One button to rule them all – Devs talk up PS4′s Share button

OPM: Offering a window into effortless, elegant multimedia sharing and social functionality, the PS4′s Share button has just about everyone talking. From Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer to Tim Schefer we asked some of PlayStation’s biggest names about the possibilities PS4’s fully integrated sharing functionality could bring.

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Software_Lover1971d ago

I will probably never use any of the share features in the PS4 or XBone. But for those people who like to share everything that they do with the world, these seem like some great features.

iGAM3R-VIII1971d ago

I will probably use it to kickstart my YoutTube videos and maybe to use it to remind me how to do stuff.

Software_Lover1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

I was thinking about starting a youtube review before all this, but im lazy lol.

xHeavYx1971d ago

I'm sure every gamer has had those "Holy effing s#it" moments, it will be cool to be able to share them so easily

thorstein1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

@heavy... indeed. Though it was Blops2, I stickied a grenade to a teammate and he ran into an enemy and was killed. The grenade went off and killed the enemy on the final killcam. Instantly sharing that would be pretty cool.

Edit spelling mistake.

NewMonday1971d ago

anyone playing MP will love this, even as an average player I have my moments in BF that are hard to describe or believe, from Epic kills to catching cheaters, now no moment will be lost.

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Fishy Fingers1971d ago

I initially felt the same. Not much of a social (network) butterfly. But who's knows, there are the occasional times I or fellow players do something great and I think "damn I wish I could show my mates that".

Software_Lover1971d ago

yeah, the potential is there, especially if you do not have to initiate the recording. If it records in the background and you can save the video(s) without sharing, then I'm on board for that.

3-4-51970d ago

I've never made videos, simply because they take time and work and I'd rather be gaming, that and I'm not an attention seeker, not that all are.

The Share button is perfect for games like GTA V though.....I've been wanting one for that game simply because some crazy random sequences of things can happen that may never happen again, the share button capturing that is perfect.

Also, I could see it being amazing for Skate 4 if they ever get around to making it.

I made a skate 2 montage of realistic tricks but editing it all together plus making a song for it took some time.

I can see this share feature making it so that process is much shorter.

Such a good feature. Glad XB1 is using something similar as well.

RememberThe3571970d ago

Holy shit this weed had me think of something!

"PS4 or XBone"
PS4 and XBone
PS4 and CrossBone
4=death in Asian culture
PS4 and XBone
Skull and CrossBone

But really, is that as cool to sober people as it is to me?

jmc88881970d ago (Edited 1970d ago )

Yes people how many of you are going to sit there and watch other people play games?

Millions broadcasting, hundreds watching.

Everyone thinks someone else will want to watch them play, but if you ask them, they don't want to watch anyone else play.

Because people don't like to watch others play, they like to play themselves.

Teaching kids to be narcissists, and unsuccessful ones at that.

Of course there's some functions for it, like home reviews or walkthroughs. I can see selling a friend on a game with a custom review being ok.

But for actual gameplay watching, it's basically useless.

Some funny ragdoll physics and explosions type reels can be made. But overall there will be a lot more creation of video then watching of it.

The functional and funnies will do well though.

ExPresident1970d ago

You apparently aren't familiar with the e-Sports scene and the number of people who simply enjoy watching Starcraft II and League of Legends matches.

Not to mention:

Dota 2
Call of Duty

etc etc etc

People love watching others play, especially in competitive matches.

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kingmushroom1971d ago

I will share my kill streak video

Chapter111971d ago

The first thing I'm going to do when I get my PS4 is remove the share button and put a piece of tape overt the hole.

tarbis1971d ago

Please share it on youtube on how you did it. :D

Chaostar1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Ha! This made me laugh, funny+

Not sure if Chapter11 was being sarcastic :/

RandomDude6551971d ago

lol ummm ok. Why wouldn't you just not use it?

Dlacy13g1971d ago

Does anyone know the maximum amount you can record for the PS4? Is it really just 15 min of gameplay? If that is the case...its not as great as I had hoped.

RandomDude6551971d ago

Last 15 minutes of gameplay is always recorded. Share button lets you edit and then upload.

Why o why1970d ago

lol, crawl before you walk DC. 15 minutes is pretty much enough time for something to end plus you may be able to overlap. If you've done seen something worth keeping the likelihood is you would click share before the 15 has elapsed. Guess we'll fully know once we see some field action. I'm sure they wont pull you out of the game the moment you press the button so I'm guessing it will just store each press for viewing and editing when you choose

ExPresident1970d ago

That might be the limitation of the share button. But didn't they talk about streaming to UStream or w/e on the PS4 which would probably entail constant streaming.

BallsEye1971d ago (Edited 1971d ago )

Cool features for people who will use it but waste of space on a controller. No need to put it there.

3-4-51970d ago

why? It's instant and will become natural, like pressing X or B or O

BallsEye1970d ago

It's just my prefference. I'd rather have an INVITE button (to instantly go to your friends list and choose who to invite to game) there than share since I'm not into all that social media crap (yea, no facebook). I'd press INVITE button plenty of times a day ;], share? Probably never.

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