Listing leaked : GTA IV coming on DS ?

Seems like a French listing from a videogame store has been leaked recently. New Xbox 360 Pack (including Halo 3 & PGR4) revealed and dated, GPS PSP + Go Explorer, Play TV Tuner PS3, Rock Band, Top Spin Wii dated…and also a mysterious GTA IV planned for Nintendo DS, and LoroRoco 2 planned for October. Check it out.

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Minimee3677d ago

This is a liting from the GAME franchise...not fake at all believe me. The Xbox 360 Pack is clearly possible.

Dannagar3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Miss information is often leaked on to the internet. However, should these rumors be fake, the industry should take note. Halo 3 and PGR 4 would be fantastic Pack-In's for the Xbox 360 and would help shift systems. MicroSoft as already made their money back over and over on these titles. Plus it cost them penny's to print up the actual disc's. Brinking GTA to the DS would bring $$$ to Take Two. Even if it's a down graded version of GTAIV and it would please DS owners that are also GTA fans.

darkness within3677d ago

I am saddened at the rock band expected date. But I'm happy that if this is true their is an actual date to look forward to.

benny o klaatt3677d ago

22nd of may, its only two months away, cant wait!

xhi43677d ago

they had that really crappy GTA game.......for GBA i think it was, but yer who knows hey

SKUD3677d ago

And a ugly GTA game at that.

decapitator3677d ago

Not really sure if everything in this list is legit "Getaway - 1/05/08"...huh ?

heyheyhey3677d ago

yeah i noticed that too- it doesn't even say "The Getaway 3" and the date seems way to early- we've seen barely anything of the game and now all of a sudden, it's coming in May?

and what the hell is Red Dead Revolver Redemption? i think it's a remake of the first one, because R* were making the sequel exclusively on the PS3

and Singstar 2???? that one is definitley weird, we haven't heard anything- and i wouldn't think we needed another Singstar what with the Singstore and everything

ThaToNeKiiDKaBaW3676d ago

heyheyhey - What's wrong with it not saying The Getaway 3? It shows Killzone without the 2..

heyheyhey3677d ago

well they had COD4 and Assasins Creed for DS, why not some kind of GTA4 spin-off?? it's bound to reel in some extra revenue

but that doesn't really interest me- what's more intriguing is Locoroco 2, that sounds excellent

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The story is too old to be commented.