State of Decay (Xbox 360/XBLA) Review - Mooorre Braiiinss | C.O.G.

This XBLA title is a good game if you manage to get by some of the obvious flaws.

"Developers Undead Labs have created a remarkable zombie survival simulator available on the Xbox LIVE marketplace. If you allow yourself to delve into this game, called State of Decay, you will find yourself rewarded with one of the more memorable gaming experiences during your summer break. It is definitely not a boring pick up and play button masher. It’s a full on zombie survival simulator complete with every detail imaginable. State of Decay drops you into the deep end immediately loosely holding your hand as you get started. You instantly find yourself surrounded by zombies (referred to as Zeds) and you’ll be running to the nearest safe house located in Trumball Valley."

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