Microsoft’s Xbox One Eighty – a big win for consumers? Not so fast

EDGE: "Humans are amazing optimizers. There is a game shop here in Warsaw, where all you have to do is to buy one game, and then from now on for about fifteen dollars you can exchange it for any other new game. In other words, after the initial purchase any new console title costs you fifteen bucks. Is it right? Is it wrong? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that many people are playing off one box of a game, and while this makes the consumers and the shop happy, it’s not making the developers and publishers happy."

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dedicatedtogamers2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

I think this article is completely backwards. You know who has the least problem dealing with used games? You know whose games rarely get sold back and when they do, they still command a $30-45? You know whose games sell in the tens of millions, yet they have no online fee and no used-game fee and practically no DLC?

I'll give you a hint: they don't use online passes.


Nintendo said long ago "the way we will combat used games is by making games so good that no one wants to sell them back. And you know what? IT WORKED.

Used games aren't the problem. Bloated budgets are the problem. Lack of talent is the problem. It's easy to throw money at cutscenes, CGI, Hollywood voice acting, and better particle effects. It's difficult to make a game with dynamic gameplay and lots of replayability. Ironically, it's also a lot cheaper to focus on mechanics and controls, but it takes a lot more talent. Games like Demon's/Dark Souls didn't become popular because of the cutscenes, and I guarantee you that game didn't cost very much money to make (compared to a game like Tomb Raider).

"The current ecosystem is rotten to the core, and unsustainable in the long term. DLC, microtransactions and artificial length extenders will not work forever."

Yes, the current ecosystem is rotten to the core, but killing retail isn't going to heal it. It will simply put more power and more influence into the hands of that "rotten core". What needs to happen is more publishers/developers need to die off the vine until the rest of them get a clue and start managing their teams (and their money) better.

Why o why2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Yep. I'm not sure why people fear so much for game devs over any other manufacturer or service giver to the point you'd give up your rights to save them. You have to manage yourself well or fall off. Its sad to see devs go down but there are more devs who stay alive, some with a lucky break but most of them with better output mixed with better management. The majority are getting it right. When this isn't the case then maybe something should be addressed.

dedicatedtogamers2000d ago


Anyone here on N4G grow up during the NES era? Anyone remember companies like LJN and Jaleco and Data East and Tradewest and Acclaim and Imagesoft? All of these companies either died or got absorbed.

When a company can't compete, they either adjust or they die.

Cuzzo632000d ago

Yet I see tons of nintendo games at game stop

JokesOnYou2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

Holy crap great read this guy absolutely nailed it!

"The often repeated 'just make better games' is a myth, unless you truly believe that the best sellers in 2010-2013 were also the best games out of all released in that period."

-Yeah making a great game if anything produces high sales up front but it also makes their trade value better in the longterm so they too will be impacted by used games....I will say though who cares because the devs at that point have already made a healthy profit.

"Everyone is to blame. Microsoft and its messaging (and, honestly, a couple of indefensible, puzzling Xbox One features). Gamers and their resistance to change the status quo (unable to admit that the box is doomed anyway). Journalists and their inability to stand against the masses (there were lots of click baits and fan service, and not a lot of looking forward and analysis). Developers and their silence (the exceptions were all too rare)."

-Yeah I totally agree we all lost when micro reversed course, hopefully we at least get something by going DD.

YNWA962000d ago

Nintendo releases how many games a year??

Software_Lover2000d ago

Another one, lol. Any side bets?

1st year after the XBone is released or 2 years? When will we stop seeing these same articles/blogs? I wager any game on release day for any console!

Im guessing going into the 2nd year.

dcbronco2000d ago

We a see a thousand copy cat articles on every subject. So many have had so little to say and nothing new to say. So much so that when I see some site names or one I don't recognize, I don't even bother hitting the link. The what "me too" societies do.

