Xbox One: Five Reasons We’ll Never be Satisfied

"If you haven’t heard – in which case, welcome back to the land of the living – Microsoft has done a complete about-turn regarding its policies for used games sales, game sharing, connectivity and region-locking for the Xbox One. The company originally announced when the Xbox One was revealed in May that there would be a host of restrictions for those willing to take the next generation leap."

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Excalibur1998d ago

I'd still like clarification if the DRM removal also removes the mandatory installs.

allformats1998d ago

Microsoft had years to make up its DRM policies that would have no benefit to its fanbase. It also neglected the months of rumors that lead to negative feedback - deciding to push this through regardless. Then, when MS realized that consoles weren't being preordered, it changed it's mind.

MS cannot be trusted again.At least not for the next 5yrs until they can prove to be trusted again.

dedicatedtogamers1998d ago

AFAIK, the installs are still required. I'm not a computer engineer, but I do know that if the system has been designed for the last several years to play everything from the HDD, a sudden change (to play partially or fully from the disc) would require a not-insignificant overhaul of some core firmware settings.

At best, you'll play it (partially or fully) from the disc with some big slowdowns compared to what it could've been. At worst, playing from the disc simply won't be possible.

Microsoft hasn't been clear on how it works, but my assumption is that the game still installs to the HDD and the disc is now used as a "check" to make sure you still own the game, hence why it needs to be in the disc drive.

Loki861998d ago

Installs are not mandatory as the entire game can be ran from the disc just like last gen. However, if you buy digital content then you view this from where ever and can use the quick switch feature between games.

Excalibur1998d ago

LOL I love the disagree for asking a question...

zeal0us1998d ago

1. The price
2. Kinect is still required
3. XBLG still hides services like Hulu, Netflix behind a paywall, in spite that you already pay for those services.
4. XBLS is still utterly useless
5. MS been give your information to the NSA since the 1970s

Doghead1998d ago

Only reason why I will never be satisfied, is Msoft does keep its promise...Can't remember Xbox 360 release, with all the nice exclusives then one year later, its project 3 and repeat..thesame shit games repeated...will wait one year before deciding..
look at sony, alot of innovation in games, though they have less cash than msoft

Chaostar1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

It's been said before but Microsoft put the cart before the horse with it's tactics regarding Xb One. Not only did they not offer enough incentive to get consumers on board with their new platform they also seemed to deliberately obscure the facts.

All stick and no carrot is what people took away from MS PR and the pre-order numbers reflected that. Now, after the 180, they are looking at damaged consumer trust, which will take time to reverse.

WeAreLegion1997d ago

Haha. I read MS PR as Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. I was so confused for a minute or two.

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