Ryse: Son of Rome Preview – Brutally Satisfying I TheKoalition

Richard Bailey of TheKoalition writes:
During Microsoft’s Pre E3 Press Conference way back in June of 2011, the studio announced a new IP currently being developed alongside the talented team over at Crytek. Slated as an Xbox 360 exclusive, Ryse was poised to put players in the role of a vengeful roman general while also delivering a hardcore first-person Kinect game experience for mature audiences. This initial concept evolved over time and was revisited again during this year’s press conference just a few short weeks ago.

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rbailey1881d ago

Ryse definitely looks good so far. We will see if they succeed in making this a great game come November.

Kevlar0091880d ago

If you like a game that plays itself (you don't have to do anything during the QTE's) then it will be good. Basically an interactive movie, I guess like Heavy Rain.

Hufandpuf1880d ago

during an E3 interview the dev said they sped up the fighting execution times to take less hits to activate so they could show the game without having it drawn out.

georgeenoob1880d ago

Lol at silly fanboys hating on a game they're supposed to hate. They're like sheep.

Kevlar0091880d ago

Full clarification on the battle system and difficulty levels (going more in-depth than the one I originally saw)

AngelicIceDiamond1880d ago

Over a 100 different excecutions, Yeah there's gonna be plenty of blood with this freakin game.

They'll have MP to.

So I'm guessing something like this.

and this.

Btw those would have to be super badass players lol.

Neoninja1880d ago

Really want to see more of this game. Wonder when they'll show that coliseum multiplayer.

BullyMangler1880d ago

HOw much did microsoft pay for this articLe?

We dont know if they did or not. thanks to their scheming ways.

CrossingEden1880d ago

-your comment translated -_- grow up, bubbled down for trolling

fsfsxii1880d ago

Butthurt much? lol
Sony must've really done something baaaaad for you to hate them that much, i mean really baaaaaaaaaaaad.

whoyouwit041880d ago

Oh my Dam, dude you are truly the most brain washed sony fan on this site. I have never seen some one so blindly loyal to a console that they will start accusing the competition of buying a [email protected] article. You really need to get a girl or something.

urwifeminder1880d ago

Looking forward to this game keeping a close eye on it.

LOL_WUT1880d ago

Same here the game is shaping up nicely ;)

fsfsxii1880d ago

Does that mean i get to be brutal with my controller with all the QTE button mashing?

Kevlar0091880d ago

Don't worry, you can just sit there during the QTE's, they play themselves (confirmed by the devs)

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The story is too old to be commented.