Echochrome Updated Hands-On by GameSpot

The game's core concept has you solve puzzles by leading a mannequin-like figure through different areas and collecting items called echos. To do this, you'll have to manipulate the game camera to cause your viewing angle to create paths or obscure obstacles and let your character through. Your mannequin's journey is a surprisingly complicated and nuanced one in light of all the crazy perspective changing and careful positioning of your view.

This may all sound pretty simple, but Echochrome's various modes get a lot of mileage out of the concept.

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fenderputty3490d ago

going to get me this. Sounds like a super cool concept. What would be really cool is, if they let us play our own music to it. Nothing says brain-teaser like some "lamb of God" blasting on my stereo.

eagle213490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

This game will be great for both PSP and PS3. They said the PS3 had more clarity with graphics and anti-aliasing. PSP aliasing should be ironed out. Smooth framerates on both. Here are some highlights.

Echochrome will also feature a Canvas mode in which you can design your own levels using a very user-friendly editor that lets you create one from scratch or use one of the 56 premade puzzles as a starting template to trick out. The Portfolio mode houses the various puzzles that you've created or traded with friends. Due to the obvious disparities in processing power and memory, the PS3 will allow for larger, more intricate puzzles to be created, whereas the PSP's puzzles will be a bit smaller. The PS3 will also feature a more robust sharing feature than its portable cousin. On the PS3, you'll be able to create your own puzzles and send them to friends as well as post them to the Echochrome site, where the development team will review them and handpick the coolest ones to share with fans. The PSP will be able to share maps with other players only via ad hoc sharing.

Sevir043490d ago

this and LBP are gunna be amazing stuff the Create, Play and share thing is going to be awesome

level 3603489d ago

Got the free demo off the Japanese PS3 Store, quite simple to look at but also complicated, you have to be really quick with the control pads and in figuring-out how to get the right perspective or the "stick" or mannequin figure will beat you to it.
Also love the accompanying soft voice-over and classical tunes.
Will be getting it if they release a PAL version over here in Australia.