Enemy2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

$500 for half of PS4's specs.

hellvaguy2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

I say the same thing coming from my gaming pc. But they all are fun.

A-laughing-horse2000d ago ShowReplies(1)
dcbronco2000d ago

I'm all for the move to digital. I was this generation. I do think MS went about it the wrong way. If they had eliminated the 24hr check-in for those not wanting the added features they would have done a lot better. I want the family share plan and the ability to take my collection with me everywhere I go. I house sit for family almost two months out of the year so it would be great not to have to pack gaming things.They could sign a deal with Gamefly for easy rentals, everything in the cloud, hotels could have rental One consoles in rooms and you could just sign in to have all of your games anywhere in the world.

Everything would be solved if they just made it op in.

And if they really want to eliminate used games, make digital games cheaper. They wouldn't lose money. They are cheaper. Or get into the digital copy trade-in business. Sell to someone online and get credit towards a new game. They could have and still can work this out easily.

Igniter2000d ago

I hope they do lower the price for digital games because that's how I'll be buying most if not all my games next gen. If they don't i will still be saving money on gas not having to run to a store.

What's going to be interesting to see is how publishers mess with Gamestop this coming gen. Publishers have the right to offer pre-order bonuses and extra content in what ever manner they want. We may see this content only available to downloaders! Eliminate used games by making digital a better deal than the disc!

dcbronco2000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

That's the method I think they should use. Don't give GS any sales. Or fewer sales. I think not allowing sales for one and not others is illegal. But offering a better deal online because it cost them less is not. Steam does so many sales because the numbers are smaller but also because they are all digital. I think most gamers have no idea how much cheaper digital is. It's got to be at least twenty percent cheaper. And the retail cut could go to covering the cost of download limits on the supply side. MS and Sony just pay the ISPs a annual fee to exclude their products. That will eventually hit anyway.

iceman062000d ago

I would agree. Only, MS, Sony, and Nintendo all know that Gamestop is not the beasts that they are often painted to be. For all of the so called money that Gamestop "takes", no one talks about how much they actually bring in. It's the hidden dollars that are recycled back into the industry that these companies will miss IF Gamestop disappeared.
As for lowering digital, that WOULD bring more people to try it. But, it would be at an overall "loss". Why would a company cut into it's profit margin further by giving discounts. Believe me when I say that DD would NOT be enough. Unless...DD came with some sort of deals with publishers (like enforced DRM).
IMO, it was a package deal. Now that the package is broken up, MS can't (read WON'T) provide those features unless they fall behind in install base and use this as a tool. Even then, don't expect it to last.

GeisT2000d ago

For some reason Playstation fanboys think everything Microsoft does is wrong. Imagine that.

YNWA962000d ago

I got to admit, the Edge has always been brutally honest...

InSpectre2000d ago

For some reason Xbox fanboys think everything PlayStation does is wrong. Imagine that.

(Sorry I'm in a cheeky mood.) :P

YNWA962000d ago

I think both are great, both will have games you want to play and see no reason why people come out with ridiculous analysis of terraflop this, gddr5 this, esram that, jesus.... if you claim to be a fan of video games, wtf is your problem??? I always had Playstations, was glad when Xbox came out, advanced online play as we know it, pushed HD, along with PS3, and now the next gen awaits, both with great features, and all we get is this stupid my mom better than your mom bullshit.... I will also own both next gen, and will enjoy what both have to offer.... but thats not enough, I must be a sad little prik....

iceman062000d ago

You ARE aware that there were just as many Xbots in an uproar as Sony fanboys right? Don't use what you see here as a fact. Other forums were FULL of Xbox fans that were pissed over this. Everything that MS wanted to do wasn't wrong. However, most would argue that the means with which they were going about it was. Anytime a company asks consumers to sacrifice it is going to have issues. MS was asking for a sacrifice and wasn't able to articulate the benefits to gamers of that sacrifice...AND they weren't sacrificing anything on their side.

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