PS4 – we test Sony's latest games at E3

After some hands-on time at the games expo, here is our verdict on Killzone: Shadow Fall; Driveclub; Knack and InFamous: Second Son – as well as the Dual Shock 4 controller

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TesMgsFan1972d ago

Test those games i can't wait when i'm gonna test it :D

NewMonday1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

so far those who preview KS:SF love it, I think the big thing against it is actually the name "Killzone", because the previous games didn't get more than a cult following people EXPECT not to like it, maybe GG should have re-started with a new name and universe.

her are some highlights from the preview:

- The game eschewed any form of being ushered down a specific path

- the bristling array of gadgetry was pretty much essential, the game is pretty hard, with rigorous enemy AI

- visually, we found ourselves taking things slowly just because the scenery was so sumptuous. We climbed what was definitely the most realistic-looking rock face in any game

- There's no doubt whatsoever that Shadow Fall will be, by some considerable distance, the best Killzone game ever, playing it induced far more frissons of excitement than any of its predecessors

BABYLEG1972d ago

How was Driveclub? That game looks like a fail waiting to happen

GiggMan1972d ago

Could you please explain why? Just curious.

Majin-vegeta1972d ago

He's a xbot troll.No point lol.

thechowderp1972d ago

a game with amazing graphics, good looking gameplay, and online that sounds fantastic is definitely looks like a fail

GameCents1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Arcadey with just an in car view. It's like they took GT5's compliments and criticisms and inverted them.
At least it looks pretty.

IRetrouk1972d ago

If you actually looked up the game you would realise that it has 4 or 5 diffrent view points and that the game has always been an arcade racer, game is gonna be sick son!!!

1972d ago
vikingland11972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

After reading the article I am even more excited to get my PS4. I want a release date already c'mon Sony tell me when PS4 will be out.

WeAreLegion1972d ago

I'm a little worried about Drive Club. :/ I want Evolution to succeed. They're a great developer. It just seems like the previews from sites aren't giving it a lot of praise.

GeisT1972d ago

Boring games are boring. Too bad you lost MGS and FF exclusivity. RIP Playstation's single player supremacy.

SniperControl1972d ago

How old are you, 10?

What exclusivity has MS got apart from Halo & Gears?

"RIP Playstation's single player supremacy"

Uncharted series, The Last of US, Killzone series, Gran Turismo series. There are many more out there.

Jesus, i hate fanboys.

SatanSki1972d ago

He's like 90% of n4g useres only on the other side of the barricade lol

GeisT1972d ago

Titanfall and Halo are the two Exclusives that drew the most excitement from E3. Playstation brough nothing impressive. Your last gen titles that you listed mean nothing. Again, they brought nothing solid to E3. K fanboy?

SniperControl1972d ago


Oh you Little child. TitanFall is not exclusive!!

Stop living in a fantasy land. LOL

SpinalRemains1381972d ago

Come back when you're not gaming on a last place console. Then maybe you'll have some credibility.

AceofStaves1970d ago

Both MGS and FF are appeared on multiple platforms to begin with. The PS4 didn't lose anything.

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