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EuroGamer: "The trouble with Nintendo's first major experiment in downloadable content - it's dabbled before, but this 80-stage remix is easily its most substantial add-on - is that Mario's absence is too keenly felt. Here, Nintendo has taken the original's levels, trimmed them down significantly and made them much tougher: a fine idea in theory, but one which Luigi's presence often seems to undermine."

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jcnba281939d ago

6/10? That's why this DLC has been voted the best DLC ever...hmm ok.

iplay1up21939d ago

LMAO, 6/10 Really? The gameplay is GREAT...I guess fanboys will be fanboys. I like games and GAMEPLAY is very important. This DL has both.

project_pat361939d ago

ok.... there are enough of these damn articles by now.. lets wrap the shit up

Kevlar0091939d ago

I think this guy is putting too much emphasis on difficulty in his review, like if he played Dark Souls he'd give an abysmal review (not saying he would). I also get the idea he doesn't like Mario sidescrollers in general.

It's almost like he forgot the DLC is supposed to be fast paced and difficult by original design. I haven't played it so I can't judge too harshly, but sometimes you have to take the original intent of the DLC to heart. Not saying the game deserves a 10 or 9, but 6 seems a bit too harsh

WeAreLegion1939d ago

What? No. NSMBU lacked originality and difficulty. The Luigi expansion fixes that to a great extent. I hope they continue to put this much work into the future Mario titles. :) I'd kill for a Galaxy 3 though.

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