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Submitted by Abriael 963d ago | rumor

Heads May Roll (and Some May Change Place) at Microsoft and Xbox on July the 1st

At the end of last month Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer sent a letter to the shareholders explaining his vision for the future of the company, and his plan to perform a major restructuring to turn Redmond’s software and hardware giant into a devices and services company. Multiple sources report that some corporate heads may depart and some may be reshuffled or even gain a larger role. Strong focus is on Don Mattrick, while the changes will probably majorly involve the Xbox division. (Don Mattrick, Steve Ballmer, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Lone_Man  +   963d ago
you think that consumers are some kind of joke?? changing things again and again...this is really exhausting ..
Abriael  +   963d ago
Microsoft has become quite set in its ways though, so a change will probably be good. At the very least the Windows division losing some of it's "overlord" power in favor of Xbox and other division would probably be positive.
inveni0  +   963d ago
Microsoft's Windows 8 OS and recent Xbox One fiasco just stand as evidence that they're on a different planet. They don't work tirelessly to create beneficial user experiences. And that's why companies like Sony, Apple, and Google just stomp all over them. If they don't do something fast, they may even lose their foothold in the PC market. Chrome OS is already a viable alternative. Microsoft definitely needs to sit down and rethink their approach to product design and services.
The_Con-Sept  +   963d ago
Someone ordered a spin doctor at Microsoft.

Anyway hopefully they bring some bacon home for PlayStation to take note of.
mcstorm  +   962d ago
@inveni0 I have to disagree chrome is a flop and the numbers show it. The os has only sold a quarter of a million devices. Windows 8 has out sold everything apart from xp and windows 7 in its 1st 3 months on the market. People seem to forget that windows 7 is a very good and stable os and people don't need to upgrade there pcs as much. As for the tablet market Microsoft had 7.5% of the market after the 1st 3 months and the surface alone sold over 1 million in its 1st 3 months on the market. Now go back to Androids 1st tablet the xoom it reached a quarter of a million in its 1st 12 months on the market and it was available in every shop world wide the surface rt is not.

Microsoft have lost there foot in markets like tablets and phone but they are now doing quite well in these markets yes they are not number one but they are gaining market share each quarter.

As for the Xbox business everyone said last gen that they had no chance against sony but look what happened the gained a massive market share on Sony.

As for Microsoft making a U turn for me it has miffed me off as I was looking forward to some of the things it offered like match making when doing something else or jumping from one game to another. This will now be gone as I have to put the disk in the console.

For me I think Microsoft should of given us the choice to opt in or out the drm as i did not have an issue with it.

I know people did but no matter what Microsoft do people will say its a bad move but it will be the same with Sony or Nintendo as so w people just complain for the sake of it.
GameSpawn  +   962d ago

Keep in mind, just like with Vista, Microsoft counts Windows 8 Pro Licenses with Windows 7 Downgrades as Windows 8 sales even though Windows 8 is never being used. This is good old Microsoft trickery at work to appease the gods that control them, also known as investors.

"Smoke and mirrors."
miyamoto  +   962d ago
I hope they keep Don Matrix and Phil "The Mole" Harrison

Remember when Sega hired former PlayStation VP Bernie Stolar as COO of Sega of America?....the good ole Sega Dreamcast ..... unfortunately tanked :-(
MaskedAnus   963d ago | Spam
zeal0us  +   963d ago
Well if Don does get the boot, I doubt many people(excluding his family,if he have one) will care.

Don: Like offline get a 360. Live in a nuclear sub or in the military, well too bad.

Phil S: I need to go change my shirt two or three more times. Also aren't pounds, dollars and euros all the same( )?

Phil H: Our goal is to make it really customer-centric, really simple and really understandable.
*Several days later give MS give different information to all the gaming sites*

Larry: Xbox is future, want to come the future with me?

