Sony: Most gamers "don't want to buy online right now"

Sony SVP of PlayStation brand marketing talks about Sony's E3 press event, PS Vita, the One Sony strategy, and how retail is still critically important

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Lovable1521d ago

You know the majority of the people are NOT ready yet to go all digital. Don't push us to go into that digital era when most of us are happy with our very own disc copy of the game. If you want people to go digital, slowly introduce it, give us incentive and make sure to inform us the advantages of switching. Always give us options and trust me gamers will support your company and throw their money at you.

jc485731521d ago

xboxone really came in out of nowhere to be honest.

GameCents1521d ago

At least they dodged that bullet before they released it. Unlike the psp go which was a fail in practice not just theoritically.
I suppose we can really trust sony when they digital only is a bad idea.

thechosenone1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

I guess you people don't game on PC because I love my steam library. I have over 250+ games and there's nothing quite like scrolling through that endless list of games and picking any game I feel like playing at the moment and just loading it up.

infamousinfolite1521d ago


Hopefully your PC is superfast if your scrolling through that many games.

SniperControl1521d ago

How digital do MS expect us to go with a non-removable 500gb HDD?

"You can plug in an external drive" i hear you cry.
There is no way in hell, that MS will allow software to be installed on an external drive.

ZodTheRipper1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Microsoft just took that step too early and with a too consumer unfriendly approach. I think that Sonys slower, more-thought out approach with Gaikai will be more user friendly in the long run, judging by their current strategy.

Denethor_II1521d ago

"xboxone really came in out of nowhere to be honest"

Yes, and then they try to force it down our throats claiming it's innovation, the future. Microsft have never been a company to innovative. No more like wait and see what is leading then emulate.

thechosenone1521d ago


haha it is.

Army_of_Darkness1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

"I have over 250+ games and there's nothing quite like scrolling through that endless list of games"

And if your computer or HDD crashes, what then?? You have to re-download your entire library of games all over again?? most people including myself don't have Unlimited bandwidth you know, which is why I prefer a mix of both physical(for bigger games 6GB+) and digit(smaller games 1-3GB) copies of games.

Too be honest, the only reason I've been downloading games lately on PSN is because either it was a very good PS+ deal or the game was free, otherwise I normally would just buy the physical copy at the store.

Darrius Cole1521d ago

The issue is bandwidth. We can just put more bandwidth between a local storage medium and out television screen, than we can put between the internet and our HDD. Also consider that Sony has a vested interest in the the success of storage mediums, like blu-ray. When you take the aforemention two facts into account, it becomes clear that video games will come primarily on store-bought medium for the forseeable future.

Mikeyy1521d ago


Yes, the vast majority of people do not game on PC. They don't know how to build their own, let alone even change out a Video Card.

All they are stuck with are store bought computers, and the hefty gaming ones are way over priced.

So it's either a $1900 Alienware or $400 PS4, for the normal consumer.

4lc4pon31521d ago


Yes but there is a HUGE difference between all digital on console and Steam. I use steam daily as I gave on PC.

Digital games on Console are over priced and offer barely a discount at all. Steam is an amazing service especially steam sales which pretty much sell current games and old games DIRT cheap. I picked up Batman Arkham City a month or two after release and I only paid like $10.00

I would not mind all digital on consoles IF they dropped the prices but I dont see that coming what so ever.

Rubberlegs1520d ago


You can backup any game in your Steam library onto a disc or to another drive.

GameSpawn1520d ago

To anyone using Steam to justify Microsoft's now defunct model, there is a MAJOR difference. Steam games are more aggressively priced. If you watch out for Steam sales you can sometimes get games and their accompanying DLC at up to 75% off.

This is actually a current issue with the digital content on the PSN, XBL, and was going to be an issue with the Xbox One (used game fees "could" have been as much as the full retail). Digital versions of games on these networks are still stuck at ridiculously high prices compared to the physical media. There are many games that are still $20-30 more digitally than what you could pickup in the local bargain bin.

I have no issue with the Digital/DRM-ridden model when the digital versions are VERY competitively priced compared to the physical versions (aka Steam) and digital only (indie, mini) games stay within the $5-10 range. It's just ludicrous to spend $60 on a digital game with DRM when you can run down to the local store or buy the game from online retailers at the same or cheaper price and also not be tied to it forever via the DRM that is inherent to digital.

thechosenone1520d ago


"You have to re-download your entire library of games all over again??"

