come out awhile back from Namco, but it got scrapped. Only thing that is too bad about the new Mad Max game is it wont be following much from the movies. Its better than nothing though!