So which will one is most likely to get the boot or their salary decrease over this fiasco?
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rbluetank  +   962d ago
lol thank you for the video... Sony should you this video for marketing for the ps4. when Msoft said let start over was lmao moment of the entired video.
trywizardo  +   963d ago
so by changing their years work to what gamers want . that makes them a bad company ?!
really Fu** logic
nukeitall  +   963d ago
if gamers weren't vocal, they would not have changed it.

MS tries to bring the future, consumers complain. MS reverts to stone age physical media, consumers complain.

Damned if you do and damned if you don't!!!

I think the real problem isn't what they do, it is the fact that, MS *is* MS!!!
liquidhalos  +   963d ago
No i think what makes them a bad company is the way that they were prepared to treat their loyal fanbase and potential new customers. I dont know if you were living under a rock for the past few weeks but MS has tried to pull quite a few dirty tricks on us gamers lately.

You are aware of what a U-Turn is i hope. You say "so by changing their years work to what gamers want . that makes them a bad company" Which means (using your words, not mine) That MS has spent years creating something that gamers didnt want, years creating something that microsofts own market research would have said people dont want. SO yeah in its current form id say that makes ms bad. They shouldnt have had to U-Turn in the first place. Sony didnt. They listened to their market research and gave gamers exactly what they wanted straight off the bat.
DragonKnight  +   963d ago | Well said
I find it really sad that people think blocking used games, forcing digital media, and forcing online checks is the future. What you're basically saying is that the future is a corporation telling you what you can do with the things you paid for. Yeah, such a wonderful future that is.

Pardon me whilst I stick to the stone age where I have freedom, choice, and can tell a corporation to screw off when they try to rob me of those things.
THamm  +   963d ago
Two systems with almost same specs and one is $100 cheaper, which would consumers choose? They invested too much in Kinect and it's going to backfire. And I won't pay full price for a rental. I want physical for 60
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   962d ago
They didn't change because of what "gamers want", if that were true, they would of changed policy's before E3..
No, they changed because the "numbers" looked bad on pre-orders.
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CoolBeansRus  +   962d ago
This is N4G, Sony trolls dont even read the article they just troll away. I guess a company changing people around means the console will change policies again? I guess it makes sense in their minds.

This happens all the time, people move around. Doesnt mean anything will change for Xbox.
Zeusprototype  +   962d ago
why the did @nukeitall get so many disagrees?
Truth hurts narrow minded fanboys.

What he said is a damb good description of the social storm that has hit MS in recent years.

Company starts =====> reach's the top then their own customers have to hate on them..cod was the the sh** untill it got top, now its cool to hate it same with microsoft and every other High profile consumer "item" even apples bubble is starting to burst.

More as the years go bye i see this process happening faster and faster.
Zeusprototype  +   962d ago
The always online thing is irrelevant no "true gamer" doesn't have broad band. My net has never been down for more than a couple of hours in years.

Used sales, ALL microsoft did was give dev's a choice, they said they wouldn't block there own games. All the hate was on microsoft yet they forget the devs who might of blocked them would still make games for the playstation and there was no mass boycott of evil dev's

What a S*** storm over nothing all that spying on us crap and you can turn it

Again if you're a true gamer you obviously buy a fair amount of games, so have

and as always screw the casual ^^
kenshiro100  +   962d ago
Zeus, stop talking. You don't know what you're talking about.
Zeusprototype  +   962d ago
correct me where im wrong then ass hat. oh wait you cannot. choooooooo choooooooo here comes the fan boy hype train.
medman  +   963d ago
The firings from this fiasco were inevitable. I can only imagine how much Microsoft spent in research and development of this "always online" system only to flush all that work and money down the toilet. Somebody is going to take the fall, probably a lot of somebodies. Not to mention all the money they paid to developers like Respawn, who developed a game based on the assumption the console will be always connected. Respawn has to be pretty upset, even though they took the Microsoft money. Their potential sales for TitanFall will suffer on the Xbox One because many Xbox One users will be unable to play their title because they have no interest in connecting to the internet as opposed to what they assumed would be the case where every Xbox One unit sold would be required to be online. As I understand it, over 30 million 360 owners currently are not connected to the internet. That is almost half of their install base. If that ratio continues for the Xbox One, that is alot of folks who will not be able to play games like Titanfall, even if they wanted to. How many other developers did Microsoft pay who were counting on this always online situation?
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yeahokchief  +   963d ago
Nah this will make it easier for them to port it to the PS4. It's a good thing.
aftershock  +   962d ago
You do realize that a very large chunk of xbox 360 users have xbox live right? Xbox one early adopters will all have internet as well. Titanfall will still sell gangbusters I can guarantee that. Take your Sony blinders off before you talk.
yeahokchief  +   963d ago
Sony will have 4 times as many subscriptions to Plus as Microsoft has to XBL
Bigpappy  +   962d ago
Those numbers smell really bad! Where did you get them from?
Lvl_up_gamer  +   962d ago
Based on what? Sony doesn't give out their numbers.