Yup. But the good thing with PS4 is that you'll be able to play after you've downloaded 1-2GB? So even less of a problem. :D

user55757081520d ago


yea psp go was really an experiment more than anything. the real issue with it though was the fact that not all psp games were available for download nor were UMD movies so it was essentially very inferior to the normal PSP and more expensive lol....

so buying a pspGO over a regular PSP would be like buying and xbox one over a ps4 it just makes no sense O_o

slapedurmomsace1520d ago

Not really, PSPGO was doing it before Xbox One, difference was Sony still gave an option in the 3000 that wasn't pure digital.

badz1491520d ago

because if they do, they will not offer Xbone games on bluray and only make them available on XBL but they didn't!

worst yet, they were planning to offer physical copies like what we have now, but force the physical copy buyers into digital DRM which was ridiculous!

PSP GO! was a failure but its legacy will forever remain in the Playstation business as it was the stepping stone for Sony to raise awareness among gamers about going digital! the downfall was NOT all games were available on PSN and the prices was the same or more than retail. however, without the Go!, there wouldn't be as many PSP games on PSN right now too.

with the Vita, Sony clearly shows that both physical and digital can coexist peacefully and they are truly making an effort to sway people into going digital by making digital copy a bit cheaper since launch and with some brilliant cross buy offers and the biggest push being PS+!

PS+ will only continue to become stronger once the PS4 is out of the gate as many more people will have to subscribe to play online and at the same time, we can expect better free games will be on offer as undoubtedly publishers are getting a cut from the PS+ fee when their games are offered as games in the instant game collection WHICH in itself is another HUGE push into going digital! Sony is doing all the right things and it's really hard to think otherwise!

forcing your way forward ala Xbone is not best the way to do it and M$ should learn a thing or 2 from Sony regarding this as it's already too late for them if they want to make themselves as the "pioneer" of going digital on consoles as Sony has been doing it since Warhawk (2007)!

NumOnePS3FanBoy1520d ago

The problem with going into an all digital games console is that internet speeds, at least here in the U.S, are craptastic along with many other countries. When we are up to speeds that google is trying to push with google fiber I see an all digital console as an okay thing to have. But they have to lower the price to make it seem more of an incentive to switch

R6ex1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Like "thechosenone", I enjoy scrolling through my 100+ games on Steam. All my games are in one place and there's no need to go searching for discs. Best of all, I bought all my games from Steam's 50-70% discounts. This more than justify the cost of building a gaming PC.

aquamala1520d ago

you can backup your games from Steam, in fact you can just copy the folders on steamapps\common\ to another computer, once you start Steam on that computer it would take a while to verify a game but you won't need to re-download.

ChrisW1520d ago

I buy most of my games online...

Rhythmattic1520d ago


I do also by my games online.....

I especially Love getting the package and opening it up to insert the Bluray Goodness !!

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cleft51521d ago

Sony really is saying all the right things and making all the right moves. PS4 is going to be amazing, I think this is going to be the golden age of gaming for Sony.

JoGam1521d ago

Exactly... I think gamers want options. I personally don't mind buying digital games. I shop all the time on PSN. However I love the options of buying a hard copies of a game.

infamousinfolite1521d ago

Nothing beats going to a store picking up a disc-based game. Coming home with the game unraveling the plastic that surrounds and encases it. To opening the game and the smell of "new disc smell" wakes your senses pulling out the manuals for a good read and then finally input the disc in said system for the system to recognize it and for you to play it.

clearelite1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Yeah. Being able to buy a physical copy of any great(especially single player) game is very important to me.

papashango1520d ago

for me. Nothing quite beats a seasonal steam sale.

xxPillsxx1521d ago

The only reason I buy digital is because I'm afraid of losing my tiny card like I did once... a 50$ game, and I never bought physically ever, again... plus, I think being able to download it anytime is great, and it stays forever in your account so you don't have to worry.

Mikeyy1520d ago

I too have a hefty steam collection but the truth is, it is at a way bigger risk then our physical media ever will be.

I can ensure my physical disc stays safe for years to come, unless there is a fire or something.

You can never ensure Valve stays in business forever. at any time, Valve could shut down steam, and the thousands we've spent on it, are just gone.

aquamala1520d ago

^^^. Disagree, just what risks are there? You can run Steam in offline mode forever, and you can backup all your games. To me there's a better chance my physical copies of games would get stolen or destroyed

Baba19061521d ago

i love digital, the problem is the price. i pay double when i buy a new game on psn. so i guess its not really an option.