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Submitted by mii-gamer 889d ago | opinion piece

Dear Sqaure Enix, Please bring Kingdom Hearts 3 over to the Wii U

mii-gamer writes

The biggest bombshell of E3 2013 was the revelation that Kingdom Hearts 3 was in development for the PS4. The realization that the trailer was the official announcement of Kingdom Hearts 3, my heart stopped, my breathing hastened, my mind in a state of disbelief. The game we have been begging Square to make for an entire generation will eventually come. (Kingdom Hearts 3, Wii U)

PopRocks359  +   890d ago
While I'd love for the game to be on a console I already own (would not mind a PS3 version either), it probably won't happen. By my understanding the game is making full use of the PS4 and Xbox One's assets. They would have to make an entirely different build of the game, which would probably cost more to make than just making a straight port to, say, the PC.

Like I said, it would be great if they did that, but I don't think it'll happen unfortunately.
President  +   889d ago
Please don't, its a downgraded experience enough with the Xbox 1 version., its kinda pathetic that Nintendo fans ask for ports when they don't even support the system. WiiU is the worst selling console since decades, its doing worse than GameCube.

3rd parties skip the WiiU because it doesn't sell.

With those facts in mind, KH3 will not come to WiiU.
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user5575708  +   889d ago
its kind of a slap in the face to nintendo that this is coming to xbox one and not wiiU.

but it all comes down to money and an xbox one port would be very easy due to similar system architecture while a wiiU port would probably cost them too much to justify a port due to development costs and lower install base
ricochetmg  +   889d ago
it has sold more than any other next gen console.
_QQ_  +   889d ago
Yeah and that fact that its not coming to PC means its a severely downgraded on PS4 Xboxone ;(
gedden7  +   889d ago
And really this is my only complaint about how Nintendo handles its business (3rd party devs and pubs)..

Direct 11 support will outright disband a handful if not a ton of titles from ever coming to the Wii U.. Think about it and this just "first gen" Next Gen engines and software, what do you think will happen in 2.5 years from now??.. New engines and new tech, right! So I wonder how this will work out.

BTW I am really happy with my Wii U just waiting on the games!
stragomccloud  +   889d ago
I'd take a PC port over other versions; however, that said, a Wii U version wouldn't be too lacking. The Wii U is capable of pretty much everything the xbone/ps4 are cpu/gpu wise. It's only issue is the ram. And the gpu is slower which actually doesn't really matter so much because of the memory built onto the gpu. But it's really not a game breaker, theyd just have to lower the quality slightly, and have more loading times.
Dj7FairyTail  +   889d ago
yeah make it on Xbox One where there no KH game or fanbase to begin with.
Like it will sell.
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rainslacker  +   889d ago
A side story game would be OK. Multi-plat would be better of course. Plenty of those on the portables...although side story doesn't really fit the nature of the game...but I think you know what I mean.
TheLyonKing  +   890d ago
Unless the wii u install base goes up dramtically it will most likely remain on 4 and one.

It makes more sense to have it on wii u and ps4 since all of the games are on nintendo and sony platforms.

There isn't even going to be a catch up for xbox players like the 1.5 collection coming to ps3.

I am just excited to know more about the game even though it is ages away.
stragomccloud  +   889d ago
I really hate that argument, because right now, the Wii U install base is a few million higher than xbone/ps4.
Dj7FairyTail  +   889d ago
nope has nothig to do with install base. It has something o do with Directx 11 which PS4 dont have if I can recall
SonyNGP  +   890d ago
It's gonna take more than an expansion pak to run that on the Wii U.
ricochetmg  +   889d ago
Kh3 did not look like a graphics monster.
Dj7FairyTail  +   889d ago
nothing graphically impressive was shown. Expansion pack is for loading more data not graphic.
ziratul  +   889d ago
Cartoonish graphics generally means less polygons and because of that it can be optimized to work just fine on Wii U.
Triforce079  +   889d ago
The game can run on wiiu at the same level of detail as xbox one if you think it can't you clutching on straws.

