5 Games To Look Forward To In 2014

In light of the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo, the gaming world is booming. Gamers everywhere have gone and picked their sides for the revived console war, and great games are on their way. Many of these new titles will release later this year, however some of the truly impressive ones will release in the 2014, which is turning next year into one of the biggest gaming years yet.

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kratoz12091972d ago

Average list....
Looking forward to Naughty dogs PS4 game

_QQ_1972d ago

The one we know so much about about and that is definitely coming in 2014?

3-4-51972d ago

All the games about to be released over the next year and they can only pick 5 ?

TesMgsFan1972d ago

I'm looking forward for Metal Gear Solid V but yeah all those games are good and awesome.

Triforce0791972d ago

The best list ive seen so far and i totally agree these games had a slight edge but it's missing 2 games,Beyonetta2 and knack.

MWong1972d ago

Looking forward to The Division and anything from ND.

TXIDarkAvenger1972d ago

Anything from ND?

You should check out Rings of Power

Despair6661972d ago

Dark souls 2 , witcher 3 and dragon age inquisition are all i need

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The story is too old to be commented.