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Hardcore Tactical Shooters Are Coming Back Into Fashion

The hardcore tactical shooters of the past appear to be once again on the rise in popularity with many mature gamers seeming to be yearning for something more intellectually challenging than your typical shooter in today’s Call of Duty dominated market. I am talking about past games series such as Rainbow Six, SWAT, Counter-Strike and SOCOM. Games that actually made you think before you decided to pull the trigger or storm a room full of bad guys. (Culture, Dev, Industry, Next-Gen, PC, PS3, PS4, Retro, Xbox 360)

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SuburbanHell  +   486d ago
H-Hour has some real potential, hopefully it lives up to it.
xc7x  +   486d ago
i will be all over this game,once funded that is.
flankhim  +   485d ago
I could name all the maps in socom 1/2 from the top of my head and yet played i more cod this generation and can only remember the name of 2 maps from cod! I funded $150 to get me some beta action!
cpayne93  +   486d ago
Hope this game gets funded. Anyone who is tired of the casualization of shooters this gen should check it out. Still though, despite this one game it looks like tactical shooters aren't really making a comback. They have just been getting less and less tactical over time, but hopefully that trend will change. Playing the original rainbow six right now and loving it.
s2Celerity  +   486d ago
Socom II roots, it's gonna be thurrrr
Blastoise  +   486d ago
I agree Dojima
booboobreh  +   486d ago
Cant wait for this, it NEEDS to get funded.
QUNE  +   486d ago
I kicked in some $ for H-Hour. This game is going to kick ass. People need to spread the word.
SuburbanHell  +   486d ago
Same here, I can't wait to get my hands on it for PS4.
awesomeperson  +   486d ago
I pledged 50 bucks for PS Warrior last night, although the SOCOM era was before I started gaming. I'm getting tired of all the bro-shooters, really want to try my hand and get good at more tactical, team reliant games.
OAK  +   486d ago
SOFstudios is on track to make an awesome game that is absolutely needed for next gen. It will be a welcome change from all the generic shooters out there these days. Now it just needs to be funded. Everyone get to that Kickstarter and show some support!
XabiDaChosenOne  +   486d ago
Socom will return to its former glory, Ill put my future PS4 on it.
USMC_POLICE  +   486d ago
I hope so I'm sick of the call of duty bull crap. I miss so com and rainbow six. Go h hour go!!!
kalistyles  +   486d ago
If your a fan of the old Socom games and its tactical based gameplay. Kick in some dough to get this game funded. I did and am looking forward to this. Finally a really shooter worth playing with friends that requires some skill, tactics and communication. http://www.kickstarter.com/...
mauleriscool  +   486d ago
Really liking what I see from this game
ssj27  +   486d ago
I need a game like this! which is why I pledge for $50 already
You also need a game like this and believe me if you have never play this game you should support it, donate! it's amazing..

aren't you tired of the meaningless online shooter? yes COD, BF even my beloved KZ is meaningless.

this game makes you be part of a team, communicate and actually be real social, be a better gamer, smarter, i mean you got to actually think before you play and have skills be fast in your actions in every way not just gameplay but tactically, the tension of the meaningful rounds that may make you look and fell like you won the game and all your friends or users cheering your skills! the satisfaction in this game is unique and sheared with people that you play on daily basis and not just with a 10years old kid.

every gamer should experience this! but you need to donate.. support it!
you will get you money back by having a free copy of the game! plus once you experience this game you will be pleased in every way! it's priceless and I have seen people pledge over $150 $300 because it's actually priceless! a unique experience and needed..
ChipChipperson  +   486d ago
Good. It's about time players are rewarded for being able to place their shots well, strategize and commit to teamwork.
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Dire790  +   486d ago
Guys people keep complaining about how generic and cookie cutter games like COD and how they keep selling and you still by them. You will never be able to get a new, fresh, and more serious team based game than this. And because it is funded independently, it will not be forced to the degradation that is COD. Support this game guys it's what everyone has been asking for but yet somehow people are still hesitant to support it, go figure?

It WILL get funded if we get your help, but if for some reason it doesn't you will not be charged a dime if it falls short. I among many others have donated $100-$3,000 because we see the promise that can be had from it. Don't let this slip away guys, it's going to be the newcomer and sleeper shooter that will take competitive team based shooters by storm. Mark my words!
fantastiq  +   486d ago
H Hour is a great game in the making!
FullMetalTech  +   486d ago
Yeah im happy David Sears and SoF are at the helm of this game. Tactical Shooters need to comeback and this is the start of something good.
Dire790  +   486d ago
Even if you are not into this particular game at least throw down $5 guys. If this game gets going it will be HUGE for the future of console shooters. It will blaze a path that will start a whole new grassroots movement of independent companies making unique, original games. Support for that reason alone if all else!
JROCK  +   486d ago
Can't wait,priceless!!!!!!
biggoose62  +   486d ago
Everyone needs to pledge some $$ to H-Hour. I've put down $60 already, and hope to bump it up before the KickStarter is over. So everyone go here and put your money where your mouth is.

Totao923  +   486d ago
Yea man David Sears and Russell Phillips will bring back that socom 2 essence!!! When was the last time you had as much fun playing online in map like Dessert glory, Fish hook or night stalker!! Man those were the days!!!! Pledge people!!!
Dire790  +   486d ago
Didn't know there was a delicious candy and pastry filled level LOL
Totao923  +   486d ago
xDASHx  +   486d ago
This is going to be the best shooter on the market and bring back that Socom feel a lot of us have been craving for a long time. I pledged $150 so I can get into the private beta...cant wait.
shiznit  +   486d ago
Been waiting for this type of shooter for years. I am down. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Suicidal1  +   486d ago
Can't wait for this game.
xDASHx  +   486d ago
Spread the word everyone.
BattleAxe  +   486d ago
The Kickstarter is a little over $107,000, keep pledging you guys!!!

SOF Studios web site:

Kickstarter web site:
fantastiq  +   486d ago
H-Hour > Socom 2 HD
xDASHx  +   486d ago
It's worth the $150 just for the t-shirt lol

fantastiq  +   486d ago
The t shirt looks awesome!
Saleem101  +   486d ago
Nice bout to make a pledge socom was hot
cunnilumpkin  +   486d ago
hell yes!! keep em coming

More Soccom, more rainbow, more ghosts and
arma 3 FTW!!!

hopefully they don't churn out more Rainbow Six Vegas like turd with the new Rainbow, go back to hardcore tactical!!

Ghost recon needs to get back to its roots as well
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flushotz  +   486d ago
Can't wait for this game. I've already pledged over 400 bucks for this and will have pc and ps4 version. you guys who are on the fence about backing the project, quit camping on here and back this game. lets go SOF STUDIOS!!
shiznit  +   485d ago
Over $400, you must hate Call of Duty...
Shadowgate  +   485d ago
If you do not back this game you are a _____
EQOAnostalgia  +   485d ago
Ya H-Hour is going to be amazing! Check out this video and then hit the link below to get on board! Trust me folks! You want to be able to say you were there when it started!

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