GT 5 Prologue agreement missing vital information, can't play offline

Maxconsole is reporting that european PSN Store version of Gran Turismo 5 has some serious issues about the terms of service user agrement.

"First of all, for playing you need to have your PSN Account connected to the network like Warhawk, yes, it means you can't play it offline.

In other news the game can't be shared between different accounts, the license it's linked only to the PSN user that bought the game.

BUT unlike Warhawk, when you buy the game those things dosen't appear in the terms of service\user agreement part of the page, as you can see in this picture."

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Dudeson423766d ago

Seems like a pretty quick fix either way...

resistance1003766d ago (Edited 3766d ago )

Is this really surprising? (Just so you know i'm on about having to be signed in to play)

sonarus3765d ago

Very surprising. That is f'd up. I was 100% content with the downloadable version instead of the disc but this has entirely changed my mind. Its not an online only game this just pisses me off

SSJSubgeta3765d ago

I mean if you are downloading the game via the PS Store, its obvious that the user has internet access so its not and it shouldn't be a problem. Then again its terms of agreement right? If you agree, then do it, if you don't then don't buy it. I read those notifications before i purchase something and I know what I am getting.

Aside from game sharing, its a neat idea. But I don't necessarily like to have my info and CC number shared. Regardless if its relatives, peers, etc.

xplosneer3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

It's very much a problem! I FREQUENTLY bring my PS3 to friends houses. How the HECK am I supposed to play GT5:P 2 player split screen when I'm at their house with no WiFi on my 20GB?

Edit: Thank god for the two below me.

ali3123766d ago

You do not need to be logged into PSN to play the game offline, as I can vouch for that. Brilliant game for £19.99 from blockbuster ( Cheaper than the Playstation store! Have fun

vasilisk3765d ago

I can also vouch to that. You DO NOT HAVE to be logged in to play the game, you can play it offline as well...

sonarus3765d ago

Thank you. lol you guys just saved this game for me. I also move my ps3 around sometimes and i know there will be some point where i won't be online. Sony better not try to turn to msoft with their strict arcade download policy. I was going to download from psn, then when i heard this news i had to change to disc. Now thank God i am going to download like i originally planned

killer_trap3765d ago

i really hated that in warhawk. good thing I'm not getting the psn game. my game should be in my ps3 tomorrow.

Bill Gates3765d ago

This is very misleading.

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The story is too old to be commented.