June 25th, 2013 PlayStation Store Update in North America Coming Tonight due to PSN Maintenance

With the PlayStation Network maintenance that is starting tomorrow, it would’ve seemed that the PlayStation Store update in North America would be delayed for quite some time.

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Wedge191041d ago

Woo! New Borderlands DLC tonight then!

US8F1041d ago

I'm trying to find the ps3 instant game of the week, but I can't find it.

Skate-AK1041d ago

No PS3 game this week. It's a Vita game.

justastranger101040d ago

I think Sony should be more concerned in fixing the terrible lag on the PS store.

Ozmoses1040d ago

the free PS+ game this week is Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward for the PS Vita..

Sev1041d ago

I better hurry up and get to work on the PS Store Preview, then!

TrendyGamers1041d ago

This is awesome. They really thought ahead on this one to make the maintenance a lot easier for us.

acharlez1041d ago

Gotta love PSN maintenance!

xPhearR3dx1041d ago

I'll be at work during the whole maintenance :)

Ron_Danger1041d ago

Gotta love people that complain about a free service.

kreate1041d ago

Everyone has online maintenance though.

From banks, to gov't, to other game companies like blizzard. U know how often they have maintenance on starcraft2? Xbox live goes down sometimes on weekends or holidays as well.

Dlacy13g1041d ago

I mean this in a very sincere and not trolling way...I think it would be great if there was a site out there that tracked all down time for MS, Sony,Nintendo, Origin and even Steam. Give us a good look at just how well all these companies are doing with the services side of things.

TrendyGamers1041d ago


You should start it the site! Free name:

Wigriff1041d ago

HammadTheBeast1041d ago

Great that I can still play offline.


nosferatuzodd1041d ago

Dlacy13G that's a very smart idea man maybe you should do it
You think of it so do it

Orionsangel1040d ago

Probably being done to help fix the whole update fiasco that bricked PS3 consoles.

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