Xbox One: ‘The Art Of Pricing’ Author Says Console Is Too Expensive

The author of “The Art of Pricing” says the price of the Xbox One is too high.

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Wizziokid1939d ago

Of course its too expensive your paying $100 for a less powerful system.

'But it comes with Kinect'

I don't want Kinect!

Xof1939d ago

To be more precise, you're paying $100 or so for Kinect--the hardware of the console itself is comparable to the PS3, and if you remove the Kinect from the equation, the price is comparable, too.

But, ultimately, it's still $100 extra tacked on to the base price for a peripheral. (Remember how the 360 had all those overpriced peripherals you had to buy that weren't included in the box)?

It's kind of like how everyone complains about the WiiU being too expensive, given how hardware-wise it's comparable to the $150 cheaper Playstation 3... without considering that the Gamepad peripheral costs... exactly $150.

Sure, Microsoft could lower the price point by $100 if they got rid of the Kinect, but you'd have to buy one separately anyway. At least this time they're being a bit more upfront about ripping off consumers.

fattyuk1939d ago

But you don't have the option on no kinect!!

UNGR1939d ago

They have to sell the Kinect bundled. Selling a peripheral solo would be suicide going into this next generation, it doesn't have the install base.

jmc88881939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

50-125 percent power difference is nothing to sneeze at.

That will give PS4 the better version of games. Smoother framerates, better visuals, higher resolutions.

Will it totally outclass it? No. Even the Wii U will hold up to a PS4.

But just like the Xbox One has a good deal of advantages over the Wii U, PS4 has only a little less of an advantage compared to that over the Xbox One. If they downclock, then the 125 percent will a greater difference between a PS4 and Xbox One then Xbox One and Wii U.

Kinect is a privacy nightmare. Anyone that has one in their house WILL be exploited. That's the truth and undeniable. The only question what degree. The NSA and their fascist corporate toadies like Booz Allen Hamilton and Microsoft just provide the means to the data they crave and demand. People don't realize they have the power to know what every device connected to the internet is, doing, and what software it's running with real time updates. With a google like search that any lowly analyst or 3rd party fascist corporate employee can use for whatever purpose. Hell our NSA headquarters computers are 100 percent outsourced. Imagine that. The people spying on us, have OTHERS maintain and have access to their computers. Yeah I don't see any possibility of abuse there!

$100 more is significant in an ever worsening depression.

No Glass-Steagall, no economic recovery, just a further slide into a world wide breakdown crisis. $100 will make a huge difference in America, and approach biblical standards overseas.

Amazing how they could have done a real 180, sorry they've only done a 90 degree turn so far and killed two birds with one stone.

Got rid of Kinect spying and abuse, while also closing the price gap.

M$ really screwed up on this one. They need to fire some people over the previous fiasco, and then fire more because of what has been left still on the table (Kinect and thus price).

Also the attitude that selling the Kinect separate would be suicide to Kinect....then MAYBE Kinect SHOULD be suicided if no one wants it otherwise.

The sad thing is most people are too stupid to realize it's going to spy on you and yet they STILL don't want it because it adds nothing they want.

Imagine how many people wouldn't want it if they actually knew what's really going on.

NewMonday1939d ago

most gamers don't want it, they just want the console and the games and to spend $100 on something they want, not on a camera they will turn off as soon as they open the box.

problem is Kinect is the selling point of the PR campaign, without it the XB1 will be just a console with half the power of the PS4.

Xof1939d ago

"Power" is meaningless.

Gamers here tend to cry and moan and boast about this console's "power" or that, but "power" is not and never has been the deciding factor in either the quality of games, the quality of ports, or the quality of a given console's software library.

What matters above all else is A) how effectively game designers can implement game systems into their software and B) how well optimized they can get those systems on a given machine.


And, er, to give another perspective on the whole "console power" nonsense, realize that there are PC gamers right now who look at the raw power of the PS4 and Xbox 3 and all they see... is a lot of hardware developers can take advantage of to get games running with even LESS optimization than before.

My God. It's full of bloated code.

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Livecustoms1939d ago

Exactly NO ONE wants kinect !

NeXXXuS1939d ago

Said everyone, all the time.

dedicatedtogamers1939d ago

It's not just the price. It's the value (even though Microsoft claims "we're overdelivering on value!!!" )

Price is irrelevant. People spend $1000+ on a decent HDTV. Or maybe a bit closer to home, plenty of tablets and smartphones are in the $300-600 range. Why is $500 for an X1 too much? It's because the value doesn't match up.

Microsoft is forcing you to buy Kinect 2.0 when the value for Kinect simply isn't there. Microsoft is forcing you to buy an all-in-one box. The TV watchers don't want to pay extra for the gaming features, and the gamers don't want to pay extra for the TV stuff. Both groups have to compromise. Both groups get an expensive, inferior product.

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Supermax1939d ago

I'm getting both there not expensive stop complaining about everything

fattyuk1939d ago Show
pixelsword1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

It shouldn't take an expert to point out that paying $100 more for a console that does and is less is a bad idea, but here we are.

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