Is Sony preparing a worldwide PS4 launch? Pre-orders now started in the Middle East

While pre-orders in North America and Europe is all ready breaking records at retailers such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, Best Buy and GameStop it was announced today by Sony that pre-orders have now also started in the Middle East.

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US8F1973d ago

Global domination. It really makes a difference with their no region lock, nothing but fruitful things comes out of it

Arai1973d ago

They also allowed pre-orders in India, not sure what's going on but I thought it's worth mentioning.

Perhaps it will be a global launch, if what Shuhei Yoshida said is to be believed then this will be the biggest launch for PlayStation.

NewMonday1973d ago

this "GeekayGames" store chain is jacking up the prices across the board $450 for the standalone console and $80 per-game, yes $80 per-game.

thank God for "region free" and Amazone.

The_Con-Sept1972d ago

Well I think it has something to do with price... A.K.A. the production cost. It must be low enough to where they can produce 10% more as each console sold reaches a 1,000 mark. As well as the QA yields are high enough to allow this.

Basically... The PS4 launch will probably be the best launch we have ever seen.

justastranger101972d ago

I wouldn't know. I preordered an X1.

abzdine1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

Gamescom for some new exclusives and a precise release date! i cannot wait but i can feel it's gonna be insane!!

And since it's in middle east i must say : شكرا (google translate to arabic)

US8F1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

haha, Your welcome... on behalf of Sony
لا شكر على واجب

US8F1973d ago

@abzdine nope , just wanted to show off my middle eastern skills.

One of the funniest Kaz gifs I have seen, haha

mafiahajeri1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

google translate isnt going to translate لا شكر على واجب correctly.

لا شكر على واجب = No need for thanks when it is that persons duty to do so.

Makes more sense now :P

AhmadCentral1972d ago

It's been announced so far to launch in 2013 in the USA, Europe, Middle East, India & Brazil.

Expect a Japan release announcement for this year at the Sony event just before TGS.

It seems Sony really is on track for a worldwide launch this year.

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solidworm1973d ago

Sony have had this bitch in warehouse since February...bloody knew it.

fattyuk1973d ago Show
PositiveEmotions1973d ago

Thank you so much sony!!!/muchas gracias sony!!!

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