IGN: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 Wii UK Review

IGN UK writes: "Nintendo's Trojan horse has been fairly hollow when it comes to quality third-party titles and having found its way into millions of homes the Wii's fledgling year has paid host to a succession of shovel-ware all too fleetingly enlightened by moments of quality from the Japanese giant. It's a surprise, then, that it's a Pro Evolution game – a series that has become increasingly stagnant in recent times – that offers one of the first real glimpses of what is possible when a developer pays due consideration to some of the eccentricities of the console, and Pro Evolution Soccer on the Wii not only provides the definitive sports game on the system, but also pushes the series to new and exciting ground.

When Konami's solution to porting its series to the Wii was first revealed, it was hard not to muffle a quizzical whine as our beloved green pitch was transformed into a tactical chalkboard bustling with arrows and markers, but what's most surprising is how intuitive Konami's response to the Wii-mote feels – it only takes a couple of games to become au fait with using the pointer to dictate play, to the point where after only a short while it would feel like a regression to return to a standard controller."

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