Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Confirms that PS Vita Remote Play of PS4 Games Will Work Through the Internet

One of the big questions left on remote play feature that will establish a connection between PS4 and PS Vita, is if it’d work only via local Wi-fi or also online like it did (rather poorly) for the PSP, allowing you to stream your game even when you’re not at home.

Looks like fans of the feature have a reason to rejoice, as Sony Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida just confirmed it.

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JoelT1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Welp, time to buy the Vita (again). My body is ready Sony.

dedicatedtogamers1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

This is a "power of the CLOUD" feature that I can get behind.

Actually, this IS exactly the stuff that the Cloud will be used for, Microsoft's Azure included. Cloud isn't going to turn Xbox One games or PS4 games into Xbox 1000 games or PS19 games (not graphically, nor in terms of AI, nor in terms of physics, nor in terms of anything else except very broad, very 'background' tasks). But being able to check your Xbox One account, begin a game download, check your Live messages, Skype with someone on their Xbox One from your tablet or on your Windows phone are features well within the realm of possibility

...and remember, Microsoft is trying to unify all their services. Cloud isn't going to be used solely for Xbox One. It'll be the method by which Microsoft brings together all of their products, for better or worse.

Minato-Namikaze1973d ago

Are all companies tryng to unify their experience now. That sounds just like the "One Sony" mantra that Kaz is incorporating into sony's divisions now (and that a$$ hat hedge fund manager is trying to destroy) and since i'm primarly a Playstation gamer i'm gonna be going for the unified Playstation Xperience.

Mustang300C20121973d ago

You honestly have no clue what you are talking about.

What is the Cloud?

Amazon has a cloud that powers websites. Sony has a cloud that streams game video so you can play a game that you don’t have on your machine. Now Xbox Live has a cloud that somehow powers games. Cloud doesn’t seem to actually mean anything anymore, or it has so many meanings that it’s useless as a marketing word.

Let me explain this simply: when companies talk about their cloud, all they are saying is that they have a huge amount of servers ready to run whatever you need them to run. That’s all.

So what is this Xbox Live Cloud stuff then?

Microsoft has a cloud service called Azure (it’s a real thing – you can go on their website right now and pay for servers and use them to run whatever you want). Microsoft realized that they could use that technology to solve our problem.

So they built this powerful system to let us create all sorts of tasks that they will run for us, and it can scale up and down automatically as players come and go. We can upload new programs for them to run and they handle the deployment for us. And they’ll host our game servers for other platforms, too! Titanfall uses the Xbox Live Cloud to run dedicated servers for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

But it’s not just for dedicated servers – Microsoft thought about our problem in a bigger way. Developers aren’t going to just want dedicated servers – they’ll have all kinds of features that need a server to do some kind of work to make games better. Look at Forza 5, which studies your driving style in order to create custom AI that behaves like you do. That’s totally different from what Titanfall uses it for, and it’s really cool! So it’s not accurate to say that the Xbox Live Cloud is simply a system for running dedicated servers – it can do a lot more than that.

Not all clouds are created equal and with Azure they are going to offload AI and do more than provide better connections with dedicated servers.

rainslacker1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )


Maybe you are the one that should go do some research. MS Azure cloud does provide all those services that he is talking about. MS Azure cloud provides thousands of services to over 1 billion users worldwide. This stat is from MS itself, not something I made up. It's stated in a video on the website for Azure itself. Right on the front page. I know, it takes a master researcher to actually find that kind of thing though, so I don't blame you for not being as awesome as I am.

In fact, MS cloud works like almost every other cloud system out there, in that it can pretty much do whatever the client using the servers needs it to do. That is what the cloud is, and that is what Azure is. Even Gaikai isn't necessarily a special type of cloud server, it is just tailored to stream games, again, using the client software built on the cloud servers.

There is no mythical uber awesome Xbox cloud, there is only Azure. It provides the service that the publishers need it to do, and it provides the Xbox the ability to do whatever MS programs for it to do.

badz1491973d ago

the SHIELD is pretty much dead on arrivals!

1. bulkier and heavier than Vita

2. only can stream Steam games while on the same network as the pc streaming it

3. limited to android games when outside the house

4. more expensive than Vita

what's the point of the SHIELD again?


