Skylanders Polar Whirlwind at GameStop

GameStop stores in the U.S. had a promotion over the weekend where you could pick up the Skylanders variant Polar Whirlwind, get a discount on figures, land a free Skylanders Sidekick, score a free poster and more! We’re not quite sure why this was the right time for GameStop to roll out the promotions but in theory it all ties into enticing fans to pre-order the upcoming game Skylanders Swap Force.

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Akira20201974d ago

My 5 year-old son loves this game (and figures). Genius marketing.

With that said, I'm glad this guy has great lighting in his mother's basement.

pennyman1974d ago

hmmm can't tell if your trying to troll me out in this comment -- so much for trying to generate some original content to the internet