Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z coming to PS3, Vita and Xbox 360

Overview on the newly announced Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Zi video game.

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MakiManPR1997d ago

I was hoping it to make it to PS4 & Xbox One!

I will gonna get it for PS Vita!

Thirty3Three1997d ago

No way!

I can't believe this wasn't posted 45,000 times already!


PopRocks3591997d ago

Really weird considering Namco is developing Smash Bros.

TongkatAli1997d ago

Lazyness. They have to make it work with the gamepad, that is the only reason I can think of.

kB01997d ago


Or no market?

Wii.U scared off most 3rd party devs because of the low units pushed. With smash bros they have contract and get paid...with this who knows how many units will be pushed.

If successful on other consoles it might end up coming to the Wii.U or 3Ds (although I think 3Ds has a higher chance).

Until Wii.U drops to 200-250 base for the 32GB devs will be scared to touch it:P

Still waiting on purchase.

Xof1997d ago

...I love how they go out of their way to say it hasn't been confirmed for a European release, and then they repost the youtube video that begins with "PEGI 12."

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The story is too old to be commented.