IGN: PixelJunk Monsters Encore Hands-on - Go for rainbows in this new expansion pack

IGN writes: "Earlier this year, PS3 owners were treated to a real time strategy title from the PlayStation Network in the form of PixelJunk Monsters. Tasked with defending the helpless creatures of a village from various land and air based creatures by building turrets, PixelJunk Monsters featured surprising depth and significant challenge. This was especially true when it came to eliminating every wave of monster, particularly if you were going for a perfect rating and trying to earn rainbows to unlock new pathways.

If you dug the original, you have Dylan Cuthbert's wife to thank.

That's right, we were told at a recent PSN event that Dylan's wife not only mastered the levels of the first title, but constantly wondered when new levels would be coming for the title. As a result, Q-Games quickly turned around a brand new expansion pack to the original game, PixelJunk Monsters Encore, which will be hitting the PSN in a matter of weeks, providing new stages and challenges for players."

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