Forza 5' prabably have nothing to do with distributed computing of AI, it seens it doesn't "create an AI" at all! Seens to me cloud is just being used as a database storage for an Adaptative AI which is running locally, as Adaptative AI is heavy on real time tasks, not a good idea to make that through internet unless you want to see cars turning or ramming too late.

In case you don't know what Adaptative AI is, it's just AI that will analyze you behaviour in order to choose which of the many parameters it already have to react the best at a given moment, it's pretty common now a days, some are done better than others.

Forza's "mimic AI" is the same concept, but instead of reacting to what you do, it will choose its parameters that best mirror what you're doing at a given situation. When the "mimic parameters" are combined with "reaction parameters" you have a car that runs against you making decisions that are like those that you would be doing yourself without being just a ghost of your last race. It can get even more like you as it collects more data on how you react on each situation and analyze which is more usual for you if it keeps many of those complete "paramaters set" saved and compares 'em.

All cloud really do in this scenario is storing those "parameters set" (don't know if your last one or many of 'em) when someone play, so when you are in single player (but are online), you'll download those parameters from a bunch of people, making it look like you are racing agaisnt them, even though it's an AI. Probably cloud will categorize sets of parameters by difficult (by average lap times and/or average position on online races) to make it possible to not only play against friends and random people, but to also have a pre-set difficult race against "real person AI".

Now, I'm not downplaying it, it's a great idea and can really improve gameplay, clever use of cloud storage too, but it's not any indication of that "power of the cloud" anyone's expecting. This could just as easily be done without cloud, but limited to people you play with (and obviously not constantly updated as Forza will likely be updating those parameter set to cloud every time you play).

So no, it's not just a question of people not understanding what Cloud is... Au contrair, the problem is that we do (well, not that guy comparing it to PS4-Vita stream, but most of us). And we understand that distributed computing is hard to use for real time application, not necessarily because of this cloud service limits, but because internet connection, making us all skeptical... And not Forza, not Titanfall nor any other game so far has showed us something that's worth the PR talk.

R6ex1973d ago

Had Nvidia Shield been able to stream PC games via internet (Nvidia GRID), I would have bought one. Now, I'll have to relook at the Vita.

BallsEye1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Please get your info straight before you write about AZURE. You have exactly ZERO knowledge of the technology. and you play smart-ass repeating what few fanboy articles say.

and this all is connected to hypervisor

Read up, boy...if you will be able to understand even half of it.

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himdeel1973d ago

I want to know if you can watch Netflix on the PS4/TV and then play a PS4 game on the Vita at the same time.

grailly1973d ago

I hope not, not for AAA games at least, I want them to use 100% of what the hardware has to offer, not let some on the side to do other activities. (I would be fine if game scaled, though)

SpinalRemains1381973d ago

Probably not. The Xbox is dedicating a Gb of Ram just for multitasking like that.

I see no way ps4 can do this with only 1gb dedicated to their whole os.

This is a good thing though. More resources for actual games to use. Multitasking is great on a mobile device, but for a console, not so much. How many things can u play or watch at once?

porkChop1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

It could probably be done. Remember, the PS4 has a dedicated high-end ARM processor/GPU specifically for things like background downloads, streaming, etc. That ARM processor/GPU would be more than enough to handle Netflix while the PS4 streams to the Vita through Remote Play. And if the game is being streamed through Remote Play it would probably be rendered on the PS4 in 960x544, instead of 1080p, freeing up quite a bit of power/resources.

FamilyGuy1973d ago

No, it doesn't work like that. The PS4 will be streaming what's shown on screen to the Vita. Vita will have the control and whatever you see on the Vita screen is also what you'll be seeing on the PS4 screen.

They've already stated this. "It won't be just a blank screen saying that remote access is being used, it'll be showing the gameplay that's being streamed to the Vita."

That would've been a cool feature, maybe if it's requested enough it could happen but that would be really multitask heavy. Netflicks accessed while a video game is being played and streamed to the Vita. Both things would be using the PS4s internet access and it's processor. It's really unlikely.

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Starbucks_Fan1973d ago

I really hope I don't regret keeping mine just for this feature. I only have LBP Vita and I don't play my Vita that much. I hope this feature turns out really well.