Your comment is strictly blind fanboyism once again from the Sony crowd who like to pull numbers out their asses with no substantial proof to back them up.
yeahokchief  +   961d ago
uhhhh because microsoft tried pulling some anti consumer nonsense, always on bullshit. people aren't going to trust them anymore. and as soon as they get enough users over they'll revert to their ways.

they literally are redesigning their whole platform now so it doesnt take advantage of the cloud. ontop of the fact that it is less powerful than the ps3 with a worse graphic card and worse ram AND it costs more.

are you people insane? it'll do BETTER than 4:1. i just threw that number out there. but youre insane if you want an XB1. absolutely insane. or you have money to burn for every platform.
Mystogan  +   963d ago
Changing things again and again? Microsoft hasn't had a major restructuring since bill gates... Shows you know nothing.

From what I heard, its that the Windows and Windows Phone division are going to be merged.

Although I hope they fire don mattricks ass.
IntelligentAj  +   963d ago
They obviously need to change something. While they're still immensely profitable they can't rest on their laurels and risk being trumped in the PC market nor can they afford to have Windows Phone fall any farther behind. I've been a staunch Windows user since 3.1 and love Windows 7 to death. I'd hate to see them supplanted by someone else
Tetsujin  +   963d ago
After reading the article, I felt more brain cells committing suicide. "If" they promote Don Mattrick (as the article states they might, not a guarantee) not only will that further decide me not getting the Xbox, however I will personally start making memes involving Don, Phil, and Major Nelson just to prove how full retard MS has gotten with Xbox.

On the flip side, if someone lose their job and/or demoted down to nothing, then it's proof Xbox does want to at least save face for the few die hards and new customers.
3-4-5  +   962d ago
They are re-structuring to take on Google and Apple and stuff.

They are greedy so they want more than games money.

The got into games because there was money to be made. Now there is more money to be made they are branching out.

They never focused on games, were just lucky enough that enough people growing up had good microsoft experiences on PC and it helped gain them an immediate audience. They took advantage of it and ended up putting out some really good games.

At the end of the day, Sony & Nintendo are focused on games and Microsoft is focused on Money.

Games play into that, but they have their mindset elswhere.

There is billions to be made via cable tv...and they want that for themselves..

Spreading themselves too thin I assume, but it will probably work just enough to justify their reasonings behind it.
loulou  +   962d ago
yeah because nintendo and sony are not in it for the profit. they do it for love, and have to go to soup kitchens to feed because they love their fanboys that much.

what planet do you live on?

here have a read about just how much sony loves the people who buy their products
malokevi  +   962d ago
Lol @ Lone_Man moaning and whining about a corporate reshuffling, pretending like it has anything to do with him or has any impact on him whatsoever.

What else shall we complain about, today? Martha Stewart's birthday? The slightly tilted axis of a far-off alien world? Some off-brand moisturizing shampoo? How about the latest and greatest colour of Lego block? All pressing issues.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   963d ago
Wiping clean the xbox team months prior to launch is sure bet for a failure.

Should be interesting.
aiBreeze  +   963d ago
Failure? I think the Xbox One has already suffered enough failures in it's short life span so far and getting rid of the people responsible for Microsoft's embarrassment, would make for a very encouraging future.

