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There's an interesting bait and switch in Titanfall, the first-person shooter from the people who made Call of Duty what it is today.

It begins with a rodeo, as the 70 developers at Respawn Entertainment call it. A Pilot, the game's agile, double-jumping, jet-pack boosting soldier class, leaps, perhaps from a rooftop, onto the back of a Titan, the game's lumbering but powerful mech class, rips off a panel and shoots its brains out - just a bit.

Inside of the Titan, the heads up display flashes a warning: "foreign body detected." The player panics, anticipating imminent destruction, and ejects.

Outside of the Titan the Pilot has already stopped shooting and is waiting patiently for the victim to emerge from their protective shell. When it does the Pilot fires and the switch is complete.

This scenario, described to Wesley Yin-Poole of Eurogamer by Respawn lead artist Joel Emslie, who followed Vince Zampella and Jason West out of Infinity Ward having worked on Call of Duty...

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Chaostar1971d ago

As much as I'm trying I just can't seem to see past COD with Starhawks. Not judging until I can try it myself though, I just see so many potential 'next big thing' multiplayer FPS games on the horizon and it's hard to muster enthusiasm for any particular one.

If I had to, I'd say Destiny has the edge thanks to it's ambitious MMO qualities.

Mr_Nuts1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I don't see why people think wall running, jet packs and mechanoids make this totally different, the core COD mechanics are still there or should I say the now standard FPS mechanics are still there.


Wall running - Brink
Jetpacks - Halo
Machines - Earth Defence Force which funnily enough also had Jetpacks.

They are basically combining other stuff we've seen before into one game. I don't see the big fuss over it to be honest, hell it dosen't even have a single player, why pay full price for a game with only multiplayer. You will get bored very fast and then boot up something else like Watch Dogs, Destiny or inFAMOUS SS

Gamingisfornerds1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I suppose you made the same comment before Bioshock released?

Not saying this will be equally good or anything, but sometimes combining existing elements into one can make for a completely new experience.

Mr_Nuts1971d ago

Never compare Bioshock to COD or COD like games....just no

They didn't rely on COD like mechanics, it was just a FPS a heart and did it's own thing

NewMonday1971d ago

plain old run and gun is so "last gen", the next standard for consoles is in large scale 64 player battles with destructible environments in BF4, or persistent MP worlds like the Division and Destiny. Titanfall will be forgotten as a relic of an old age.

3-4-51971d ago

I think the pacing of the game alone will make it different from COD.

Including "mechs" really changes up gameplay, but they kept it similar enough to COD for a few reasons:

* One being that it's literally " THEIR" style.

* To get that COD crowd to switch over or try it out at least without feeling lost. It will be somewhat familiar to them and might help them embrace the transition.

despair1971d ago

I really want this game to be good, but I don't know if it can keep my attention for more than a week. I get tired of MP FPS games and since this is more MMO with no SP content I think it will bore me very quickly.

Gamingisfornerds1971d ago

Don't like the painfully obvious outdated visuals. The level they showed at E3 is also a bit too cluttered or something, just looks very messy.

Gameplay seems fun. I like the jet-like boosts and all that, just don't like the titans. Not much hope of Respawn getting rid of them though, as it's kind of the main hook of the game. :P

NewMonday1971d ago

and this is from a trailer running on a high end PC.

BabyTownFrolics1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

This game looks like fun, i look forward to playing it when it releases next year. Killzone: SF and BF4 will keep me occupied at launch.

cant wait for watch dogs, infamous, and the division. So many great games!

Whats with the disagrees, I'll never really understand this place. Are you looking forward to something? F&ck you, I disagree. Just gotta laugh.

venom061971d ago

this game is in a "win-win situation"... it'll get the EA fanboys that love Battlefield, it'll get the CoD fanboys that are still loyal to the original IW guys and it'll get the so-called "gaming journalists" because they all pretty suck on the pole of anything CoD related (and this is still somewhat CoD related)..... win-win

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