GameSpot's Wipeout HD hands-on and videos

GameSpot thought Wipeout Pulse was great, but a quick glance at the UK charts makes it look as if GameSpot might have been the only ones. When it came out in mid-December 2007 on the PlayStation Portable, the game limped into the UK PSP chart at number 20, and it's managed to climb only to number 15 since then. And when it comes to the all-formats chart, it never even entered the top 40. These are worrying signs for Sony, especially considering that the franchise helped launch both the PlayStation and the PlayStation Portable in the West.

Thankfully, this poor performance hasn't put Sony off the series just yet, and it's readying a PlayStation 3 update for a PlayStation Network version of the series. Wipeout HD, as it's called, will contain tracks, ships, and music from previous games in the series and will polish it off with shiny new 1080p graphics.

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MaximusPrime3679d ago

looks way better than fatal inertia (or what ever that called)

this game is going to be awesome in 1080p

nirun3679d ago

looks awesome but they need to kick up the poly count on the ship models. i realize that this has more to do with wipeout's visual style but i think it would add some much needed flare