Lets be honest, one thing is for certain, Many of the people in the Xbox team are really out of touch with gamers.. Mattrick being the perfect example. They've had to go back on almost their entire gaming vision.

A restructure is clearly needed imho if Microsoft want to put their best foot forward and ensure a long and healthy next gen.
slapedurmomsace  +   963d ago
Didn't read the article did ya guys? It's actually suggesting Mattrick will get more power within the company.
Why o why  +   963d ago
If that guy gets more power, good luck fans of xbox. That guy has a differing vision from what their core customers want. There will be some who are fine with the slim picking and lack of output plus their kinect focus so its not all bad for everyone. Sucks for many though.
aiBreeze  +   963d ago
If it's suggesting Mattrick gets more power, I'm glad I waited on reading it until after I done my shopping as I now can save 1-3 minutes of my life. If he gets a promotion after everything that has gone down with the Xbone, Microsoft must really be struggling for talent.

If one thing was for certain is Mattrick proved he hasn't got a clue about core gamers. Then again it would probably make sense if he got promoted, it would explain why Microsoft have been doing so poorly in all their divisions, Windows 8 is a failure so far seeing how they're boasting licenses sold (LOL) windows phones haven't taken off and neither has their surface/tablets or whatever they are.
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Imalwaysright  +   963d ago
I disagree. I don't trust the people that are running MS game division right now and this could be the 1st step to convince gamers to trust them again.

@ Baka It could go either way.
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Baka-akaB  +   963d ago
How ? the article suggest they may gain more powers actually
TheTwelve  +   963d ago
"This conflicts with the (honestly rather farfetched) idea previously expressed by Nomura Equity Research analyst Rick Sherlund, that involved Microsoft selling the Xbox Division."

--- All I'm going to say right now is...let's see how farfetched this sounds by the end of this gen.

Mystogan  +   963d ago
They are never going to sell their Xbox Division. NEVER!
Xbox has become a household name.

Thats the same as Sony selling their playstation division.

Its just never gonna happen.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   962d ago
@Mystogan -Sega was a household name, what's your point?
OSIRUSSS  +   962d ago
Atari was a household name!
komp  +   962d ago
Jimmy Saville was a household name.
Mystogan  +   963d ago
I wouldn't call it wiping. The restructuring is 90% switching positions. And 10% firing.
sAVAge_bEaST  +   962d ago
I was thinking the same thing, after the xbone launch and horrible E3, then DRM OneEighty.,.. I thought wow, now they will fire someone,. but then thought no,,. that would be suicide before launch..
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nick309  +   963d ago
just name it PolicyBox, seriously though, i wanted xbox one until they said i need intial activation that wont even support where i live.. Wtf is this? Glad i never paid for gold as well. PS4 day 1! If i can afford the 1000$ price point( stupid country)
Abriael  +   963d ago
Am I the only one that imagined the first draft of the policies read by Hugo Strange's voice on the loudspeaker system of Arkham city?
nick309  +   963d ago
PROTOCOL 10 will commence in 10 hours.
DragonKnight  +   963d ago
"PROTOCOL 10 will commence in 10 hours."

*Forgets about initial check in*

"PROTOCOL 10 will commence once my damn connection works properly."
gnothe1  +   963d ago
nick309...lets get one this clear...if you never payed for gold..chances are you dont have online or dont play therefore MS has showed that YOUR NOT the type of customer their worried about...their concerned about the CONNECTED do you think their worried if your type of gamer buys their system?..other than a few games an the cost of the system they havent made any money of XBlive..probaly no digital a company.I WOULD CARE BOUT YOUR KIND
nick309  +   963d ago
I CANT ACTIVATE THE XBOX 1 IN MY AREA DUE TO MS STUPID POLICIES,AM I CLEAR? I paid for gold for 1 month as it was laggy as fk its an over rated service , btw i bought tons of digital games& 360 games.
#3.2.1 (Edited 963d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report
gnothe1  +   963d ago
so you can download games but cant activate the can play online wether laggy or not but you cant activate the system...hmmmmm....ok i believe its over rated..its funny that ONLY the sony guys are the ones who keep saying it..if you had both systems an played online..theres NO WAY youd chose the PSN over XBL..
Mystogan  +   963d ago
You can activate from whatever country. As long as you have internet.
urwifeminder  +   963d ago
I don't care what they do just give me forza 5 suits come and go means nothing to me.
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WeAreLegion  +   963d ago
It should mean a lot to you. Sony was in a very bad place before Kaz took over. That's not just the PlayStation division. The entire company has been turned around and is posting profits for the first time since the PS2's reign.