IMightBeRetarded1973d ago

Maybe you should buy more games for it? You know it is a stand alone console with other games right?

grailly1973d ago

you should just get PS+, I only bought 2 games at launch, and now I'm pulling my vita out at least once a week to play new games or games from my PSP library. I love it.

SpinalRemains1381973d ago

You can download Golden Abyss and Gravity Rush for free right now with +!

What are you waiting for?

Then dam thing pays for itself with Golden Abyss alone.

Argus91973d ago

If you're getting a PS4, you may as well sign up for Plus now. There's a ton of great games available for free now and in the pipe, and if you own a PS3 too, that's three systems you're getting free games for several times a month. You could honestly almost never buy new games and still have an impressive library to choose from. Be warned though - you're going to want one of the bigger memory cards for your Vita to play all those free games, so consider a 16GB or 32GB card if you don't already have one.

Starbucks_Fan1973d ago

^ I used to own Golden Abyss. Great game. I have a 3 month PS+ card saved for my PS4 but I will look into what's available right now. Thanks.


I just got a Vita in anticipation for PS4, it's a great machine, but not so good on games... Now let me explain, actually there are good games enough to be worth to own the machine, but right here in Brazil we don't have plus, the only memory card released is 4GB (everything else imported cost anywhere from 125 to 200 dollars and are hard to find as most other accessories, I'm waiting some more 2 weeks for a crapie grip) games on cartridge cost way too much and cards are just too small to be worth investing reavily on digital only, hence I'm yet to build that worth library.

I'm not that worried as I know I can just uninstall/install games back and forth, also Plus will be here before Xmas, so will bigger memory cards. But 'till there, I'm definetelly not enjoying it as much as I expected... Anyway, I'm sure PS4 will make it worth the trouble.

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Dj7FairyTail1973d ago

buying a Vita again for a feature but not its games with are mostly sub hd port and few exclusive. no wonder Vita doesn't sell.

Argus91973d ago

Are you a blind Microsoft fanboy or are you really just that ignorant?

GrandTheftZamboni1973d ago


Those are usually not mutually exclusive.

ssj271973d ago

true is that this gives the vita a amazing value if you own a ps4..
I will get one eventually maybe wait for black friday or a new model with a price drop.. KILLZONE MERCENARY looks good and fun

R6ex1973d ago

I wasn't remotely interested in the Vita, until I read this article.

FamilyGuy1973d ago

It's about time that they clearly stated this for people. I've been saying it for months and people kept insisting it was only going to work local like network sharing or the Wii-U game pad.
It's called "Remote Play", the name comes from it being similar to "Remote Desktop" which allows you to access your home PC and it's content through the internet.
Psps Remote Play didn't force you to be at home, why would a better version take away the functionality?

I'm glad they've squashed that lie, now people claiming that "PS4s Remote Play won't sell Vita's" will understand why I and many others believe it WILL sell Vita's. Playing your PS4 games on your Vita while on a break at work for example, it's genius.

I already knew this was true, all I really want to know is if multiplayer via remote play works. Can Killzone: Shadowfall's multiplayer be accessed via Remote Play through the Vita?

Salooh1973d ago

You use remote play to controle the ps4 which means you will have access to everything in the ps4 not like the ps3 which require developers to sacrifice power to support a specific thing to work.

In a short way , Online will work :) ..

Mr_Writer851973d ago

I doubt online multiplayer games will work on remote play, but if they did I would explode with utter joy.

I love my Vita and even though I do play its great games as a family man remote play means I can still game whilst my Mrs and little on watch TV, without me having to sit upstairs.

Denethor_II1973d ago

@JoelT "Welp, time to buy the Vita (again)."

Shame on you ಠ_ಠ

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Abriael1973d ago

Not really. The functionality working through the internet was never really confirmed in any official way.

Thirty3Three1973d ago

It's pretty obvious though.

The ps3 had it, so why would the ps4 head a step backwards? And they actually did confirm it via the Feb 20th conference. "Anytime, anywhere", remember?

Abriael1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

@Thirty3Three: What made it not-so-obvious is that the PSP streamed at a much smaller definition and it didn't really work well even then, meaning that Sony could have just gave up the ability to stream online in order to focus on local and do it as well as possible like the Wii U does.

