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Why ‘The Last of Us’ is a Masterpiece

Analog Addiction writes: "The Last of Us is a masterpiece. I don’t throw around statements such as these lightly, masterpiece’s don’t come around often, and when it they do you feel extremely lucky to be a gamer. Naughty Dog has created an excellent game, but they also created something much more than that. The Last of Us in an experience, telling us a story of desperation, struggle and survival in a world that has fallen from the grace we take for granted on a daily basis." (Naughty Dog, PS3, The Last Of Us)

DeadSpaced  +   644d ago
It's because an amazing developer made a quality game with a compelling story. Truly Naughty Gods among mere mortals..

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justastranger10  +   644d ago
I think its overrated but that's just my opinion.
THE-COMMANDER  +   644d ago
Did you even play the game?
Because there is no way anyone who actually play the game and say it's overrated!
GenericNameHere  +   644d ago
I don't really care if a game is overrated anymore. Halo is overrated, Half-Life is overrated, Gangnam Style is overrated, my freaking socks are overrated. Everything that is considered popular or successful nowadays can be considered "overrated", so I just try to ignore that word from now on.
Temporary  +   644d ago

You hit the nail on the head with that statement. No matter what when something is hugely popular there'll be people who say its overrated.

iPhone is overrated in my opinion, but everyone fuckin has one.

Last of Us might be the best game i've played this Gen. Just finished it last night and tried the multiplayer for the first time, and it wasnt bad. Wish it had infected co-op in the multiplayer though...that would've been something to put the game over the top.
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filipakos  +   644d ago
Because fuck you that's why xD
Best game I've played in a while
Tzuno  +   644d ago
the story that goes on like a movie makes this game one of a kind.
iliimaster  +   644d ago
playing this game i got the same feeling i got when i first picked up uncharted i played for about 6 hours non stop couldnt put it down.... same with this one
RM-TatoTiburon  +   644d ago
because the story is great, it have so major twists i feel watching a the walking dead season
aceitman  +   643d ago
It really is like watching the walking dead cause you never know whos gonna die next
MrMayhem28  +   644d ago
Awesome game and definitely one of the best story's in the history of games
Philoctetes  +   644d ago
The way the story is structured is fantastic. You have the long, over-arching Joel-and-Ellie story, but the game itself is really broken up into episodes: the backstory, the escape from the QZ, the events in Boston, Bill, Sam & Henry, etc. You feel like you're seeing individual pieces of Joel and Ellie's journey, but you know there's other stuff going on that you're not seeing. It's like you're sitting around a campfire with Joel and he's recalling these events 10 years later.

Contrast that with most games that feature "stories" made up entirely of fetch quests and escort missions.

Just a an absolutely stellar game.
RandomDude655  +   644d ago
Yeah, each "season" is like it's own story with it's own objective. I loved that about it.
Jack of Death  +   644d ago
Masterpiece? I don't think so. I would say it was an entertaining I would give it an 8 out of 10. There are many reasons why it is not a masterpiece. I would say the first thing I noticed that pissed me off was if you kill a guy and he has a gun you cannot pick it up or use anything that npc has. Major disappointment. I knew it was going to be a linear game because Naughty Dog focuses more on Visuals than actual gameplay. I played all their games so I'm not their biggest fan. I find their games to be way too short and really would like a more realistic experience.
GribbleGrunger  +   644d ago
I think you've got the wrong thread mate. We're talking about TLOU
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P_Bomb  +   644d ago
To your complaints: imo TLOU wasn't too short. It had the biggest ND maps to date (pittsburgh financial district, suburban sniper, everything in the winter, the university etc), and was the most realistic ND game to date with one-hit deaths, no-pause crafting and contextual kills 'n' conversations.
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BigPappaPump  +   644d ago
I was with you until the last part of your sentences. The narrative was spectacular, game mechanics were tight but survivor mode made me want to throw my ps3 out the window. That mode left a bad taste in my mouth for being severely poorly equipped and handicapped. Did you breeze through easy mode? The game was pretty lengthy, especially if you go out your way scrounging for items and comic books.
sevilha82  +   644d ago
I know it´s your opinion and i respect it but i think you may have some really high standards,is TLOU the best game i have playied?Maybe...Metal gear is my favorite franschise so i preaty much love cinematographic games,but i cannot deny the sheer quality of this game,defenetlly one of the best of the last 4 years at least.Ithink the producers deserve a little more credit.
Inception  +   644d ago
TloU too short? Mate, i beat TloU in sixteen F*KIN hours on my 1st playtrough (normal diff + listen mode off)! I stealth my way because i loved MGS series and TloU still kickin my ass. And i even not fully upgrade Joel weapons & skill, collected firefly pendants, comics, colectibles, artifacts, or the converstation with Ellie. Hell, i even skip some secret room because my shiv completely empty.
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poppatron  +   644d ago
one of my best ever!
I honestly see this as a milestone moment for game narrative. the story and the voice acting and the animation all combine to make this one of the most memorable games this generation. that's before you even consider the game play itself, and then the visuals. Thought provoking in a way I've not found with any other game. i feel this is what we've been building towards over the last decade, from Half Life 2 to more recently Metro 2033, Far Cry 3 and Bioshock Infinite, games with immersive and fascinating worlds, stories and environments.
Absolutely riddled with powerful heartfelt moments, characters you genuinely care about, meaningful dialogue and scenes of real depth. i don't know why but just watching the giraffes slowly walk out of shot really sticks with me, the last scene as well. the type of small pieces of dialogue that normally games tend to come across as forced, cheesey and at times ridiculous, but here it just comes together so well. i seriously cannot praise naughty dog or this game enough. you don't feel as if you've been forced to feel for these characters, you just do. lots! the first and most lightly last day one purchase for me on the ps3, i appreciated Uncharted 3 and completely understood why people loved it, i just didn't personally. there's no denying its beauty but i just found it a bit of a slog.

basically, what i'm saying is go out right now and buy this game. It'll be remembered by me for a very very long time.

The day video games really grew up.
ShwankyShpanky  +   644d ago
Notice: spoilerish alert.

I feel like this game really highlighted the idea of gameplay to service the story more than any I've ever played, instead of vice versa. Sure, most games have stories, and many have very good stories, but it generally feels like the story is there to justify the gameplay mechanics, the setting, the art style, etc. TLoU really felt like it was made to tell the story. Especially considering the ending, which feels like it runs counter to the type of closure that usually comes with beating a game, in that it ends with you *not* saving the world, and in fact potentially condemning it to destruction.
P_Bomb  +   644d ago
What I love about the story are the opposite arcs Joel & Ellie take. They're both different at the end than they were going in. It's like the Bret Hart/Stone Cold or HulkHogan/The Rock double face/heel turns from their Wrestlemania matches way back when. LOL
Williamson  +   644d ago
Probably one of the best game I've ever played, 17 hours in on hard with 83% and I don't want it to end. While other great games are coming out none will give me the experience this game has.
josephayal  +   644d ago
best game on any console/pc/portable/tv
rezzah  +   644d ago
The way it ended was similar to the feeling you get when finishing a good book; at least it was for me.

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