Microsoft needs strong business leaders who care or at least make it look like they care about the customers. Mattrick is going to burn that place down. The gaming industry is full of customers who won't just lye down and take it.
urwifeminder  +   963d ago
Who the hell is kaz or Mattrick I just dont know or care who they are I play games.
WeAreLegion  +   963d ago
You know who they are. You're just being facetious.

Like I said, you should care. They hold the future of the gaming industry in their hands. If you want to keep gaming, you should probably pay attention to those guys.

EDIT: It's not possible to be on N4G and not know who they are. I'm done being trolled for the night.
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urwifeminder  +   963d ago
Are they devs or something think what you like i will google them and see who they are is that pic a kaz or mattrick in the article.
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pete007  +   963d ago
That makes 2 of us!! My csr élite is still warm!!! Hope they keep compatibility With the wheel.
Cant whait!!
AznGaara  +   963d ago
Lets see... Ken said "Get another job" later he left Playstation and Sony and now they're in better shape than ever. Meanwhille Mattrick said "Just buy a 360" and they want to give him more power? hmmm.... something isn't right here.
nick309  +   963d ago
Rich people usually dont see the poor
Mystogan  +   963d ago
Actually. He's probably going to be fired. Nobody likes him. Not even Microsoft employees.

They're going to give the Xbox Division more power not Mattrick in particular.
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Angeljuice  +   962d ago
Hi Mr Mattrick, its time for your corporate photo session. If you would just stand up against the wall and smile for the camera, thats right, THE TWELVE-GAUGE DOUBLE-BARRELED CAMERA!
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CaptainQwark  +   963d ago
Just from a mere business POV what happened was just everything you learn not to do in business school. No clear communication and changing your strategy within days/weeks... As a gamer I'm happy they paddled back on their policies, but from a managers viewpoint this was/is a disaster...
Ginesis  +   963d ago
@CaptainQwark Nice to see someone else that understands Business. I said this before, their policies shunned groups of people and it may have been larger than they imagined. Business 101 will tell you to evaluate and understand your audience before you make such big decisions
CaptainQwark  +   962d ago
Exactly! I hope the MS guys realize it takes much more to win back lost customers than keeping them... XBox was never my cup of tea (may be because I'm from Europe/Austria), but I'm just excited to see how they progress with that kind of management style. Sony has done everything right imo since the hack of PSN, especially making Cerny the face of the PS4 - I hardly have seen a more genuine/authentic person promoting a console before... except Miyamoto maybe...
RiPPn  +   963d ago
I would like to see the entire Xbox division wiped clean. None of them seem like gamers and all seem like suits looking for the next angle to squeeze their loyal customer base of more money.

They need a gaming centric crew in there that can speak to it's customer base, but also with the smarts to make the business profitable.

This is what Sony and especially Nintendo do well. Their suits also are gamers at heart and it comes through in their products.
Why o why  +   963d ago
I'm not sure them guys know the difference between a triple A and a triple Dragon. Just not enough gamers within the upper echelons of their hierarchy.

If I'd made such a balls up at work I'd be collecting my p45.
#7.1 (Edited 963d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
The_Klank  +   963d ago
Is any of the original guys that built the Xbox or 360 even still there?

Serious question.
pete007  +   963d ago
Original Xbox engeneers and xboxlive developpers worked at sony's last gen project and i présume 360's went same way!!!! Thats why Sony is allways one step behind
Why o why  +   962d ago

what nonsense are you spitting out mien

One step behind what.....number of U turns...smh
Stoppokingme  +   963d ago
It's going to be a tough choice.