It's a good thing that it's confirmed :D

thebigman1973d ago

It's been announced since the reveal in February: "So we’re saying virtually every PS4 game will be playable with PS Vita via Remote Play, so you connect your Vita to your PS4, 'especially at home', it’s a great experience". It's crazy that if these execs don't spell it out for you people that it automatically gets trumped as false info.

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PsychOff1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

I did. I said the exact same thing you said. If the PS3 could do this, why would the PS4 not be able to?

No one wanted to hear it then just as much as they don't want to hear it now I suppose but I knew. All along.

PS4 was developed alongside the Vita I don't think it would work any less than the PS3 that's for sure.

Thirty3Three1973d ago

I completely agree! Nice reply by the way! :)

Nothing against you, I just find it silly how I'm getting downvoted when you've said the exact thing I had.

N4g at its finest :[

FamilyGuy1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

I know some of us knew this but others were in disbelief. I have no idea why, it was said clearly at the feb 20th conference, at the time I said "This feature alone will sell Vitas." People didn't get it, some didn't believe it and they spread their poor interpretation causing many to believe it was just local. It really annoyed me and I'm glad they've finally cleared it up for those people.

Seeing your disagrees is just proof of how much that wrong version was spread beyond the ones of us who understood it the correct way the first time.

It's a great feature.

despair1973d ago

Official confirmation is always a good thing. More info please.

Cam9771973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

This is huge. Imagine being sat by a pool on holiday playing some PS4 over the Internet? Amazing. The only problem is this: how will we change games? We'll have to make a machine to do it. A machine like this:

Thirty3Three1973d ago

Yep! :)

And well, you could buy digital games? But yeah, disk-wise, you'd have to go and change the disk :/

If you're in another state, or country, why not call a friend up, and ask him to head over to your place to change the disk? Best thing I can think of :P

Cam9771973d ago

I've edited my original comment with the perfect solution haha ;)

snake-OO1973d ago

Digital downloads sounds like a good idea to change games.

Abriael1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Even if we wouldn't be able to change games (and with digital downloaded one it'll most probably be possible anyway), I'd be happy to be able to play even just one lol.

But again, having the games downloaded on the hard disk probably solves the issue at the root.

ruefrak1973d ago

Just good luck seeing the Vita screen in the sun by the pool. I've never had much luck seeing mine in the sunlight.

Cam9771973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Maybe raise a parasol to cover the Vita from some of the rays? I do know what you mean as I've had difficulty with most handheld devices when in direct sunlight.

If it's completely unplayable outside then it'll be a good thing to do when the day's come to an end and there's nothing to do aside from sit inside due to the sun having set.

This is one of the many reasons why I bought a Vita, what a fantastic piece of technology! In my eyes, it's money well spent!

Abriael1973d ago

That's why you lay back and put it *against* the sun :P

You'll just need a couple Hawaiian dancers to massage your arms :D

claterz1973d ago

Buy a matte/anti-glare screen protector. Problem solved.

It reduces the quality of the screen a bit but you can play in bright sunlight no problem. I have them for my phone, tablet and Vita :)

badz1491973d ago

how do you play your games when people are massaging your arms?

and why are you playing games when Hawaiian dancers are massaging you in the 1st place? NERD lol!

don't get me wrong but I know I'm not gonna game with Hawaiian dancers surrounding me! prioritize your interest, dude! game can wait! ;-)

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GABRIEL10301973d ago

LOL. nice machine.

But for PS4 Sony is focusing in digital games, for play a lot of games via remote play with Vita maybe is better have the games on HDD and with Plus I have a lot of games.

ginsunuva1973d ago

I guess remote play game-switching will be another pro of digital downloads.

grailly1973d ago

Sony now has a compelling argument for us to buy digital games, well played. making the option more compelling is a better option than throwing in DRM.

PsychOff1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

"How will we change games? We'll have to make a machine to do it. A machine like this"

Easy Sony confirmed that the PS4 can work like the Xbox One had planned to except that all these features are optional. You can simply choose to install those games onto your hard drive if you don't want to switch those games out too often.

You will have the option to install games onto your PS4's hard drive in short if you want to. So no need for some complicated DIY machine.

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Software_Lover1973d ago

I have so many ways I could go with this. It's probably gonna get funny.