USA Weekly Chart, Ending 15th Jun 2013


1: 3DS - 97,026 (+214%)
2: X360 - 33,316 (+3%)
3: PS3 - 33,311 (+29%)
4: DS - 10,679 (-10%)
5: Wii - 10,335 (-5%)
6: WiiU - 8,288 (-10%)
7: PSV - 6,742 (+23%)
8: PSP - 2,121 (-3%)


1: (PS3) The Last of Us - 462,526
2: (3DS) Animal Crossing: New Leaf - 323,877
3: (X360) Minecraft - 45,692
4: (X360) Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 32,916
5: (3DS) Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D - 20,246
6: (PS3) Call of Duty: Black Ops II - 20,118
7: (X360) Batman: Arkham City - 18,642
8: (3DS) Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon - 17,672
9: (Wii) Just Dance 4 - 15,400
10: (PS3) Batman: Arkham City - 14,662

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TheLyonKing1973d ago

Wow that was close between ps3 and 360 in the us. Ms nearly lost their unbeaten streak.

Maybe next week

Skips1973d ago

If it almost happened with The Last Of Us, it'll probably happen when Gran Turismo 6 comes out...

xHeavYx1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

I think it's a mix of TLOU and Microsoft's previous conferences that is giving the PS3 a boost.
VGChartz say that Sony sold 5 less PS3s though, maybe they are the ones who didn't want to end MS's streak

NewMonday1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

NPD will show the real numbers eventually.

The Last of Us is now Naughty Dogs biggest opening, beating U3 week1 sales, looks like it will hit 4-6 million easily in the future, maybe even more.

DonFreezer1973d ago

Shut your mouth please.Microsoft did the same thing in Japan when Tales Of Vesperia and Lost Odyseey came out.Exclusives sell consoles it's common sense.Stop pretending that if it wasn;t for Last Of Us Sony would sell that big.

abzdine1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

PS3 is more expensive and almost outselling 360 in its own territory.. I can barely imagine what would happen next gen when PS4 is 100$ cheaper from day one.

@Software_Lover: i am not talking about it by being an american product, but if there is a ONE place in the world where 360 is ahead in global sales is the US, so allow me to call it 360 territory in HD consoles, and as things are right now, PS4 will be the next PS2, period!

Software_Lover1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

They're the same price, aren't they?

sidenote: Just because it's an American product, doesn't make U.S. the Xbox territory. Have we forgotten about the ps2?

dedicatedtogamers1973d ago

No disrespect to TLoU or PS3 (they did a good job) but the real winner here is the 3DS. +214% for just one game (Animal Crossing)? That's crazy!

s8anicslayer1973d ago

I'm sure PS3's E3 offerings has much to do with the sales spike, the 360 was non existent which pretty much shoes microsofts diminishing interest in the 360.

RiPPn1973d ago

They lost interest in the 360 3 years ago.

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EcoSos31973d ago

Animal Crossing does sell systems.

Xaphy1973d ago

wow the last of us is dominating

GiggMan1973d ago

The wii is outselling the wii u. I thought everyone owned a wii already lol.

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