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Jovan takes a trip to the end of the world to bring you a review of The Last Of Us for the Spiderduck Network.

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Aberaham2003d ago

I wish I could see what all the people giving it 10's see, but I just can't get into it.

Neixus2003d ago

game picks up after the first 3-4 hours,trust me

Lovable2003d ago

Maybe not your game? Totally understandable. People like the story maybe you just like something else.

stage882003d ago

I will be amazed after 2-3 hours if you're not completely hooked.

This is the game that the current generation will be remembered by.

JoGam2003d ago

Online is addictive as hell.

hardcorehippiez2002d ago

ill agree. the online is tense and incredibly well done. the only other game ive had that feeling with online was socom. i would love to see what Naughty Dog could do with socom now zipper have gone .

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Rhezin2003d ago

ehhh the online? I haven't even touched the online, after I played the amazing single player game I really didn't felt the need to.

Philoctetes2003d ago

I won't even touch the online part until I've finished off all the SP trophies, which will end up being four playthroughs (Normal just to enjoy the story, Hard to get more practice and do the collectables, then Survivor and Survivor+).

I know I don't technically need that Hard playthrough, but it's a great game and I want the additional run so I don't have to mess with collectables while working my way through Survivor. (I'm about 2/3 of the way through Hard right now).

HarryMasonHerpderp2002d ago

I felt the same at first.
You should try it though because it's a lot of fun.

MelonSaurus2002d ago

This game isn't a 10. It's great but I don't know why people are giving it 10s. It's the glitchiest game Naughty Dog has ever made, and its AI needs a lot of work. Ellie's AI would constantly run into me when I'm trying to stealth, and there were some other little things that irritated me. Forced fights where the game released waves of alerted enemies were always dull and far from engaging. If I were to score this game (though i don't really like scores as it is), I'd probably give it a 9.

Valkyre2002d ago

stop presenting your opinion as if it is a universal truth...

the game isnt a 10/10 for YOU.

for the rest 95% of the gaming community, it is.

thus, you are a minority.

ltachiUchiha2002d ago

To give you a good example why its getting 10's. You remember Resident Evil 4 & how awesome that game was at that time? Despite it not being that good of a story, it had everything else, great gameplay, graphics, but man escorting Ashley was a pain in the azz because her AI was very stupid & she was no help at all, but despite all that Resident Evil 4 still won GOTY. The Last of Us delivers in every area so its only fitting to give it a perfect score.

MelonSaurus2002d ago

That's a much more mature way of responding. Thanks for that. -glares at Valkyrie-

Idk though. I just can't personally really give a game a "perfect" score when I find a significant number of imperfections. That's why Skyrim getting most of the GOTY awards in 2011 pissed me off as well, because it was filled to the brim with glitches and the PS3 version got f**ked so hard. Don't get me wrong, I really like The Last of Us, but I feel the industry is too quick to give something a 10/10.

ltachiUchiha2002d ago


Lol i know what u mean but another way u can look at it is just remember there is no perfect game ever. All of them have bugs & their own flaws but if the game is the best in its genre & reviews will award a 10 just for the fact that its setting the bar higher & is the best of its kind. I think thats how most reviewers look at it. It would be unfair to try an compare it to any other type of genre because its a action/survival/horror. Hopefully u see it the way im looking at it. Cheers. =]