PSN, LIVE, Virtual Console Content And Demo Round-Up

Right then, back on track, just like Gran Turismo 5 Prologue, which is finally on the PlayStation Store. Hooray!, because yes it is good actually.

Other points of interest on our journey are the first official maps for Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3, and a fresh set of cards for The Eye of Judgement. Plus, if you feel a bit daring, then you can hop on the US PS3 Store and get Warhawk at a discounted price, as well as a flOw bundle that includes the expansion pack.

Live Arcade this week was a little poor with TiQal, which we would suggest is not bothering with. But a fresh slew of Ace Combat 6 planes makes amends for it, because planes are good and fast and noisy. There's Dreamfall: The Longest Journey on Xbox Originals as well, but this is less than essential and maybe a bit steep at 1200 Points. If you really want, you can fork out for Turok multiplayer maps. But we'd not suggest buying the game in the first place. So paying for the maps seems a little silly.

More encouraging was a return to form for the Virtual Console, which kicked its Commodore 64 Channel off with Uridium and International Karate. There was also the old N64 game Cruis'n.

We also feel like plugging The Temple of Elemental Evil that was added to the Ultimate Collection subscription for Metaboli. It's a little Dungeons & Dragons game from now-defunct studio Troika, and despite a few bugs is thoroughly enjoyable.

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