Why ‘The Last of Us’ is a Masterpiece

Analog Addiction writes: "The Last of Us is a masterpiece. I don’t throw around statements such as these lightly, masterpiece’s don’t come around often, and when it they do you feel extremely lucky to be a gamer. Naughty Dog has created an excellent game, but they also created something much more than that. The Last of Us in an experience, telling us a story of desperation, struggle and survival in a world that has fallen from the grace we take for granted on a daily basis."

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DeadSpaced1995d ago

It's because an amazing developer made a quality game with a compelling story. Truly Naughty Gods among mere mortals..

justastranger101995d ago

I think its overrated but that's just my opinion.


Did you even play the game?
Because there is no way anyone who actually play the game and say it's overrated!

GenericNameHere1995d ago

I don't really care if a game is overrated anymore. Halo is overrated, Half-Life is overrated, Gangnam Style is overrated, my freaking socks are overrated. Everything that is considered popular or successful nowadays can be considered "overrated", so I just try to ignore that word from now on.

Temporary1995d ago (Edited 1995d ago )


You hit the nail on the head with that statement. No matter what when something is hugely popular there'll be people who say its overrated.

iPhone is overrated in my opinion, but everyone fuckin has one.

Last of Us might be the best game i've played this Gen. Just finished it last night and tried the multiplayer for the first time, and it wasnt bad. Wish it had infected co-op in the multiplayer though...that would've been something to put the game over the top.

filipakos1995d ago

Because fuck you that's why xD
Best game I've played in a while

Tzuno1995d ago

the story that goes on like a movie makes this game one of a kind.

iliimaster1995d ago

playing this game i got the same feeling i got when i first picked up uncharted i played for about 6 hours non stop couldnt put it down.... same with this one

RM-TatoTiburon1995d ago

because the story is great, it have so major twists i feel watching a the walking dead season

aceitman1995d ago

It really is like watching the walking dead cause you never know whos gonna die next

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The story is too old to be commented.