If the current hierarchy is removed, what happens if their replacements fail, do you remove them as well? at that rate they'll be hiring Rhesus monkeys into PR.

They've made the right choice in abandoning their policies, what they need to do now is put their ears to the ground and listen to the consumers, rather than being bullied by the likes of EA into making decisions.
Excalibur  +   963d ago
How much you wanna bet new people will step in and M$ will re-think it's policies?
It will be all made very public to gain consumer sympathy, it will be the new and improved more sensitive M$.
Imalwaysright  +   963d ago
Bring J. Allard back.
Sh0ckWav3  +   963d ago
they need to just sell the xbox division to sega!!
Swiggins  +   963d ago
Sega would take one look at that deal and start backing up going, "noooooo....Sega no here...."
Phoenix76  +   963d ago
I think MS had some good idea's, but badly implemented them and didn't come across as clearly as they had wanted. That being said, they can't expect the whole gaming community to change the way they purchase and play games over night. They should have slowly introduced it this gen or attempt to filter their vision into this gens life cycle. It took Valve's steam almost 3 years before it became the most viable way to purchase games for the PC over disks.
But that's my opinion.
#12 (Edited 963d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
gnothe1  +   963d ago
If MS had released the xbox one an had disc games 60 $ an DD 45-49...I'm sure more people would have bout the digital they could have SLOWLY phased out the disc. .they tried to jump in head first. .but they hit that wall of gamers an almost broke their neck..
Stryfeno2  +   963d ago
This was announced months ago about reorganizing the company...It wasn't because of the Xbox division. They're just merging some of the divisions together so W8 and WP8 can be more of a whole.
Ginesis  +   963d ago
I think a lot of people on here tend to forget that Sony had this same arrogance at the beginning of the current generation. Big companies tend to get arrogant but it's up to us (the consumer) to bring them back down to earth.

Don Mattrick will be gone at least from the Xbox Division he may get promoted but it'll be in another division, maybe his ideas will work somewhere else, who knows and a company shake up is mainly to gain trust from investors and consumers. Sony did the same thing not too long ago, that's how Kaz got his current position. It's a good thing people!
#15 (Edited 963d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
GABRIEL1030  +   962d ago
There a lot of empty heads to roll, maybe the entire Xbox division:
Nancy Tellem ( Xbox One is the next watercooler), Bonnie Ross ( Halo TV), Yusuf Mehdi( Xbox watch TV ! ), corporal Nelson ( DRM and always online genious), Phil Harrison ( Sony's spy ) and of course Don Mattrick.

Microsoft must join up with biggest manufacturers like Samsung to develop a new machine, because PS4 is better.

Some analyst are talking of the Xbox division sale:

Years of good work with 360, throw away in one month :(
Ginesis  +   962d ago
I have a bachelors in finance and working on my masters and I can tell you that those analysts are out of their minds. With Microsoft's windows division facing tough competition from Chrome and iOS their PC market share has dwindled down considerably. It would be in their best interests not to sell a division that brings in steady income.
#16.1 (Edited 962d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
slugg  +   962d ago
Wow, people seem to be all over the place on this, but never doubt that the Xbox One WILL be succesful. The Xbox brand is huge in the US, and Xbox One pere-orders at Gamestop and other retailers were snapped up first even with the negative press from E3. Now that Microsoft listened to the public and reversed their DRM and used game policies, launch consoles and holiday sales will be fine. Perhaps in the future people would be more likely to take the price difference into account, but through the end of this year it will be a non-issue. Also, when asked in retrospect after MS's policy reversals, a lot of game journalists admitted that the Xbox One has the best initial line up, with Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, Destiny, Kindgom Hearts exct. being on both systems and amazing-looking exclusives like Titanfall, Forza Five, Dead Rising and Ryse. Microsoft can re-organize all they want, the average consumer could care less.
assdan  +   962d ago
They better not fuck over windows. That is the only product they make that I actually like.
Mikeyy  +   962d ago
I would agree with you, before Windows 8 came out.
Mikeyy  +   962d ago
I agree with this article, First some lower level nobodies will be fired to "save face", a gesture of good will, if you will.

