Streets of Rage: The Movie

Fan made Streets of Rage film is both stupid, and awesome at the same time. Will make you laugh and cringe in equal measures. But above all will make you want to get your Megadrive out.

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Arai1973d ago

Hmm...nice attempt?
I find this funnier to be honest:

fr0sty1972d ago

I wish they'd make a new streets of rage. I think it'd make a nice downloadable title.

Arai1972d ago

Actually IIRC there was a studio that was/is in talks with SEGA to remake SoR, the article was submitted on N4G some months ago.

So it could very well happen if the deal goes through. They had artwork and all that already, but yeah it depends on SEGA.

Also lighten up people...geez.

RedHawkX1972d ago

dude that was dumb arai no one click on his link. was some stupid cat crap.

this video is much better and is actually about streets of rage. love the music always wished they would make another game. but people keep making old fighter remakes with crap graphics like the ninja turtles one or the double dragon one. just make it classic style with 2d hd. its pretty simple thing to do.

Hellsvacancy1973d ago (Edited 1973d ago )

I still love the music, I better turn it down, its only 9:43am, I dont think my neighbours will appreciate it

mydyingparadiselost1972d ago

How did these guys avoid getting arrested?!?
Also, watched this whole thing and there was no tranny punching at all. NONE! Fail. ;)