Knack Hands On Preview - A Solid Launch Title For The PlayStation 4 | GamingBolt

"Some of you may be wondering on what is Knack? Knack was the first game that was revealed for the PlayStation 4 back in February during the PlayStation 4 announcement. The reason that Knack caught my eye was the fact that it's a brand new action/platformer IP from Sony. When PlayStation 3 launched there was not a single new IP in the platforming genre, so seeing a next-generation reveal of a platforming game was definitely exciting."

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JLT-Sandwitch2003d ago

I can't believe we don't hear more about this game. Its a deffinate for me

Rhezin2003d ago

Yeah if Cerny is attached, I have high hopes for this game. The particle effects are like nothing I've ever seen.