Just because a game isn't coming to wiiu doesn't mean wiiu can't handle the game ? it's the start of the generation,wiiu has a custom E6760 with tons of edram please stop talking crap guys,KH3 won't be pushing ps4 to its limits just like X on wiiu won't look anything like the games you will see in say 2 years time ect,any game on ps4 in its first few years will not be boyond wiiu capabilities,RAM is irrelevant as Havok nextgen is built into wiiu devkits with compression x10.
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Harkins1721  +   889d ago
Oh so a pre-alpha build showed you all this yes? Better hardware on Ps4 for a much bigger open world experience with 7GB towards games. I want KH3 to be even more open world then KH1 was. KH2 was alright but I missed the openess it had. WiiU would be able to handle that.
ziratul  +   889d ago
I am Wii U owner, I am happy to have it so I can play DK and Mario Kart, but please let's not defend WiiU hardware power. In compare with PS4 it has much less raw power.
sephiroth420  +   889d ago
i reakon they could do, it looks like they arnt using the luminous engine with this game, i really wish they had've done though -__-ahwell we wont see that shit for tiiiiiiiiiiiiime.
Chrono  +   889d ago
I'm sick of the Wii U port beggars, just get a better console.
jcnba28  +   889d ago
What's better than a Nintendo console???
Chrono  +   889d ago
If it's the best, then stop begging for ports.
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Triforce079  +   889d ago
Let me remind u wiiu has the most exclusives that are actually popular,and not just the most but the best so keep ur half assed ports,if you think a game on 2 platforms can equal the quality of an exclusive game like X ur driving mad.

No 1 said this game wouldn't work on wiiu.
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Chrono  +   889d ago
OK then enjoy Mario & his friends and leave us alone.
quantae06  +   889d ago
@Chrono I'm sick of you.
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Dj7FairyTail  +   889d ago
I'm sick of the trolls like you.

Open Minded Gamers dont exist anymore.

No difference from Sony fans who ask for said games port to their system: PS3/PSP/PS Vita
Bayonetta 2
Sonic Lost World and Colors
999 DS
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
Project X Zone: Monolith Soft Big N's Studio
Fatal Frame IV: Nintendo Second Party
Xenoblade Chronicle : Nintendo First Party
ArcRise Fantasia
Kingdom Heart Dream Drop Distance
Skies of Arcadia
Resident Evil Revelation on Vita
list goes on
PopRocks359  +   889d ago
Of course. Just as soon as people stop bitching about Bayonetta 2.

Please take that condescending attitude elsewhere. Wii U owners bought a Wii U to play games. It's not wrong for them to ask for a KH game. Especially since the series has been on Nintendo platforms in the past.
RFornillos4  +   889d ago
when the Wii U install base increases to a reasonable number for 3rd parties, i will not be surprised if by then Frostbite 3 and this game will magically "work" for Wii U.
Dj7FairyTail  +   889d ago
go read the article on why. It nothing to with install base. Kingdom Heart Dream Drop Distance had nothing to do with install base
RFornillos4  +   889d ago
i understand what you mean, and yes, i read the article. believe, if there's one thing that I'd really want, it's for more games to come to Wii U.

now what i meant was, EA/Dice said they couldn't make Frostbite 3 work for the Wii U; eventually they backpedalled and admitted that right now, they're watching the Wii U, and will have plans for it, when the install based increases to a reasonable level for them -- that's one cat out of the bag.

for Kingdom Hearts 3, the reasoning is that it will be made using DirectX11, thus unlikely to come to the U, since it only supports DX10. so what i'm saying is that when the install base increase to a reasonable level, the same scenario may be observed for this game, and be confirmed for Wii U also. this game, as admitted by Square Enix, has been prematurely announced, and may even be a long way off before it comes out of either the PS4 or XBone.
Hicken  +   889d ago
It's not explicitly about the install base. Or, I should say, not EXCLUSIVELY about it.