Second, Mattrick will be promoted, I have zero doubts. Why? Because whether you like it or not, Mattrick did exactly as he was instructed to do, a person doesnt get into his posistion if they cannot follow orders. Hate it all you want, a few weeks ago, all that nonsense coming from Mattricks mouth was simply the core belief and vision Microsoft truely had.

Mattrick did NOT go "rogue" and deside to spout this nonsense and subjugate you to DRM. This was a decision made at the top corporate level. CEO and COO of Microsoft.

This restructure is about saving face, nothing more, they are not firing the loonies for ruining the xbox brand.
P_Bomb  +   962d ago
This is true too. Mattrick had a rough E3, but he towed the company line, to a fault even. If anything negative happens to him it'd be as a scapegoat. MS knowingly sent all these guys into a minefield. Larry Hryb just ate his crow last week.

Yeah Mattrick coulda looked less sheepish when Lucas & Spielberg took a jarjar on hardcore gamers and videogame storytelling in their Kinect panel, but it was MS who decided to work with them in the first place.
porkChop  +   962d ago
I think you're wrong. Microsoft execs are currently trying to silence Don Mattrick and repair all the damage he's done. He's not getting promoted. It's far more likely he'll be demoted or possibly even fired. He single handedly did more damage than all the other Microsoft execs. Every time he opened his mouth he pissed off gamers around the world and made Microsoft look bad.

When he said "buy a 360", he pretty much told every gamer around the world that if they want a next gen console and don't have internet or don't want an always-online console, that they should go buy a PS4. He pretty much handed Sony a bunch of customers.
sak500  +   962d ago
I'm a fk#$n gold member for last 7 years and i can't d/l the free fable III in my fkn region. ... FU M$. So that means all those 2 free games per month for gold members will be only for US/EU ????
#20 (Edited 962d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
project_pat36  +   962d ago
does N4G (NEWS 4 GAMERS) tolerate so many bullshit RUMORS. You guys need a website name change and overhaul. Don't forget a trailer to carry all your bullshit.
iliimaster  +   962d ago
either way the more you think about it the console is less powerful than the ps4 hands down no exceptions the ps4 is backed by sony whos library of games seems to be growing with NEW IPs and classic IPs that made them... mix in a price i can afford and playstation plus is so worth it its like stealing with all these free games. knowing how they seriously tried to screw us over theres no way im getting a xboxone
dreman999  +   962d ago
Winter comes to microsoft.

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respectedinsider   962d ago | Spam
Orionsangel  +   962d ago
Kuse  +   962d ago
This definitely needed to happen...I am pulling for ya Microsoft, but I'm still not sold that you all will commit to actual changes that Gamers want.
S2Killinit  +   962d ago
is the about the stance of xbox in regards to the attacks on consumer right? if so, why would head role? It's not like any particular person headed the direction of the whole company. It would be stupid if they blame individual(s) for the mess they got into because this is how they've done business since like forever. It just took xbox a bit longer to get synced with Microsoft's ways.
PS: just read it, interesting, but i somehow feel this will not be a big deal because I feel that this sort of information would not escape a company like Microsoft without it being intentional. I think this is an attempt to make xbox fans feel like MS has changed its practices, thereby giving the impression that they deserve to be viewed in a new light. I'm not buying it. But, whatever happens, and whatever the implications, I hope its for the gamers' best interest.
#27 (Edited 962d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
TheHardware  +   962d ago
Phil Harrison,

he was loved at sony and has tons of charisma.
Soldierone  +   962d ago
Can't fix anything if they don't attempt to fix the source. Sadly the issue is the guy in charge of fixing things, and not everything he is "fixing."

#dealwithitCUSYOURFIRED!!! :D
Relientk77  +   962d ago
Don Mattrick, just go away

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