Transistor interview: Why indies matter on PS4

PSBlog: One of the stand-out moments at this year’s PlayStation press briefing at E3 – for me at least – was when eight independent developers took to the stage to show off their PS4 titles. As Adam Boyes explained here on PlayStation Blog following the show , indie games are a key part of what makes PS4 such a special platform, and it was a landmark moment seeing these fantastic teams sharing the limelight with AAA titles such as Assassin’s Creed IV and Final Fantasy XV.

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vishmarx1996d ago

funny when indie devs talk about aboutfully utilizing so much power...
i mean theyre good n all
but honesly
one can make those games run on phones if wanted to
heck even at 60+fps

Cryptcuzz1995d ago

I'm sold on this game from the art style to the unique gameplay and that theme song is just so damn awesome!