It's about everything around it. The adoption rate of the console isn't very high, and the lack of third party support it's seeing doesn't make anyone feel confident that'll change. But that's a cycle: if nobody makes games for it, nobody will buy it, which won't entice anyone to make more games for it, which means nobody will want to buy it, etc.

Certainly, it's something that needs to be dealt with, but I don't know how willing Nintendo is to do something about it.
despair  +   889d ago
Doubt it could handle it without taking a big graphical hit, maybe a port later on but who knows.
leahcim  +   889d ago
Nintendo fans deserve a proper KH 3 for them, xbox fan base don´t give f*** on this saga.

Square Enix do something for the gamers and no for your pockets!
despair  +   889d ago
There has never been a KH game on a Nintendo Console, sure the handhelds had some but consoles didn't so why are they more deserving than Xbox fans to get KHIII. It has to do with much more than just money, its about the actual hardware and I really believe it would be difficult and expensive to make it simultaneously for the WiiU on top of the other two consoles.

A port might happen but I guess it would be inferior to the PS4 and X1 versions.
The_Truth_24_7  +   889d ago
Keep it on true next-gen consoles.
despair  +   889d ago
I agree, give the WiiU a port maybe, but after the release on the other consoles, do not compromise the game for inferior hardware.
jcnba28  +   889d ago
What's so next gen about PS4 exactly?
Shadowsteal  +   889d ago
Everything the Wii U doesn't do. Wii U has a tablet for extra gameplay options? Sony not only allows use of a PS Vita but also phones and tablets to assist in gameplay not only locally but also through online-play as seen in The Division. They're taking this one step further by allowing all playstation 1,2, and 3 titles to be able to be streamed over the cloud to any ps certified device.

The next gen is heavily focused on how we connect with one another, the PS4 is combining our profiles with Facebook so we feel a greater connection to the friends we make. In addition, we can share and stream gameplay directly from our PS4's to Youtube or Facebook. Also pointing out that Wii U doesn't have party video chat or cross game chat, even the PS Vita has cross game chat.

These new online features and this new infrastructure allows new ideas to be able to take advantage such as The Division, which isn't for Wii U or current gen at all because its being built from the ground up for next gen. Fully utilizing a seamless online experience that's always on, dynamic, and growing. Taking advantage of our friendships and tablet gameplay as well.

Then comes the graphics. But honestly I don't see it as the graphics being better. That's not next gen. Since PC had better graphics for years but their games weren't "next gen". It's when you see new gameplay experiences. Such as Infamous: Second Son which looks to have promising destructability on an open world game and some of the best particles I've ever seen. Then the sheer number of zombies in one map in Dead Rising 3. The graphical fidelity and detail in Drive Clib and Forza 5. The division with the small intricate details that add to the immersion, such as the play automatically closing the car door on the car he's taking cover behind. As well as shooting the tire of an opposing car to have it deflate lowering the cover of the enemy to plant a headshot.

So I've layed out multiple points why PS4 and even X1 does what the Wii U does and more. At this point it's not about graphics it's about new experiences. Us who decide to move to next gen will be rewarded with limitless new experiences. Where as Wii U will continue to pretend its next gen. When it can't even compete with 7-8 year old PS3 and Xbox 360 and it dreams of competing with PS4 and X1. Wii U is an HD box to play your HD Mario on that's it. It sounds immature but that wraps up the whole Nintendo community. You bought the Wii U for its games. The games being Mario, Mario, Super Smash, and a Zelda Remake. You Nintendo Gamers don't get third party games as much as you buy first party games. And then you have a few selfish and self entitled feeling people who ask to bring certain games to Wii U like the author. But at the end of the day even if a developer takes that extra time to make the game for the Wii U, a fraction of you guys will buy it.

