PSN maintenance scheduled for Tuesday 25th June

EU PS BLOG: "In order to continue bringing you the best online games experience on PSN, we will perform routine maintenance beginning the afternoon of Tuesday 25th June. This maintenance will start at approximately 5.30pm BST/6.30pm CET and will last until around midnight BST/1.00am CET. During the maintenance period, you may receive a maintenance notification when attempting to access PSN."

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fuzzyLogix1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Ah man, 6.5 hours of downtime? What are you doing to me Sony? I'm going to end up having to talk to my wife for a change.

Hi honey, PSN is down again so it's time our monthly chat.

Nitrowolf21998d ago

online play is still up though, just as long as you log-in on time

1997d ago
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jerethdagryphon1997d ago

should be to fix an odd mtu issue
showing up

nukeitall1997d ago

I don't understand why PSN has to consistently go down for maintenaince?

Shad0wRunner1997d ago

To provide you with a stable, secure and functional system.

I dont understand why this concept is so hard to grasp...

nukeitall1997d ago

My point was that other providers do hot maintenance on a live system, not take the service down for hours on end frequently.

Wasn't it obvious?

rpd1231996d ago


Don't be a prick, you know what he meant. Xbox Live almost never has to go down for maintenance. His question is why is it possible for them but not possible for Sony. Why is everyone on this site such an asshole...

-GametimeUK-1997d ago

On my birthday! Thanks, Sony!

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Shad0wRunner1997d ago

I believe the $380 million Sony paid for the Gaikai cloud technology will keep the XBox One on it's toes.

Youre livin a dream, if you think Sony will not match Microsoft's servers with dedicated servers of it's own.

GameCents1997d ago

How random of you. PSN goes down, talk up SONY in comparison to Microsoft.

Shad0wRunner1997d ago


Johnathan Blow, creator of Braid and former 360 developer, has this to say...

"I can spin up 10,000 virtual servers per host. They would just all suck."

"Saying 300k when they are virtual is a lie."

He didn't stop there, tweeting that the supposed physics and lighting improvements from cloud processing is "More cloud processing BS."

I would take the reputable word from a software dev over an XBox fanboy, any day.

Keep making your arguements. We'll see how powerful the XB1's cloud servers really are, at launch.

Hazmat131997d ago

I've been playing The Last Of Us offline so yeah don't care haha. I'm half way thru my second play-through.

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