Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? Xbox One Headset, New God Of War? And Xbox Release Date?


Hotline Miami, DS4 is a shooter for FPS, and my story about The Last Of Us, and Team Fortress 2 characters hit Surgeon Simulator!

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o-Sunny-o1915d ago

Was God of War actually official?? ? o.O

minimur121914d ago

im prety sure I mentioned that in the post - sorry for not making it clear.

1914d ago
TheEvilWithin1914d ago

Thought Microsoft said there were no headsets being bundled with the system? Is this ANOTHER 180 from Microsoft? Wow so 180+180= 3 times stronger then the 360 lol Clearly there getting there math wrong. lol

vikingland11914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

This is the only website that says it comes with the console. I don't think that is correct though. I preorderd XBOX ONE and it doesn't say in the description that it comes with a head set.

minimur121914d ago

they're just responding to Sony. It's obvious.

DRM on Xbox

Playstation has no DRM? Let's cancel that,

No headset with Xbox

Playstation has headset bundled? Quick! Add a headset!

buynit1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

Is ms really not going to inlude the headset?

TheEvilWithin1914d ago (Edited 1914d ago )

At first they were not including one and now I guess they are lol I think it looks like a cheap piece of junk but whatever they need to throw SOMETHING in with the box lol

TheEvilWithin1914d ago

So true... Its a complete 360 from what Microsoft was doing last gen. Oh well just more money to sink into a sinking ship I guess...

princejb1341914d ago

They want you to use kinect as a headset

vikingland11914d ago

That's going to be uncomfortable to wear Kinect on my head :)

CRAIG6671914d ago

@vikingland1 - but incredibly stylish lol

minimur121914d ago

reason? because they want a google streetview of your house!

brand new bing houseview!

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