So please Nintendo gamers all jokes aside, you know you got an underpowered in ambitious console. So leave our next gen titles alone. Just pony up the money for a Nect Gen console or continue playing Mario on your Wii U. While us X1 and PS4 and PC gamers will be welcoming new experiences with open arms.
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stragomccloud  +   889d ago

The funny thing is, a lot of the points you made were just ideas that Sony copied from Nintendo, and then just expanded upon. It's really easy to do something better if your competitor releases a product or unveils a product first and you have a year to take that concept and expand on it.

Every other argument you've made is just purely fanboyish, and when you spout nonsense like that, you will only be taken seriously by fellow fanboys.

I am disgusted at how immature the gaming community of today has become. It is truly disturbing how vicious, angry, hateful, spiteful, and immature this community is becoming. Long gone are the days when people were positive about gaming in general.

Stop the hate, and play some games. You people disgust me.
Shadowsteal  +   889d ago
@stragomccloud What points? you mean the tablet thing? Because everything else hasn't been touched by Nintendo. Who did remote play first? Sure they didnt utilize it anywhere near what they wanted to do. But so in fact Nintendo copied Sony. And I'm not being a fanboy for any system. I'm being a fanboy for NEXT-GEN and I won't allow the Wii U to hold back the systems that we're going to be able to experience true next-gen games on.
Kos-Mos  +   884d ago
Since when was the definition of true next gen solely relaying on graphics?
Angeljuice  +   889d ago
I think Wii U should have it exclusively. Seems more like a Nintendo game than anything else. I won't be tainting my PS4 with titles like this!!! But what do I Know (the series never appealed to me).
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despair  +   889d ago
LMAO seems like you do not have a clue about the history of Kingdom Hearts or never played KH1 or 2. They are far from kiddie titles or simple games, they are full fledged RPGs with engrossing storylines and great characters from Disney, Square and original.

KH1 and 2 were PS2 games, KH1.5 HD remix (and expected KH2.5 HD remix) are PS3 exclusives. Its a worthy game for the PS4 and nothing like the games Nintendo makes.
thechowderp  +   889d ago
KH is one of the best games ive ever played...
WeAreLegion  +   889d ago
Projections on Xbox One sales, anyone?
yalltrippin  +   889d ago
there sure are alot of selfish, ignorant, complaining, whinny kids on here. why would u even care if a game came out for system u don't care about. go play some games n stop acting like bitches. won't be happy until theirs only one system with no options. smh
thechowderp  +   889d ago
i hated all the DS versions, i think its a game best left as PS exclusive, it shouldnt be on the xbox one either
Geovanny  +   889d ago
Nahh, the Nintendo versions suck but maybe Wii U will be different since its more like a console and not motion or mobile.
A7XEric  +   889d ago
Nintendo should have nailed exclusivity of this game. That would have moved so many systems.
thesavagelife7  +   889d ago
They don't have to bring FFXV but please bring over KH3!
Dravidian  +   889d ago
Hmmm....well if we cant get a "main" game that isnt greatly diminished, I'd be fine with a side story. BBS and 358 were pretty good and still added to the story. Just make a unique experience for wii u. [shrugs]
JimCom95  +   889d ago
Kingdom hearts is a playstation franchise by heart, but it would make more sense to port it over to the wii u than xbox one in my opinion.
#19 (Edited 889d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Ol_G  +   888d ago
it's a square enix franchise it was never a playstation franchise same with final fantasy
#19.1 (Edited 888d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
JimCom95  +   889d ago
I am so pumped for KH3 definably my most anticipated game ever! Kingdom hearts is my favorite game franchise ever!
quantae06  +   889d ago
According to Unity the Wii U uses a DirectX 11 equivalent. So, Square can make it happen.
chrispseuphoria  +   889d ago
I want Kingdom Hearts to stay as far away from Nintendo as possible. The Dragon Quest series is almost ruined because of them. DQ9 had very little story and no character development. DQX tanked in Japan so we're not getting that either.
Ol_G  +   888d ago
stupid comment and nintendo didn't develop DQ9 kinda crazy to blame them for the faults another developer makes DQX same story they didn't make the game go ask square what happened

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