Life, The Universe, And Gaming: I Hate Exclusives

An opinion column via in which the author drops all forms of objectivity and has a good old rant about not being able to play certain exclusives on his gaming platform of choice. For example, Heavy Rain on Xbox 360.

Quote: "This upsets me. Why do exclusives exist, if not to segregate? In a world so ridiculously obsessed with equality, why do we glorify exclusives when all they do is highlight how excluded an entire segment of the gaming market is, from the rest? "

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fattyuk1971d ago

" I hate exclusives"

It's basically secret code for...

" I don't own a PS3 "

Why o why1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Lol...some of these guys have gone flip flop crazy. First it was exclusives rule when a console had many...then ....exclusives suck when the other had more...then ms announce 15 and they rock again then we hear the full truth about each sides ethos and it sucks again.... make up your minds mien

Consoles need things to differentiate themselves from each other. Its always been that way. Features, pads, power, games. This guy thinks he's entitled have everything. Its not the way it works. If you want something on another platform, pony up the cash and pay for that said platform. Exclusives excite me wherever they are. Too many gotys and goty contenders have been exclusive so as far as I'm concerned they're, on average, pound for pound better.

Lets not forget that exclusives quite often make the most of the respective hardwares advantages and have better developer focus as its only one platform they're using their resources on.

AznGaara1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

He's made it clear that he's an xbox owner and is planning to get an xbox one but then rants about not playing Sony exclusives... why not just buy a Ps4 then...

I mean he says he hates Halo, not a Forza guy, Alen Wake is on PC now but likes Fable and actually enjoys Gears of War. Heavy Rain and David Cage games really interest him. He wants an xbone but then he says he's missing out on Infamous Second Son, Killzone:SF, The Order (which he says he really likes). He he has a whole paragraph about not being able to play The Last of US... I just don't get it.

fattyuk1971d ago Show
despair1971d ago

he's a moron who just wants attention.


Well My friend, life isn't fair. If everyone's equal, and thought and did the same thing, life would be super boring, we would be like synchronize robots. It's the same with consoles, if every console had the same game on it and no exclusive, what would be the point of multiple consoles. When there could just be one console, and other hardware companies could just create different accessories to attach on it, to make it have different features. Then obviously it'll just end up being a monopoly.

1971d ago