The Last of Us Review – Naughty Dog’s Swan Song to the PS3 | n3rdabl3

By David O'Neill

I’ll start by saying right off the bat– The Last of Us is not just a master piece of this gen, but of all gaming. Sensationalist perhaps, but naughty Dog has once again shown us the talent of their studio, not to mention the skill they have at forging cinematic, emotional and above all action packed games.

I will admit– I was a little nervous at first start up. I was nervous it would be just like Uncharted. Not that Uncharted isn’t a fantastic game; I just really wanted something different. Thankfully, Naughty Dog blew all my expectations out of the water.

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Fishermenofwar1947d ago

I'm shocked!!!

I always LOLZ at 98 and 99 scores..seriously :)

ltachiUchiha1947d ago

Lol yeah mightest well be a 100 since they say, "The last of us is not just a masterpiece of this gen, but of all gaming."

Kos-Mos1947d ago

Forgotten by most when the fall comes. Believe me. n4g is not the world.