Debut Trailer of NASCAR 09

Electronic Arts has released debut trailer of NASCAR 09.
HD Version included.

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sunnygrg3765d ago

Is that Nascar '08 cause I cant tell.

Get serious EA.

Wozzer3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

1. Copy last years code
2. Screw the money out of everyone
4. Start the hostile takeover ball rolling
5. Repeat the above steps

I seriously will not purchase any more EA games. The fact that they charge for micro transactions etc only adds to the fact that they just can not make playable games. EA Skate anyone?

Please join me in refusing to purchase the substandard filth that EA churns out; you will save your money and your dignity.


level 3603765d ago

The most over-hyped and utterly atrocious no sense of motorsport ever made., be it the real thing or in CGI game form.

Only stupids need apply.

*** Why not make a German DTM, or a Japanese Super GT, maybe something like LeMans, but not NASCAR of all the motorsport they could think of... Think EA is run by idiotic brainless people.